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This text is for balance just about men making excessive and unrealistic demands on women who want to see as their mates.

One need "beautiful as model", but that they are not staring strange men, others it is important that "I was with her the very first", but it is absolutely normal that I have children from previous marriages or extensive "track record" of former women, and others want "smart, interesting, brilliant, loved their job", but then they start to complain that the woman comes home very late and tired, cooking Yes washing it, for some reason, don't inspire.

The problem here is the same as in women's perceptions of men — lack the knowledge, breadth of vision, depth of vision and spiritual development. I even want as a sobering return to earth therapy, each person before creating relationships was the opportunity to come into contact with the pain that comes in dozens of letters and stories on the tricks from the experts related to the theme of family and childhood.


If each person had the opportunity to read at least 30-50't these Hollywood stories, from which it seems that people are forever stuck in the honeymoon phase and move on not going, but absolutely prosaic stories real couples in which the partners have difficulties with money, problems with employment, sick children, dying parents, there are family feuds for the division of property, a lot of problems from unconstructed relations with relatives, then men and women would be much more clear that the family plays a very important role in a person's life.

Today you are in awe of chiseled figures and bitchy nature of your chosen one, and tomorrow you're suffering because the house is cold, chiseled figure and good looks are presented to you as indisputable argument, according to which you must love the person, give him gifts, to fulfill all desires, and not get anything in return.

Today, sexual compatibility you think is the most important thing on this planet, and tomorrow you're suffering because a man of my word good to say. Until you are a winner, love is, just as things began to decline — something is wrong, let's call it.

If every man had gained access to several dozen real-life stories of the ordinary men, women would understand that men are important, not the muscle and millions of accounts, and that's where he goes, what principles builds relationships with people, what he values.

Whether you are a valuable part of life, or when the first difficulties in the relationship, when the first troubles at work, his wife and children will be dropped as aggravating ballast — "Sorry, sweetheart, I expect great things, and you let us here somehow without me!" Men would understand that the first couple of years, the appearance and sexual attractiveness of women is cool, everyone can see what a nice trophy you won, but sooner or later the external saturation occurs, and then men begin to yearn for the warm and sincere atmosphere in the house where waiting for, where we support, where inspiration and tasty food.

Ask the older men how great they live with a bitch as a wife? Come home, and there's a war! What a joy, 10-15 years the discovery of the brain, the depreciation of the achievements, endless bets on an increase in income and hard aggression, if you make a mistake. How to live in this house, do you think?

A beautiful appearance is good but it should not be the only criterion by which a choice is made. Over the years the appearance will change, something else needs to keep people close!

Here dozens of times I read the same thing: "Dean, hi, I had lived with my wife, a normal relationship was like, but somehow, a little deflating, of course. Kids, mortgage, life, you know. And then SHE arrived!!! Star! It's so bright, so exciting, so being with her is incredible, so much emotion, splash, they're jealous". "OK, cool, but what's the problem?"

"And that's something I don't know. Miss why some children with star, everything seems to be bright, but over time you begin to realize that it also has negative sides. To her child I have to get used to. Relatives all re-build, is not very easy. Child support children have to pay, the new woman is not very happy with it. And children are not always allowed (both)", etc.


Why one for the other, then trying to change it? Yes, because they themselves have their place in life is not understood, peace within not acquired for purposes not yet determined, not grown up, why family is not very clear.

Here and begin the illusion of the mind prisoner to take — let it be beautiful, beautiful, let it be a younger, even from a good family, even cooks, let it be bright and interesting, smart and kind, incredible, stunning, self-sufficient, scandals that did not suit ever, emotions are not showed, to no quarrel, no doubt, is not wrong, in General, want everything perfect. Oh, great, what can I say, though you all will.

If you need a goddess on a couple of evenings, so as not to bother with the responsibility, or someone can be a little to live is one thing, but if you want normal relations, a strong family, a life partner, then it is another.

Even in the joint business not all agree in character, what can we say about the family. Family isn't important? How the person communicates with you, ready to go forward when quarrels how to behave in difficult situations, trying to adapt your relatives, to establish good relations with them or to infinity puts you in front of the choice "either me or them"?

How a woman responds to financial problems, how open to your ideas and suggestions as you own it feel? Unable to cope with her emotional instability, or you need to the woman was not crying never hurt? If you need a grinning robot and choose in-store robotics, and if you want a living person, so keep in mind that in addition to joy with women even happen, and sadness.

Growth and development in relationships is not just for women, men are also useful books to read, lectures to listen to for the older people to observe and consult if any problems arise.

Men often do not represent the amount of "work", which will have to face next in the family. Many people think that if I do my job, earn money, buy an apartment, then everything else is somehow going to sort itself out. But and not solved. Money, maybe can try to buy off someone in the family, but fewer problems because it will not.

Didn't noticed how much tension begins to appear in the relationship when you suddenly from a favorite son decides to become her beloved husband, but here's the thing — healthy boundaries with mom, because mom's relationship with dad is not normal for thirty years as the main man in her life is the son, and suddenly another woman comes?

If you think that this problem is solved in a few seconds, you should not think so. Throwing men between mother and wife is one of the most common problems in families, and one wife is not always able to correct such a situation. Before becoming her husband, the man must understand the boundaries in their parental family, and in fact are doing this unit now and then and it turns out that the wife can not cope with my mother's "love."


The parent living space where you begin to live young, raising grandchildren, financial assistance and many other questions will emerge in the process of family life.

Well, it is impossible to be completely independent from all people on the planet, especially from their relatives. Whether you like it or not, your woman will need some way to interact with your family, and you have to build a relationship with her.

Advanced youth think you can write off all these modern grandparents, moms, dads, aunts and uncles, but believe me, life will turn it so you're at these places.

The next goddess is beautiful, I admit, but most need to meet the desired level. To look openly at themselves, to consider carefully their strengths and weaknesses and be open to the people sends into our way of life.


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If you look closely, the beautiful Goddess could be your neighbor, classmate, some not very perceptible at first glance the girl from the company of mutual friends or someone else.

In General, people thrive in love and care. Both men and women, and children, parents and all other living beings on this planet! I think it makes sense to begin not with the requirements, in order to give other people a chance and opportunity to reveal their best while with us.published


Author: Dean Richards


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