How to fall in love with a woman

15 years

It may not necessarily be 15 years, but 14, and 17, and 19 - during adolescence and first love is time. At this age, we have the most chaotic and contradictory attitude towards men. On the one hand, the bar in relation to a potential boyfriend Zadran to the skies, on the other - partly cloudy in the brain and heart, as well as the complete lack of experience does not allow a correct judgment about men, to assess their strengths and weaknesses. In his youth, we are attracted, first of all, the image, appearance, behavior, behind which are seen coming up and think out the inner qualities - kindness, intelligence, decency.

Remember how you came "selection of candidates" in 15 years. Rather, it looked like this. You were with her best friend on the street, in the parade, with hairstyles that you just made each other at home, seeming themselves such adults, but in fact, still a girl, similar to each other and funny. You went and celebrated each eye a passing male representative, and especially those whose age is 3-5 years higher than yours. Because those who are younger - kids and those who are older - old fart. And considering that the girls in 13-17 years - this is the most fun-loving creatures on the planet, they show only finger - Sunset as just another young man slipped past you, he immediately heard a burst of laughter. Phrases accompanying the explosion could be: "Did you see how he stared? Ugh, how disgusting! Hooked nose! I, too, punk! And he did wash? You liked it! Look, the turns! Ha ha ha! Run away! ยป

It was not until as long as you do not meet him. And lines of Pushkin "Soul waited ... someone" and "It's time came, she fell in love with" the full and come to you. Most often 15-year-old girl in vlyublinetsya guy who in the sight of all, handsome or bugger, one who, for various reasons (arrogance, sense of humor, money, parents) becomes the center of attention. I experienced it myself, when two years of his youth was sick as ever again in my life, a man five years older than me. He was captain of KVN team. One day, I accidentally fell into a company where everyone listened, his mouth open, his jokes and laughed. And I laughed, too, and then came home and cried into her pillow all night. Use up blogs, drew his experiences in black ink on paper, wake up and fall asleep with the thought of it, every day finds time to "accidentally" walk past the kiosk, in which he used to buy cigarettes, hoping to see him and to hear careless "hello". He had a slightly slanting eyes, slightly mad eyes, a feverish flush on her cheeks. And he was rude and drank a lot. And he laughed at me. I loved him, how can love only in his youth - crazy forever.

25 years

Age from 20 to 30 years, with the center at 25 - this is the age when generally accepted and the main "fateful" decisions in life. In this time interval, as a rule, we find that one - for the whole life or only at a part thereof - becomes our second half.

At 25, she already has experience in relationships with men, she experienced meeting and parting, resentment and forgiveness, several times its representation of men turned over upside down, and vice versa. It concluded that the handsome often selfish, a joker - a womanizer, drinkers - professionals, namely drunks who are not cured with love and affection. Now she looks at men differently: eyeing cautiously asks acquaintances, afraid to get burned, weighing the "pros" and "cons", draws parallels with past relationships. And if in his youth in the first place there is the visual appeal of the subject, it is now becoming a valuable inner world of man, his attitude to the woman he loves, and, of course, its material prosperity. After all, he must ensure that not only his wife but also children together - all of this is a woman aged around 25 constantly keeps in mind.

25-year-old girl need a lot less time than 17 years to realize that this man does not suit her. She knows what may end this or that life conflicts, such as being in love with a married man, and try not to spend a few years of his life to a man who will never leave his wife and children. Although sometimes even adult woman realizes it's too late.

At this age, you're in the prime of his appeal, and therefore high enough requests for a man whom you would like to see your husband, have a very real chance to succeed. In short, you want a lot and a lot to gain! Although from the disappointment, of course, no one is immune.

35 years and older

After 30 you become a person with an established character, with the same strengths and weaknesses, habits, needs and the established way of life. You can not convert from'm not blind, but from clay, that person, you're hardly going to compromise and almost can not adjust to other people. You - such as it is. And you want to be loved so all the same perfect man, about whom you dreamed of 25 years. That's the complexity. That man has long been married. He has a commitment problem, after all - his wife. He is not up to you. However, sometimes it is diluted, and then at his disposal the attention of many women much younger than you are prepared to become clay in his hands. And you're different. You're older. And you're better than them?

All women older than 30 can be divided into two categories: those who lowers the bar with respect to men, and those who do not.

The expression "lower the bar" can be easily changed to "be tolerant to the people." You become more tolerant to men, you're much they can forgive, for example, maltreatment ("He has to work so much trouble!"), A reminder that you're sitting on his neck ("But I do get 5 times less than it! "), and sometimes even change (" Anyway, he came back to me. I am a wise woman "). Some women really, in all honesty, much forgive their men, loving and believing them good people, just tortured work, chores and life in general. Others are ladies suffering and lower the bar just because they feel: their time is running out, not up to the intelligibility is already here, even though some will, but a man in the house. And public opinion, "egg" they are not kochevryazhitsya and take what's left playing in this black case is not the last role.

Woman after 35 years with high demands with respect to the men must be prepared to be alone. Because of its potential rivals have youth, innocence and freshness of feelings that are so popular with men. But she has a chance to get what she deserves. And for this it is necessary to constantly work on himself, perfecting spiritually and physically. Keep a slender figure. Dress elegant, attractive, tasteful, using expensive cosmetics. Cherish, love yourself. Samorealizovyvatsya work. And in his spare time, do not sit at home and attend the festivities start dating, live a full life. And the present, where it may be the man of her dreams (of course, it is not with this in mind!) And this man does not miss such a woman! After all, except that it is successful, interesting and independent, she is also really beautiful in its 30-plus years. And the beauty of a mature woman inherently more deeply and attractive than the ephemeral charm of youth.

But I can already hear the indignant phrases about why it is we women need men for a lifetime try to dress attractively, go to beauty salons, etc.? Please, no one is violence. Stay in their favorite jeans and a sweater stretched to the spool, and do not wash with peeling nail polish for at least another week. No one forces you to change! But then do not dream about intelligent and successful men, who in the backseat of a luxury car is the last novel Suskind. Because you are, with your rich inner world, unfortunately, certainly never get into the zone of their attention.

So, in my youth, we vlyublinemsya in the picture, in his youth - in character, and maturity - in fact the man who is truly worthy of us. Or stay alone. And continues to live on. Waiting for love ...


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