Courageous women and men ... no way

scene from the movie "G. I. Jane", directed by Ridley Scott

When women decide to be in control, according to the law of polarity to nachinayutsya BOYS, not MEN. While there are fewer men who are able to perform their men's task is to go on its way.

Remember, as symbolically indicated with a man and a woman. Male symbol MARS — a circle with an arrow. The female symbol is the MIRROR circle with a cross. In a healthy relationship, the man leads and the woman shines wherever he is, admiring his qualities and he is reflecting his admiration. Nowadays, all fell on the head: women began to lead, and men have lost their way.

In modern society it is believed that a woman has the right to be fussy and cranky. In fact it is a male quality. This quality alpha-male — successful men (generals, scientists, athletes, business people, travelers, etc.). This is not to forget that a successful man is a very subjective concept and different women with different education, life experience, social status and different age groups is one and the same man may be as “super successful” and “average”. We often confuse insistence on men like moodiness.

Women's moodiness has a fundamentally different nature: physiological, Samkova-sobstvennuyu and playfully Mercantile (... Dyk I'll check it out, maybe I can get him even more affection, compliments, attention, gifts, etc.). Clever men are distinguished all three subspecies of moodiness and treat them accordingly, with different degrees of tolerance, opportunity, and internal education.

Another example of distorted relationship is when a woman sees their relationship as a project. Often the idea of selling in the trainings on "How to get married?". Women are encouraged to write the qualities of men they want to see. The result is the following: are people with female bodies and develop a strategic plan to defeat the "enemy."

In the modern world, there are such relations, when "controlling" women have successful careers and become financially independent, and then fall in love with unlucky boys (men without path). Fall in love sincerely and begin to "sell" them the idea of a relationship.

Men "fought off the scent". Unfortunately now, our men are brought up mainly by mothers and grandmothers. Women deprive the boy of contact with their desires that they impose the value of the family as ideas: "Think about mom! All in the family!". Even if it is not by severe punishment, and cautionary notations: "How could you fight at school? Be nice! What will the neighbours / relatives?" He also told: "If you think of yourself, mom, your friends will be bad" (don't understand why friends is a bad thing?).

So boy doing girl. Growing up, he won't be able to live my life, to go on an expedition to engage in scientific research. Because then you will suffer the family. Often such boys whole life is done parents:

bought education, apartment, car. But instead to go his own way, he's sitting in the computer games, because at least here he is a hero and is able to achieve something at least in computer games.

If the man follows the path his family doesn't get the energy of the spirit... published


Author: Natalia Walicka

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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