The not so obvious reason life smoothly

Seventy four million twenty nine thousand seventy six

What I actually do and that intrigues me most, is the study of the process of change. Through observation of the people around me, such as relatives, and random passers, and now a huge number of readers and students, I feel for the ligaments, which fires forward (in order to find and unleash them in myself).

Everything I write, everything I have experienced on my own experience. I have (unfortunately) completely closed the canal to prose, and I just silently sigh, amazed at the ability of some artists to create on paper worlds and multi-layered history. I tried to write novels and even seen in this wonderful life, but, alas, I had to look the truth in the eye and admit to myself that I can write only about that moved on their own shoulders. Sometimes, when I want to shout to Providence: "why?" for the next life challenge, it only responds with a silent guess what otherwise to describe it would be nothing. And instead of resentment, it is possible to find a place of gratitude.

From the better – known fact. And the fact that it is impossible to see in yourself because of the layer of the distorted self-importance and illusions, much easier to read through the lives and beliefs of other people.

I have long assume of the fact that all people are the same. This story is about a "feature" only removes you from the fact. On the surface Yes different life stories, the twists, the original data and, as they like to emphasize those who always shifts the responsibility for their lives, different circumstances, but when you look at the root – we are all the same, even the differences between man and woman is erased, if you have the opportunity to see ourselves (and most importantly, within themselves) HUMAN, not APE-like creature living instincts and social programs (these are the creatures we are before the moment of conscious climbing up the faces of his own soul and body).

What about the difference between men and women it so hard talking (often unconsciously repeating heard ringing) when under any (!) saw exactly the same thing: the desire to be happy and to be in harmony with the surrounding world? Yes, you come to these basic concepts in different ways. In women this path is often (but not always!) different from men. But the Foundation remains the same. Men and women are equal in their internal aspirations and are, in the first place, the people, and then on the more superficial levels of sexual, social and other divisions.

So I always wrote and write for people. Not for men or women.

In matters of conscious change is the most exciting moment for me — it's a question of changing the current track.

Please note that growth and radical changes – not always one and the same. It is possible for life to grow within the track in which you were born: the family lawyers had a lawyer, and he became a first-class lawyer. Or the first guy in the village, which be, as they say, better than "last in town" – also here. You stay in the original track and improving it. And I am in no way saying it's bad. On the contrary. Much sadder story, when the family lawyers a man was born who didn't want them to be, but in the end has become and in the process lost somewhere in a legal office. And the guy in the village just drunk.

All growth is happiness and inspiration, in whatever rut you may be in original or newly acquired.

The question is – what to do if the current track (defined by birth or by chance draw in the course of life's twists and turns) you not like?

There are obvious things as the ability to do-to do, make and keep the selected rhythm, but today I want to talk about the more subtle facets. A not so obvious reason life smoothly, which I discovered in the course of their observations.

The number one reason is the misunderstanding of the gauge itself

Very common story, draughty literally in every other soul. People do not want to change their track, they do not have this impulse. And all these people want change. Want to have a favorite thing and earn a lot, have a close loved one, a family. Want everything is okay and it was good. But in the given conditions, in the given framework of consciousness. Everywhere there is a desire to become "a first-class lawyer in the village." And I want to be properly understood that under the village means it is a mindset, not a place as such. Although in some cases the literal interpretation of this example could be.

I think this happens primarily from unawareness that at all you are in a rut of consciousness, which dictates certain scenes and scenery.

The track is a way of thinking and the ensuing actions, based on the totality of scenery, reactions, environment and self-determination.

For example, school — Institute — post-graduate — good job — good salary — this track, actively promoted by society. But are there other ways? Is it possible to become a world-class expert without a College education? Of course! You are now reading this on a computer created by people without higher education (and the fact that he employed people with higher education, does not change the meaning that I put). Does this mean that the first track is defective? No. But the defective lack of vision that there are other options. And, more importantly, they are all equal. That is, there are parallel here and now.

You can get in particular that the attorney, or certainly a doctor without higher education not to be... you Can walk on the surface of different situations, and you can try to grasp the point: there is gauge – the basic framework of perception that define your actions and therefore the future. But there are your power between these frames to move. You don't have a lifetime to sail on the same river. Rivers a lot. With a variety of landscapes.

By the way, in this moment lies the reason why many people can't answer the question – who do I want to be, what to do and what my purpose is (controversial issue, so rumors lately). The scope of the current track does not give a rosy answer, and the ability to discern other currents there. Hence the popularity of many of the doctrines, idols, which became the movie "the Secret" and "Transerfing reality", which suggest not changing your gauge, be anyone. Although it would be correct to say that these teachings are interpreted by most readers (no claim of the authors). But those who understand these practices literally "sit in the village and the idea of a global, thus just moving the legs", is doomed to a lifetime of shallow water, which, however, can be quite comfortable.

One more thing. There is often a confusion of concepts. Relocation or dismissal are not a change of gauge. It's just scenery. The track is a vector of a lifetime-the key question "Who am I?" and every second answer, which is the basis of endless choices made by the person during the day (with the condition that the lack of choice is also the most that neither is a choice).

Reason number two, acutely affect all of our lives – the inability to see the essence of things

This is my favorite phenomenon that I see for many years and who never cease to amaze you. There are people, and we have to admit that a lot of them who are not able to see clearly the essence of things. I think we all suffer from it, and this is the hidden main slip, not giving to understand where to go.

The examples are very simple, from personal experience, but they will cover the scale of the problem in human minds, which, unfortunately, it's much grander than the described cases.

At the age of 19 I began working as a advertising Manager in a local newspaper. Without higher education, of course. At this time my peers just received, being known track.

2003. The word "is" is still strongly associated with Lenya by Golubkova that, you see, "cheated" the entire country.

We criticize comrade Stalin, and, of course, for business. And yet I want to ask — who has written four million denunciations?Dovlatov So. "Advertising is evil. Cheating and robbery of honest people. And the newspaper is a format that has long been dying, because I don't read it" — or so thought my friends. And then to question what I do, the caller hears:

— Advertising Manager.

The word "Manager" out at that time. This concept simply did not exist until a certain time, and its first use was for other purposes.

Two strange words with a negative connotation caused appropriate conclusions. In my circle, up to his departure in the semi-annual journey was considered that I work somewhere, it is not clear who and certainly incomprehensible (and therefore little) you earn. My case was not taken and I even regret sometimes. One day my boyfriend at the time, offered me an "upgrade" — a job as a salesman at his family shop "Fabric".

The reality was that I was earning more than their parents and most friends and even the guy who managed to give me the numbers. Plus communication and market research. More promising work, which has given so much and taught me so much (and will prove it the next 10 years), it was difficult to imagine in my region.

And advertising, by the way, in most cases is the first arrow in the heart bad of the product. If a product nobody needs, intensive marketing and buries it due to the bad recommendation of those who managed to buy, and the absence of repeat purchases.

Another example. Closer.

Somehow I had the honor to edit one of the editions of the Lonely Planet magazine in the Russian language. And in parallel was engaged in the opening of your project

The news was announced on social networks almost simultaneously. The audience I was already quite extensive at the time. It was possible to draw conclusions. The first article gathered all the applause, cheers, praise, and applause. The enthusiasm and the congratulations, there was no limit. It is necessary – itself of LONELY PLANET! Wow.

The site though has attracted the interest and congratulations, but first, much more modest, and secondly, it was not without mistrust.

The reality was that the job of art editor of the guidebook is a technical, devoid of creativity, low-paid routine duty. And your site is a huge breakthrough, work, overcoming fear, birth, concept, well and financial performance, equal to 10 redaktorem guide on the second month...

Why clap? Do business or brands?

How often each of us is offended misperceptions about reality and chooses their priorities of their lives.


Turns out the re-release of book "Asian attraction".

A storm of applause. Calling. Success. One can even turn the language to call it luck. And I have in table 3 of the proposal for the publication of the book "Create yourself anew". The most famous publishing houses of the country go on any of my conditions. Though she kept, at least scroll to the editor – he will gather the materials and do everything in the best possible way. The artwork, the promotion, the best shops – just sign the contract. And I refuse...

Why? Because all of these proposals have come through the site. And not Vice versa. Now I have other priorities.


How many businessmen in front of me was arguing with 100 percent certainty that social networking is not their customers (implying that the rich and adequate). A minimum of 4 businessmen I'm saying hi.

Among my readers and customers coming from social networks, a couple of dollar millionaires and one Olympic champion. And those with whom I spoke and corresponded in person (I usually work only in a group format). By the way, came from the same publishing house. The editor saw an article – read – come to me.

Yet, once went to a song.

Opened the project "go to others."

Oh my God, we have had to face! For a large reservoir of people, I suddenly out of the writer-blogger became a businessman and marketer. So from the "wow" into "yuck".

Do you know what is the reality?

At the moment I from businessman (training business is a lucrative business, by the way) almost became a philanthropist. That is, those who work for free (hopefully, not for long, because I was a businessman, and expect them to remain because profit is the only way to fully develop what you like and think is correct).

Daily overcoming thoughts of "Russian market is not ready for the retreats to me in English, there is a scope", I force myself to do things that maybe someone, anyone, still, we have here in Russia. As well as have the British, the Germans, the Swiss, who for 3 months in advance booked the best retreats around the world. Retreat to the huge demand in Western Europe and America. And we, seeking to be like the neighbor, copying out everything, deny the experience through which he is growing.

And how many inclinations have resulted in the retreat program as such.

Instead of having to learn the essence of the strange phenomena, the man immediately hangs up on him his, corrupted, feature. We live surrounded by curved mirrors, and wonder why everything is so awkward.

The most common distortion: retreats – it's a quality vacation.

Whence this conviction? Where, if not personal experience? What is the ability to drive 100% faith on an issue that you personally touched?

Here is a letter to my wonderful girlfriend, with her permission will comment publicly:

We're even friends came up with after I told her about your project that you need to open a family retreat)) In Portugal, for example, that all interest: boys — surf, children English plus the sea, mothers retreat, or the moms group, dads — retreat))))) the Main thing is to be able to bring the whole family and everyone would find to their liking Is a great concept that in a proper incarnation (because we are aware of that the idea without embodiment – dummy?) can give excellent results. More to say – it may even be more profitable than the retreats, due to its versatility and loyalty. I am absolutely sure. But a retreat it will not be. In any form. Wellness holidays, educational holidays, the opportunity to relieve stress, sports or a family hotel (which, incidentally, is already quite a lot) – Yes. But a retreat is different.

The essence of the retreat (and you can look at our schedule to understand what I mean) – not in sports, not yoga, not meditation and not even food. Running can easily replace Thai Boxing, fruit juice detox or easy vegetarian meals, yoga and any other activity of the body through awareness of their movements.

The essence of the retreat, the very core of the output beyond the current rut. In a total change of scenery, divorced from their everyday reality as a way to overcome the inertia of the familiar life with its patterns of behavior and thinking.

Any comparison with Spa holidays or yoga retreats, when between classes you continue your usual pace with Facebook, lattes and thoughts about the bread, here is misplaced.

Radical change of activity, food and location, with no time for idle thoughts and sitting in the Internet makes it possible, at least track to see how high it change. It's going beyond himself. And make it physically impossible when your imperfect children who need attention. First, the retreat is hard physically, and the only way to go is total concentration on yourself, and secondly, how to switch for real, if before the eyes of your family?

I don't know how to dance to draw attention to the fact that: rest and switching different things! Otherwise a 2 week Turkey and Thailand would provide all the answers since the late 90-ies.

If you realize that the retreat is more of a job will become a little clearer. Because to operate at full capacity in the presence of small children is unlikely. Only the work of a completely different kind – to overcome the inertia that is called their personality, and as a consequence on the attainment of freedom from the person we call "I".

In most cases, a retreat involves individual practice, even without a spouse, the exception is couples who are breathing in unison, and they need it equally (although I personally, for the entire community with your loved one, still time will prefer to go through the retreat all alone and I am forever grateful to him that he was able to understand it).

Hence, the average duration of the retreat 7 – 10 days. The unprepared mind of a beginner (beginner in matters beyond their own ideas about themselves and not a beginner in yoga asanas (!) or nutrition) can not withstand longer and slip into habitual thinking, using it as protection from the new reality. A week is long enough to, on the one hand to break through the usual boundaries of the body and consciousness, and on the other to remain balanced and to have the opportunity to contribute acquired knowledge of himself in his everyday life.

And we have to deal with the view that retreat is a cult.

Lord, how is it in people? S-e-C-t-a? Do they have someone from the family gave the apartment that they are so afraid? They saw it with their own eyes? Sensed danger nearby? After all, most of those who spoke about it never had anything similar in their environment. In the same way as those who are afraid to fly airplanes – not experienced this either personally or through loved ones or distant relatives. Where the phantoms which nightmare the life of a layman? Why foreigners don't use the word "sect" as often as ours?

And the answer came in the mouth of Misha, listening to this outpouring aloud.

Is TV, Oles. It's the TV. Had often shown about the sect – that they are afraid.

God, for sure. Of course! TV which explain to people that the sect is evil waiting for you at every step, to publish his book – it's cool (which, for example, not talking about your author's website), advertising is bad and the plane crashes. This is all the TV cliches. No more. The sectarians are afraid of the sect...

The issue of distorted perception of actuality, I did not raise from their own sadness on the subject of staying in constant misunderstanding with the world around me that I feel since when I started to do things that contradict the traditional track. In this matter I have said for yourself:

— Olesya, on the one hand you identify yourself as inesistente, and with another – sad that this is the system you never understand. Something doesn't add up. Don't you think?

The theme of the inability to see the essence of things worries me for another reason. Every time seeing how people are labeled ahead of time as fatally mistaken in matters of career or personal life, as a lack of clear vision does not give change – I am mindful of the great commandment that we are all basically equal, ask yourself:

— Where do I distort the truth through the wrong perception? Where not catching the point? Where jumping to inappropriate conclusions? Where convinced of something without personal experience? Where planted beliefs that have no place and which in fact do not allow me to move forward? And how to make sure to look at the world directly, without the blinders of their own ideas about it?

As for the gauge change... I have rarely seen people who changed really drastically. There are those who are "far away" — that is, moved in a rut, standing not so far from the one in which he was born. Even though they are very few. Much more common story about the change of scenery, but not the gauge, in the form of moving, leaving or changing the environment when a person remaining the same, changes the external environment and transfers them the same tasks and events. But it is still possible to change the track and the direction of his thinking. It is important to see clearly the essence of things, not holding on to the proverbial "I" and attempts "should be yourself", then you can be anything you want, not forgetting the responsibility for this choice and the corresponding attachments, and with them, and deprivation. For example, the loss of the man whom yesterday you thought a real. Or again, someone wants to change anything without changing? published

Author: Olesya Novikova


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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