3 Reasons Why not work when to dream on a grand scale

Legendary Olesya Novikova why knowing the fact that thoughts are material - it does not work when you dream big-

At the time, the fact that our thoughts are material, made me very different look at the world and its processes.

It took me six months to finally consolidate the discovery of his life - the good example that it works (and, by personal example) there were many: the contracts were concluded, the people manifested. But there is one "but" and it took me 5 years to see him. If someone in my experience will accelerate and "see the light" a little earlier, I will consider my mission accomplished.

This is the "one thing" is as follows - numerous art of taming and focus their thoughts worked, well, average. As part of the reality in which I used to live. When you had something "nashamanit" a quick, circumstances immediately, as if by magic, were laid out in my favor, when he had to wipe a little higher, too, most of all, it turned out, but there was no global progress.

You're like, just rearrange the furniture, being in the same house. To repaint the walls, change the picture, something clean, something added. But the essence remains the same - you selected the underground expanded. By and large, your limitations remain with you.

The design of the two-storey cottage can not be repeated in a studio apartment, anyway. But you can build a new house.

I remember how curiously discovered a couple of years ago that, where I had not brought my income has not changed and kept at the same level for many years - if I was head of the department back in 2006 in Kamchatka, or a sales manager in a hotel in Bali in 2011. In particular, in the range of 2 million dollars in 3000 ceiling. What Kamchatka that in Thailand that in Bali. It is ridiculous to you? Frames and ceiling were moving me around the world.

Russian-Balinese broadcast optimists in this regard the following - in Bali, prices are lower, then there are more opportunities. At 2-3 thousand dollars a month for a single person there and a private home, and the cleaning lady, and a new car rental, and yoga, and an expensive restaurant, and the grass, and the respect of others, and of the sea, of course. In general, all you want. And in Russia, especially in Moscow and especially for visitors - is the cost of living.

So I can no longer talk. It is self-deception. You still can not go and buy property in that part of the world that is like. You can not break away and go to the end of the world, such as in Antarctica. and so on and so forth. Nothing has changed - it's all the same frame with walls and a small 2x2 permutation inside. My financial level stood at the same level, and therefore, in a professional sense, I did not grow.

Money example convenient, because the numbers are specific and clear, unlike the emotions and internal states. But I can say that the above "permutation" when changes do not affect the level of depth, but only polished surface features, applies to everything else.

Relations. When the next immersed in a novel (or marriage), it seems that this time will be different for sure (especially after all and think correctly), and in a year everything is back to square one - that is not glued. Or work, it seems that here it is - finally found, but he did not notice how the worm creep "is not mine," and begins to slowly nibble inside. Familiar? I. And all this with the knowledge, clever books and technicians, who by that time I practiced with varying success for about 12 years.

I started with affirmations, when I was 16 years old and continues to "rearrange the furniture" of his life all the different ways to 28 years old, is a little over a year ago, did not fundamentally change everything.

The first thing I had to admit to herself:

As big it did not work.
Not affirmations or visualization or art work with the energy of any precise knowledge that it all works.

Not enough effort, a certain powerful take-off on a totally new level.

I faced two obvious questions:

Why is it (all that I know and apply) does not work when you dream on a grand scale?
This is sure to understand. Otherwise, "reboot" will not work and will change the surface life of deja vu.
How to make it (all that I know and apply) worked on a grand scale?
Today, on the agenda issue # 1
Why it does not work when you dream on a grand scale?

1. The lack of regularity and failure to keep the rhythm of positive changes
I am 16 years old. I first learned about the technology works with your subconscious mind (and his thoughts) - affirmations. Just dug up in a closet old nipped book by Vladimir Levi (my mother said that she had bought her when she was 16, too). The book had looked as if his whole being says he can teach me life, because it is in her pretty "pokuvyrkatsya." I remember that the book was quite boring. What made me read it, it is not clear so far, but somehow I fished Forums about affirmations and equipment removal of internal clamps. Gone-gone. Every evening, I began to work on yourself and your body. By reducing the story to the point - the result was this: I somehow very quickly away with teenage complexes, prettier, graduated, went to a new school, establish personal life and found work (I worked when I was). And? And threw all the equipment somewhere in 19 years. of course. Why continue? Once everything is good and so well formed.


I am 26. I am Nepalese forest pass the course of Vipassana meditation - is the third day of complete silence and hard practice. Desperate hunch breaks into my mind, but I can not grasp its essence. Like with me some discovery, but I can not recognize. Thought drills inside, but does not go out. "Where, where I've seen?»

On the third day of practice introduced itself meditation technique called Vipassana (the first few days you are preparing for it) and I both struck the head: it's the same as the technique for the removal of clips that I practiced independently in 16 years! Almost the same thing: the observation of the body relaxation. I forgot about it and here it is again - came into my life, as a cure for inner turmoil. In 16 years, it was becoming a teen, and in 26 years? But there is another, more serious matter clearly came to my mind:

What if now, after 26 years of practice, which helps me so, again, I forget, and over time cease to practice?

And you know, I heard a clear answer within yourself. Call it a hallucination or the voice of my soul, I do not care. I heard a clear, bezemotsionalny and, I would say a loud response:

"I'll see you in another 10 years».

Do you want to suffer another 10 years? You want another 10 years "to find myself?" You want another 10 years to be unrealized? You want another 10 years once again "open" that thoughts are material and equipment for the removal of clips perfectly balancing internal state? Why not? Once you've spent 10 years since? - I already told myself.

"If you do not begin to make their way now meet again in 10 years" - repeat something inside. I want to believe that it was my soul, not he. Before him somehow ashamed of its own internal promiscuity. They give you the tools - and you them to throw out.

Methane is 10 years? Or, start practicing now and do not stop? Do not stop when the bad. Do not stop when well. Do not stop when everything will work out. Practice working with his thoughts and states REGULARLY.

Thoughts are material - but we must work with them regularly, every day.

The same applies to all other practices and actions.

I often meet people who bathe in their own stories about their favorite books and films on the theme of opportunity to think, but when I tell them that I'm personally visualize every day, they are surprised and ask again: "Every day?».

Yes, friends, every day. And this, by the way, is written in all your books.

I too had fled into practice only when the burning tail - but on a grand scale will not work accurately. I checked it with my own decade. But the monotonous, every day, to sharpen their reality - and you can create a work of art, and most importantly - in the framework of and in the amount that you like. This is not "rearrange the furniture».

2. Interference in the signal
If you want a lot of money, but the petty save every penny (not allowed in the case, but just save)
If you want a lot of money, but condemn those who earn a lot of money (do not believe that big money can be earned honestly)
If you want to meet a loved one, and the hurt you all your friends who have already met (you envy them)
If you want to get married, but "see" what was left free
If you want to get married, but around one selfish
If you want to try, but I think that you do not get
If you want more from your life, but I think that this is unrealistic
If you want to visualize, but think it does not work
If you want to make yourself, but think that you have this help
If you want to change, but we believe that all know
That you have interference with communication. Your signal "fonit." Understand settings.

Beliefs - the gray cardinals of our lives. That they rule the process, not your nightly visualization. You can as much as necessary to "twist" the picture in my head, but it is deep inside you there is a contradiction - it's not going to work. To go to a new scale, itself must be "perezashit" on their most profound convictions. And then a healthy daily thoughts carry you with the breeze

As a "perezashit»?

Disconnect everything but real examples, which could (in the field that you care). Find these people, even though in real life, at least on the Internet, even in books that touch the soul - to take their technology "they could?" And not distracting for anything unnecessary - do-do-do (what they say, but not what you think or want) until you start getting until your previous conviction, "I can not" or "this is impossible" has exhausted itself.

This is an effective way. And it is on the surface.


A foreigner in Russia. Eat soup for the first time. How to cook it yourself, at home because it is so well-cook soup?

Option 1: He buys products on the eye, looks prescription (too briefly, he's a busy man), all the mixes, and instead he puts avocado beet (well, he likes avocados, he bold and willing to experiment, plus it houses a good cook) instead of cabbage - a carrot. Done. Tries? By shit-shit. who is guilty? Recipe of course.

Absurd? No. Reality. People take "tops-roots" of the tips, thoughts, ideas themselves is somehow mixed, they ultimately did not get what they want, or they blame themselves untalented (although there is not the talent, but laziness and inconsistency that makes all the difference), or the author, or the idea.

Option 2. But there is another way to learn to cook a traditional dish in the new country. Remove his arrogance and trust the chef, once you like it, for example, Thai Tom Yam soup. You came to the restaurant, ate a plate, well, cool Tom Yam - willing to learn cooking techniques?

Trust the technology and do everything exactly as it says. If you do everything for the cook, you get a good hand and cluttered, and then go on their own to be passable. Let the first time will be crooked, do it again. And when your dish will go so far as to glory, and here comes the time - when it is possible to experiment on their own. Beets in Tom Yam certainly not supposed to, but you can play with the spices.

Quality improvisation obtained only from professionals.

By the way, the same comparison, if you look closely, applies in music and sports.

3. skewed toward thoughts. We think more than we do
This is a story about the fact that "it itself will come to me," if I visualize a lot. Well - try.

Muscles never Inflate only our thoughts. And this fully applies to both physical muscles, and spiritual.

Actually, that's all the reasons - lack of regularity in his thoughts, the interference in the signal of their own beliefs and the lack of full-fledged systematic action. While the exit to a new level, you need to be precise and focused as an arrow, when all your beliefs, intentions, the daily words and actions of the state are directed to the One you selected, the direction. And to be able to keep its flight to the target, as long as required, without changing course. Thoughts in this process an important function of navigation and also provide the acceleration, and the actions are responsible for the operation of the flight itself.

We got to the second question. How to make sure that everything that I know and apply, earn big?

You've heard about fleas? Well, most of those in which an experiment with the ceiling? It was like this - take a jar, put a flea, closed the lid. Fleas jump-jump, jump but could not - only fought on the cover. At some point, scientists discovered a jar. Ceiling for fleas was no more. But our friends (and judging by the habits, perhaps, close relatives) continued to jump only within the banks. None of them did not want to fight their flea temechko on the cover, but no barriers was long gone ...

This is a scientific experiment, among other things, officially recorded.

My simple message of - let's not with imaginary fleas ceilings in the third generation.

You liked about offspring (from the video)? So, to recognize that we ourselves are the descendants of that belief simply copy and install his inner circle from childhood - is the first step on the path to liberation.

HOW break out of the glass ceiling and make a significant leap forward in your own life?
0 item number "zero" - in general, understand the difference between a flea and from banks.

If you think that everything in this world is destined to - then I can not help.

Animals and insects are not able to change your life at will and create itself anew, and when this person can not - he is like a flea, living on the animal level of primitive instincts, without using the power of his true nature.

Fleas can not follow the habits of the past, flea programmed by nature and man can program itself, and this is different from the animals.

Hedges not. Ceilings too. We - not a flea, though God's creatures, too. Man - the only creature endowed with freedom of choice, that (attention!) - May not follow your instincts, habits and beliefs of bygone.

The man has a mind, thoughts, emotions and the ability to manage it all (which no one animal or insect!) And have the right to free choice - to use it or to live according to the habits of the past. You decide.

1. Learn to practice that restricts the ceiling does not exist, only high jumping. And alone and despite the fact that all the jumping around "in a different way».

If you want a breakthrough in your life, you have to do and a lot to do. To jump-jump-jump - the only way.

I too had tried to break through the power of thought and visualization, believing that action is primary in relation to thought and has spent seven years of his life, content with only "a little rearrangement," and then tired of "trying" to change everything and start railway e-l-to-r-s.

Looking back, I realize that it took me three months before the first qualitative leap in my life (financial, emotional and physical level). But it's been three months, three years - and the super-maximum acceleration. This does not mean that I no longer use visualization or affirmations. But now - a tool for action, and not a substitute for them.

Properly done - better than just "right thinking". And the right thing to do and the right to think - it's a quantum leap for the crackdown.

2. One sharp "rise" a little, you have to be able to maintain altitude.

Take off, and then slide down to the previous level - the most common story for those who want to "quickly". Something similar is going through fans such practices Vipassana, when the hard experience of ten literally causes hear yourself better than you hear in everyday life and it seems that this is impossible to forget. But everyone forgets very quickly. All those who no longer practice. Returns nervousness and concern, the former equilibrium is no trace. This applies to any diet, sports load, or mental discipline:

Stop PRACTICE - lose shape
Whatever you started - you should be able to continue it. Do you live in a large way? There are other rates. Are you ready to support them consistently?

It's about the very regularity and ability to keep the rhythm, without which consolidate its breakthrough fail.

Olesya Novikova


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