16 tips to turn you into a MASTER OF LIFE

A few useful tricks and tips of life, the knowledge of which can turn you into a true Jedi master life

Have you noticed that your behavior at a subconscious level, can influence others? Perhaps you are not aware of what is causing this effect.

We picked up a few useful tricks and tips of life, the knowledge of which can turn you into a true Jedi master of life:

When people are laughing at us, they instinctively turn their visual attention on the present figures, which feel certain closeness (or to which want to be closer).

If you're doing something that makes you nervous, take the gum, or take a small bite. In this case, during chewing the brain receives a signal to focus and active contemplation.
When someone is angry with you, and you at the same time remains calm is likely to anger the man will only increase, but later he would be ashamed of their behavior.
When you ask someone a question, and get only a partial answer, keep silent and maintain eye contact. In such a case, the person who is responsible, is beginning to understand that this response is small, and continues on.
The external manifestations of emotions are help for the emergence of strong emotional outbursts. That is, if you want to feel happy, smile of their "Hollywood smile».
Do not speak or write the words "I think" or "I believe." In these words the feeling of uncertainty and they are only based on your assumptions.
Before the interview, try to imagine what the interviewer is your old friend. Now you are responsible for how the situation is perceived, and your comfort is contagious.
If every time, meeting other people, you really will experience happiness, then at the next meeting of these people will be more happy to. (This is the way we behave with our best friends - dogs).
People are also more likely to agree to a small reward if before that they have abandoned your gratitude.
The way your body reacts to any excitement, it also responds to a stressful situation (heart palpitations, shortness of breath, etc.). If you reconsider your attitude to this threatening situation, and begin to perceive it as something that stimulates you, turn your stress into something exciting and nothing more.
If you are in a group meeting, and you have reason to believe that someone will criticize you, sit next to the man on the right side. Because of this, he will lose all his thoughts on you. And in the end, criticism of your party if you will, the minimum.
Most people do not see the difference between a genius and self-confidence. If you behave as if you know what you are doing, it will contribute to the fact that people will rally around you.
If you work in the department on work with clients, put in front of a mirror. Customers will be more friendly, because no one wants to see yourself razdёrgannym.
Try to learn to notice the color of the eyes of the person you meet. You will please people more, this little eye contact.
The first date is best spent where you can get exciting emotions. Then you will associate a person is with those emotions.
Pay attention to the feet of people with whom you are communicating. If they are sent to you, it means that people want to finish your conversation.
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