"Zagremit fanfare!" Boris Novikov - Master episode

Boris Novikov was born July 13, 1925 at the station Ryazhsk-1 in the Ryazan province. During the Great Patriotic War, the young man took part in the fighting. After the war he entered the school-studio Yuri Zavadsky, who successfully graduated in 1948. In the same year the young actor was admitted to the theater Mossovet.

For a long time, Boris Novikov was in the shadow of the old-timers Mossovet Theater. Among his works of those years can be identified, except that, Kargina role in the play "The cup of joy" in 1950. Truly an actor "shot" when he was already 36 years old. Then, in 1961, he played Basil Terkina in the eponymous play, staged by the famous poem by A. Twardowski. Was a resounding success! Veterans attending the premiere, came to Boris Novikov after the show and tearfully thanked. And he Twardowski, hugging actor, said: "It was, of course, it is!».

Commended the work of Boris Novikov and press. For example, Grigory Boyadzhiev wrote: "Actor amazingly virtuoso on the verge of a" legend "and" were ", he enters the stage authentic Russian folk who lacked our theater during the cult of personality. After all, the popular image types are often reduced to show "massiveness of simpletons", near which stood monumental "foremost" all-metal forging ».

This success could not pass not noticeable. Actor immediately presented at the Lenin Prize. However, it opposed the chief director Yuri Zavadsky. He explained his decision by the fact that in his troupe Lenin Prize have no faith Maretskaya nor Rostislav Plyatt - luminaries of the theater. And then some Novikov. As a result, he did not get the prize, but earned the envy on the part of his colleagues in the troupe. So that there is envy, as told in his time the widow of Boris Novikov against him started a real witch-hunt ...

Satire Theater

Long tolerate such a situation in the company Boris Novikov did not, and in 1963 left the Theater. Moscow City Council. Here, too, was not without incident. "Well-wishers" tried to shit after him. Was already almost reached an agreement on the transition Novikov Small Theatre, but there were people who called and discredit the leadership of the actor. Daylight broke.

But the director of Theater of Satire Valentin Pluchek was above all these squabbles and took Boris Novikov in his troupe. At this stage the actor played from 1963 to 1972, creating a gallery of interesting images. One of them is a pharmacist in the play "Intervention". For his hero Boris Novikov wrote a few witty remarks, make the characters rich and memorable. Subsequently, this role was introduced Zinovii Vysokovsky, and with the permission of the Novikov he used his remarks.

In 1972, due to diabetes Boris Novikov decided to break with a repertory theater. Since then, he has focused on the job in the movie ...

Cinema. Early successes

In the movie, Boris Novikov made his debut back in the mid 50s. Initially, the actor played mostly small negative role of the various drunks, punks, thugs and foreign spies. As they say, nothing remarkable ...

Sam Boris Kuzmich his first kinouniversitetami considered shooting the film by Sergei Gerasimov "Quiet Flows the Don" (1957-1958 years), where he got the image Mitka Korshunov, brother-Melekhovo. Also a small role, but as it was played! With humor, sparkling irony. With this work can start counting brilliant movie characters of a great actor.

Among the works of the late 50s - early 60s include: Matthew Barber Jakovljevic Tsyplakova in the comedy "The Girl with a guitar," secretary of the Komsomol organization Kuzma Mikhailovich in the drama "My friend Kolka" created in a satirical vein lieutenant killed in military adventure film "Package».

All-Union fame

Over time, it became apparent that use Boris Novikov in the role of villain is not so impressive. His characters seemed ironic, sometimes catty, but not dangerous. Gradually began to take shape different roles of the actor: the casual observer of events, their caustic, witty commentator.

Phasing in the film career of Boris Novikov was the role of Isaac, a jeweler in the popular action-Liberson television series "The adjutant of his excellency." The old Jew, who killed Petliurists son and his Bolsheviks robbed, deprived not only of livelihoods, and his whole life. The role of episodic, but its power - a real masterpiece, in which the actor was able to combine irony (a wonderful expression: "What can be the men's conversation with such rations?") And drama reflect the hopelessness of his character.

In 1971-1973, on the screens of the country came another TV series, which became for many decades popularly beloved - "Shadows at Noon". This picture is made from a well-known actor Boris Novikov real movie star.

Novikov's hero in the film was Ilya Yurgin aka Taras. But millions of viewers remember him by his nickname "buy-sell". This character actor invented and painted himself completely from facial expressions and gestures to phrases that have become winged. In fact, in the work of Novikov director was neprekoslovnym authority. He unquestioningly complied with all the requirements, but on the set of the actor always coming up with new, just penned remarks, and sometimes entire directorial decisions (oh, died in Boris Kuzmich director!). It was always fresh, witty. As such does not take ?! And after agreeing to appear next masterpiece. Remember: "Wait, I'll write a denunciation Komsomol!", "They have their own wedding, we have our own!". And finally, the most famous "zagremit fanfare!" (Instead of "fanfare" Novikov reprimanded funny "panfary"). This phrase has experienced artist, becoming really popular ...

The list of small masterpieces Boris Novikov impressive: cheerful, full of ideas grandfather Athos in the comedy "Live in Joy", bent on Army General Thomas Vandeleur in an ironic detective story "The Adventures of Prince Florizel" ("I do not have a head, and iron bucket ... m-m- ... m core "), impish grandfather Timothy in the romantic comedy" White Dew "(" I'll create difficulties will "), Grigory social drama" Happy Anniversary wait "(" From the nerves in the blood acidophilus formed "), investigator neighbor Yasmin Mitrich detective in "The Murders in the Zhdanov" ("Begone, evil spirit, stay, pure alcohol!"), the grandfather Grishanov in the melodrama "Ladies Tango" ("oblivion Firshtein, kaput»).

Films in which participated Novikov, could be outstanding and looping, looping were not only his characters. Some of his characters and the names do not have. In the drama "Diamonds for Mary" actor appeared in one episode as an old man - a guest at the wedding, bringing a live stream of his cunning humor. Of these nameless can recall: the godfather in the drama "Kadkin everyone knows" ("It is necessary to me itit truce. And tebe- hendehoh"), an artilleryman in the comedy "Trust that burst" ("Noon! Gentlemen drink and a snack!") the waiter in the restaurant car in the movie "Citizen Lyoshka" brawler in the station buffet in the movie "The Strange Woman».

Novikov was beloved and young spectators. More precisely, not he, cartoon characters, who said his unique voice, black mustache rogue Kurochkin of "The Adventures of Wasi Kurolesov" Dog the referee in the 13th edition of "Just You Wait" and many others. And the most famous, most loved and most legendary, of course, the postman Pechkin from Buttermilk. And here, too, was not without its catchphrase Novikova: "It is necessary to pass to the clinic. For experiments, "" Why I had been harmful? Because I did not have a bicycle ».

Recent years

According to the recollections of people around him, Boris Novikov was in character and nature kind person. Actress Zinaida Kiriyenko recalls: "He wanted all around smiling and laughing. We called him "The initiator". In this case, anyone with his jokes do not hurt. After all, he was insanely good and direct man. " But do not assume that it was a such a simpleton. "Boris Kuzmich was a man very sensitively conscious of falsehood, hypocrisy and lies. It was difficult to cheat. He was insanely talented actor with a very complex character. Geniuses just does not happen, "- says Lyudmila Chursina.

When in the early '90s came the decline of the national cinema, Boris Kuzmich very worried and hoped for the best. He waited to be called, will offer to play something interesting, but calls were not ...

Being a man of unusually modest, Boris Kuzmich never asked for anything, because the last few days was living in poverty. Not enough money even for the most necessary, and there were many problems. Few knew that Boris Kuzmich and his wife Nadezhda Antonovna has a son - disabled since childhood. Medications teachers: it took decent money. Everything has increased in recent years and increased their own disease - diabetes ... Help provided only artist Leonid Yarmolnik that month sent him $ 200.

Boris Kuzmich died July 25, 1997. Gone quietly unnoticed. Money in the family was not, and officials from the movie did not consider it necessary to provide assistance. Because they buried him modestly narrow circle of close friends in Moscow, Danilovsky cemetery. Later wrote about this "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper readers and raised money for the monument. After the death of Boris Kuzmich Nadezhda Antonovna and her gravely ill son Sergei began to take care of employees Screen Actors Guild. Nadezhda Antonovna survived her husband for 11 years ...

The latter role of Boris Kuzmich in the movie took place after his death. In 1999 he went 6-serial detective "Transit for the Devil," directed by Vladimir Plotnikov. The painting was mounted on the basis of material captured many years ago and not included in other movies Plotnikov ("Troop D," "Charged death"). Entered the picture and frames with Boris Novikov, a role for it sounded Yuri Sarantsev.

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