One against all. Belarusian history huntsman

Former ranger Michael Novikov goes ahead, pushing the branches in front of us, to test the waters to suddenly fall into the beaver hole. Behind the dense forest near creek L├╝tke, within a few kilometers of a soul. Novikov stops us to catch her breath. "My wife once said that when you die, in heaven you will not take - he jokes. - Because the animals will not be allowed. " Mikhail, of course, wrong. Such as it is, experts Forest in Belarus is almost gone. For years ranger fought with officials, security forces, poachers, systematically destroyed the forest, water, animal. He threatened to set fire, shoot, plant, but were not able to scare. Now Novikov retired. He has a story to tell.

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Village Kletnoe hidden from civilization on the edge of the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Civilization comes here with the truck consumer society, which brings in Kletnoe bread, sausage, canned meat, and "black". Even the surrounding forests drive SUVs latest brands. They are hunters with carbines, which are bored and want to shoot this.

Novikov lives on the outskirts of the village. He has a big plot where stocking a pond, barn, sawmill, sauna, beehives. He recently moved into a new house, built by his own hands. Apartment rangers are modest, but they are the envy of many townspeople. Novikov has a room of oak and ash, in each of them a special flavor that gives rise to the wood. Himself huntsman, appears to be made of teak or birch Schmidt. Its not so easy to break it.

Mikhail Borisov in the woods for a long time. He worked as State Inspector, ranger, forester, protected from poachers and their own chiefs of the neighboring nature reserve. His principled annoyed many local officials. Year and a half ago, in protest, not agreeing with the plans of cutting down protected forest ranger with the work left.

Environmental consciousness is manifested in man spontaneously. To him must come. Novikov said that he was in a coffin to put a box of grenades - to fight in the life of the animals he had killed a young man.

- On one of my conscience bears, many wild boars, in some years, 7 killed to feed his family. Elks shooting, deer, hares Nemer, martens, foxes, ducks ... But since 1994 I have reinterpreted life began to try to preserve and enhance. Now the weapons handed over.

What happened in 1994? My economy was strong. Kept pigs, cows, apiary, sow more than a hectare of buckwheat, oats, potatoes. The need to hunt for survival was gone.

I receive benefits - almost a million (approx. ~ 3600RUB) - how to care for the old man. Individual earnings are. In that year, she made familiar bath. In the summer we go in family mushrooms and berries. During the season, you can get more than 2 million. Just chasseur salary.

Huntsman lives on the outskirts of a dying village, and around him - is still alive Belarusian forests. Michael said that he had long ago learned to understand the animals, but the people - no.

- I was still surprised when people hunt for pleasure. It's one thing if you suffer need, when you need to feed themselves and their families. But if enough of duck or rabbit. We have also come to hunt and require deer, elk, deer. Bute everything runs, flies and rolls. Then fingers like a fan: "Yeah, I got!" And who are you without the huntsman, shooter?

During rutting moose I beckon him to come to his feet. Recently calling: to help draw good people. We have to go in Krupki. There was a renowned heart surgeon, him cool businessman and former chief power. For services is $ 100. Meals.

Local huntsman told what to do. Go Cattle pit, the water should be nearby, she elk during the rut is needed.

Come on. I'm in one place postonat in Tights - nothing. In the second postonat. Getting dark. Issued moose. 20 meters away. Businessman This is sit down, then privstanet, still can not decide. Then bang - elk on the ground.

Up to 3 o'clock in the morning they have it butchered. Closed license. To leave, everyone is happy as children. The doctor came up to me, took off his hat, bowed ... I do not understand these people.

This spring, the Belarusian nature, or rather, some of its representatives were chronicled in the world of news-jokes. The fact that in the Kamenetz district "beaver killed a man," even wrote "Vedomosti Melbourne." We started hounding against the Beavers. Various kinds of scientists were in the newspapers and on TV, calling Bobrinev acute and urgent problem. Beaver accused of desiccation of forests, destruction of dams and seems to be quite able to hang on little creatures depreciation of the Belarusian ruble. But stopped in time.

Beavers - nearest neighbors Novikova, two families of beavers live nearby. In weedy field, past the monument to the unknown Nazis burned the village, we go to the dam. Novikov said that the reckless destruction of the beaver, which is pushed on, - dangerous nonsense, fraught with violation of the biological chain. Beaver and wild boar, which is now because of the threat of African swine fever in destroying forests - the basis of food for the wolf. They disappear - Wolves will of the people?

- Pro aggressive beavers listen to me ridiculous. Even the hare, if pressed, can raspolosovat hind legs man stomach. The man seems to be a reasonable creature, but does not understand.

- Foresters say beavers flooded area, is shrinking forests. I say, well that's because you spent reclamation, the groundwater level has fallen, - continues the huntsman. - Due to the beaver he rises. We went berry, smaller fire was. Needless to blame the animal that have done yourself! Look around. Solid cutting area, the impression that the war is over. Place your order and do not climb into the swamp to the beaver.

The Belarusian forestries and hunting grounds staff turnover. Such as Novikov, do not flow. They are people-boulders.

- There was an incident. We go hunting with a forester. He said to me: if you do not vypishesh "forest newspaper" we're not extend the contract. I say let him write such people to fight for this newspaper. And time can not, then I'd rather buy a good book. He answered, "I think I have more huntsmen would not be?" Yes, please quit. I never for a post held. He worked as a forester, foreman, assistant forester - not held. And then I will not. All right, said the chief, the main people to stay ...

But the case he was prophetic. I am still left. It is not a huntsman changed after that. Basically put former militiamen. Now go, asking: "Mikhail, go back to us." I responded: "Imagine that in the Bialowieza Forest rangers selected and appointed by the king. Could the king sergeant put the huntsman? And what are you doing? "A" former "is all finished, the second added. Beast was not enough, all will not be soon. They brought recently three Germans wanted to shoot moose. Uselessly. Last game manager destroyed all the elk, but what about the male, if they do not? Woods will soon be empty.

We ask the huntsman, if he went back to work, if he was asked to, say, eight million. (approx. ~ 29000RUB)

- I'm not going to deal with his conscience. Here's a look. Cool jeep rides, cool it official with a carbine. Optics his cool. Should elk or wild boar, mouth open at night plot. He his Bach - folded. He went further. Trail rides car in her his friend. Carbine with him there. Stops, cut up the carcass. If caught, he says that "just found." How to deal with them, do not tell? I do not know.

Another point. Friends told me, in the forest come to different security forces. During the night put three moose, and the next day go back. For sport shooting, for the sake of fun. A sniper rifle with a herd of wild boars, 14 pieces, with emphasis put. I heard about it, and my hair stood on end steel. How many animals need to satisfy the passion of these poachers? ..

How is there to work with? Especially such a bad as I do. If I go through the woods, I do not care, a lot of them or little - drawn up. Some now say: holding at gunpoint many times, want to pull the trigger. Who would then prove that it is not by chance? Sister wife clairvoyant. I said: one is your fault - you would have long been dead. One shot out of the bushes - and all dead. But I have always acted according to conscience. Perhaps that is why was the razor's edge.

We go through the thicket around groomed forest.

- We approach any: even if the windfall, even better than wood rot than someone has to let the matter - said the huntsman. - How many times I swore about it! Lies oak tree 100 years the nature of sweat to grow it. One Chief says to me: do not touch. Let him rot, 300 years to decompose the total humus. We are the owners! Today forestry in debt that Mama Do not Cry.

But not only in the business chiefs ... In the evening somehow go out fishing on the lake. 10 people with fishing rods. I see two lad pulling a boat. I say: do not get down, let down from the coast better. I replied: "Shut your mouth." Well, right now adjourn. I go home, take a pitchfork. Who've got plugged? It turned out, the young man, lieutenant, in the colony brings cons. Here and his father. I explain: it is not necessary to pull the boat, you see, the swan sitting on the nest, for it is a disturbing factor, fly - chicks disappear. It is in any. Then I tell her father that ignoramus: you witness, I worked in the hunting lease was a beast in the forest? It Was. I went - no beast. Before the fish was across the Berezina, from the Dnieper to Palika. Then drain the river networks and boil electric rods. You're here lake, which was a fool, I watch. Soon there will be empty. This lieutenant answered, I was born here, I have nothing to command! Well, I say. I rent your watch. Protect home-nature, as I did. But I am afraid that after the first boat after another five, six will go to the grid, the seventh - the current beat. And you'll stay with anything.

Huntsman continues:

- Poaching is in our blood. Bear taught to ride a bicycle, but the people have not learned to appreciate what nature has created. From such an indifferent environment then born chiefs, directors and kings who do not comply with the laws of either divine or human.

Mikhail knows: no beast in the forest is more dangerous than a bear. If vspugnesh winter bear sleeping in the den, he will tear you to shreds.

- By the way, we could not meet already - he says casually. - In winter, I went with a friend for Christmas trees. Chop off knots. He saw I with an ax. Looks: Bear crashes and goes directly to the other jumps. I felt bad for a second. Comrade is back, did not see anything. I pick up an ax and shouted: "Come on you ... out of here!" I swear, shout job chainsaw! Jura is turned, the bear away a few meters. Once again: "Come on you ...!" And waving an ax. Bear from screaming stunned, hit a tree, slips, hair on end, like a balloon. In general, he fled. A dead man could be two ...

With an ax at the ready Novikov scared bear. The animal feels afraid of it or not. You can "replay". The behavior of those who watched the rangers and continues to look at the nature of Belarus through the sight, feeling impunity, can not be predicted. If you meet these on a forest path, run without looking back.






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