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Words in advertising can take for life, cause chills, laugh, cause the respect and the desire to kupit.Sila words are often overlooked in advertising. The main thing - to show catchy image that demonstrates the benefits of real and flimsy product. And to accompany this picture with a few words. Often, too commonplace to call the audience at least some sense, other than complete indifference.

Website has collected the most vivid examples of emotional copywriting. Where a clearly worded statement is a lot of emotions that inevitably becomes a product.

MASP «Come. I Wish To See You »

Brazilian creators have taken a close-up eyes with known portraits of the great masters of painting, while maintaining the smallest details - the structure of the canvas, brush strokes and cracks, and wrote the name of each depicted penetration and at the same time very simple appeal to potential visitors of the Museum of Fine Arts of Sao Paulo.

Van Gogh

«I have seen the failure of genius. I've seen the last few years of Vincent Van Gogh. I've seen the French underestimated me. I have seen the Master died in poverty. I have seen full of remorse Europe. I have seen millionaires shouting my name at auction. I saw the new house. I saw how adults teach and children learn. I saw a young building become increasingly visited museum in Brazil. But, seeing all this, I did not see one thing: you. Come. I wish to see you ».


"I saw the painting turns into Impressionism. I saw Renoir wrote me. I saw the disappointed banker who ordered me. I saw his indifference as he carried me to the dusty room. I saw the passing years. I saw Europe finally has known my worth. I saw how Brazil has adopted me. I saw the new house. I saw this house turned into the most visited museum in the country. But, seeing all this, I did not see one thing: you. Come. I wish to see you ».


"I saw the photographer even before photography was invented. I saw Rembrandt. I've seen waving his brush, giving me the form. I saw the beginning of a new era. I saw Baroque. I saw Impressionism. I've seen realism. I saw Europe. I saw the world. I saw Brazil. I saw blooms Museum. I saw a dream of man is the biggest museum in Latin America. But, seeing all this, I did not see one thing: you. Come. I wish to see you ».

Vespa «Our Ride»

The Manila office Saatchi made prints, very unusual advertising vehicles: no roads, the world under your feet, open spaces and even the actual advertised scooter Vespa. Black-and-white photographs, as if to make the trek, and long rhythmic lyrics about love and Vespa.

She hated

"She hated flowers. She hated the bar. She hated crowds. She hated cocktails. She hated my jokes. She hated the theater. She hated the chair. She hated the show. She hated the restaurant. She hated our table. She hated the waiter. She hated wine. She hated the food. She hated club. She hated the music. She hated to dance. She hated walks. She hated his studs. She hated ice cream. She hugged me all the way home ».

For me,

"It was for me, when I gathered a group. For me, when I won my first fight. For me, when I immediately passed your exams. For me, when I dropped out of college. For me, when I got our recording contract. For me, when I decided not to fight. For me, when I left the band. For me, when I got a job. For me, when her parents are not supported. For me, when I wanted a modest wedding. For me, when I wanted a big party. For me, when I wanted the screen to 52 inches. For me, when I mortgaged the house. For me, when I started my business. For me, when I had the surgery. For me, when my father died. For me, when my partner went. For me, when I almost gave up everything. For me, when I restored the business. For me, when re-assembled group. For me, when I overtook a bus ».


"You and I were opposed to our parents. Against curfew. Against the uniform. Against the teachers. Against the computer. Against the system. Against mice. Against the landlords. Against Nietzsche. Against the theory. Against the bulldozers. Against the Police. Against the big church. Against tradition. Against the casino. Against preservatives. Against amorous affections. Against a large Baptist. Against her autism. Against air pollution by cars. Against the wind ».


"I accept it when he's happy. Sadness. Gloom. Crazy. Indecisive. Reckless. Unreliable. Brazen. Sure. Presumptuous. Unstable. Calm. Brave. Timid. Friendly. Depressed. Weak. Strong. Right. Mistaken. Calm. Slow. Goes 70 miles per hour ».

Stihl «Hedges»

The French advertising chainsaws and trimmers for the bushes treated picture stormy thicket and verbal description that there may be at this point of the fact that it would be better to see you.


"On the first floor. Cynthia and Zoe returned from a shopping trip, happily emptied the bags and began to try their tiny lace bras ».


"Your little" armful of happiness "shows his cousin" where babies come from ».


"The neighbor's son found a set of chemistry, and his older sister feels it to your cat».

Havaianas «Slim»

Campaigns for shoes Havaianas known to anyone interested in the world of advertising. Bright prints almost annually receive prizes at Cannes and other international festivals, but for the catchy, sunny, perfectly executed pictures we often do not notice kopirayterskuyu excellent job. Each kopilayn each print falls into a woman's heart.

5 mm

"The straps are five millimeters thinner. Good news for your fans: you'll be 5 millimeters Nude »


"If he praises your eyes, he thinks of your chest. If he praises your smile, he thinks about your breasts. If he praises your Havaianas, or his foot fetish, or he thinks of your chest ».


"We have made much less than the width of the straps. If it worked with bikini, and it works with sandals ».

Volkswagen «See film differently»

Kopirayterskaya campaign of half a century of German automakers partner. As part of the Support independent filmmaking and VW DDB told stories famous Hollywood blockbusters in terms of secondary characters and filed it in the form of formal complaints and reports to the police and to the place of work.


"Sheriff department Kingsley Falls. An internal investigation. Report damage. All information is for internal use only.

Damaged vehicles: police car.

Date of incident: Christmas 1984

The names of the officers involved: Officer Frank Officer Brady.

Fully describe the circumstances of the accident and Damage: We have reason to believe that some strange little creature (see figure below) damaged our brakes. We do not know what it was, but it was a scary-looking thing.

And because of it we turned over.

Draw any details that you can not describe in the field below: Dark green (painted, I would, but I do not have a green pen), drooling, funny little legs.

I certify that the above information is true, correct and completely recorded.

Date, signature »


"Los Angeles Police Department, a division of Santa Monica. An internal investigation. Complaint personnel.

Type of complaint: theft and damage to the machine

The victim: Mr. Tyunman

Location: Santa Monica

Phone: he stole it!

Date / time of the incident: 6 June 1994

The scene: Highway to the south

Employee Involvement (if known). Name: He speaks like a dude surfer. Number of icons: I do not know.

Details of the complaint: I was driving along the highway when one of your officers jumped in front of me. He told me to get out of the car. I refused, then he jumped into the car and took it as nuts. We were traveling at a speed of at least 50 miles per hour. We caught up with the bus and your officer zastapil me to write on a piece of paper "bomb on the bus." He also tore my door and jumped on the bus on the run, but I crashed into a fence. I could already be dead because of your officer. Irresponsible and unprofessional. I would have fired ».

Luxor Highlighters «Portraits»

This famous campaign for the markers, highlighters, Luxor, we probably will not give a translation. Too surround it happens - who is going to read it all. Three prints with portraits of famous people on their biographies - sample of perfect, precise and verified to work with copywriting.

It worked on a series of only two copywriter - they wrote a detailed biography, so that when you select a portrait story about the life of the image is much shorter, and it passed the most important thing.

Che Guevara

Charlie Chaplin

Pink Ribbon «Twins»

The campaign for the Dutch magazine Pink Ribbon, dedicated to the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, was held under the slogan "Girls should never give up." And for the girls here are meant female breasts, one of which breast cancer patients often have to lose. Each print over the chest pictures can be read verses devoted specifically to these girls, twins and concludes with an appeal to buy the magazine Pink Ribbon, proceeds from the sale are sent to The Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Lizzy and Marlies

"Lizzy and Marlies, two intimate friends. Born on the same day, never apart. Divide your life and all that they have, from lovers to sweaters, which are hidden. Available on the beach, in the city are closed. Happy to know that they are next. Because big or small, dark or light, chest born to grow old couple ».

Eva Fay and

"It's Eve, and this is Faye. They grow together every day. They just opened close to that one day they will feed a child or two. Eva smaller, it will not be denied, but with the right clothes that no one will see. They share life, do everything together. Let's hope that it will last forever ». «The Last Place»

Very simple-looking campaign for Internet appliance store turned the rustling among the British and took indecent number of awards at international festivals. It was all about text, and more than a bold slogan for the store "The last place you want to go».


"Go to a trendy quarter of Oxford Street, go to the incredible technological hall of the landmark London department store and look at the plasma panel, must-have this year, praised as politely said the technician looks in sandals Marc Jacobs. And then go and buy it The last place you want to go ».

Central England

"Go to the favorite in Central England department store, stroll through haberdashery section to the Department of audio and video where terribly well trained young people will scramble to find the right TV for you. And then go and buy it The last place you want to go ».

Volkswagen «Efficiency»

In a series of prints for Volkswagen DDB London are allocated car VW. You can say any number, but the essence is always much easier and shorter. At the heart of the campaign called "game copywriting." Markers, highlighters, Tagged noted the most important thing.


"Our engine is 1.4 TSI 160 PS reasonable balance turbocharging and superkompressiyu, which means that it is cost-effective little engine, but It has the same advantages, that larger and more strong engine. Another example of profitability VolksWagen ».


"Our line BlueMotion combines lighter materials, improved aerodynamics, fuel-efficient engines and tires with less friction, which saves you fuels and can reduce tax payments, which means, you can save your Money Another example of profitability VolksWagen ».

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