The best examples of social advertising

Print and outdoor PSAs that can be praise or blame, take a sample or not taken seriously. But who drew the attention of the world community, and a jury of advertising festivaley.Na AdMe reviews of social advertising was very much on a variety of vital topics, ranging from advertising to protect sharks and ending with advertising against violence against women.

We offer you a selection of examples of the best examples of print and outdoor creative advertising on the urgent problems of humanity.

Our life at the cost of their lives.

Smoking causes premature aging.

What could be worse?

There are still countries where freedom of expression on the Internet is punishable.

Sexual abuse robs children's lives.

Night's sleep before getting behind the wheel.

While the world is not as safe, wear a helmet.

Can you tell us his real story. Hotline against domestic violence.

When he controls your life, it ceases to be yours.

How much lipstick you eat for a lifetime?

Cigarette butts make up almost half of all garbage in Dublin.

Old men, too, need your love.

The fate of Indian barasingha in your hands.

Animals also need money.

Help us fight the cosmetic tests on animals.

If you do not help to feed them, then who?

Save a life. Redeem.

If you do not move, potolsteesh.

Help yourself.

The faster you donate, the better.

Silence hurts. Call.

Every time you sleep with someone, you're sleeping with his past.

Help nature to fight back.

Earth is warming.

You can lose more than patience.

Powerful, but not dangerous.

We must leave it in the past.

Your hands can be dangerous.

It contains scenes of violence: screaming mom's hair being dragged across the room. Not Recommended for any child.

Cigarette smoking people.

Stop the recruitment of children into the army.

Save water.

Verbal violence can be just as awful.

Smoking causes impotence: studies show that smokers are 50% more prone to erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Leaving the lights on, not only will you pay.

It is not too late.

Hand over blood for prostate cancer.

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