Advertising Coca-Cola

Over the 126 years existence of the company «Coca-Cola» unprofitable sales was only one year - 1886 th. This was the first year since its inception. John Pemberton (him all the honors for the invention of this drink), was not seen strong understanding of market conditions and methods of influence on the target audience. Fiddled with his two years now, he sold the rights to release the businessman Cola magnate Asa and Griggs Candler. I do this to understand exactly what is the engine of commerce. And in 1889 there was the first advertisement, which had been declared a logo and corporate colors, so familiar to us today.

Well, from words to contemplation. I invite you to observe the evolution of the advertising products of one of the oldest and richest corporations in the world.

Here it is - the first example of a print ad «Coca-Cola»

Next - a poster that hung on for a decade as the official advertising (seen then and one poster was enough to have a competitive advantage).

The samples of advertising early XX century

Since the 30s the company began to actively exploit the image of Santa amateur cola. Since then, every year on Christmas Eve there is another "holiday" with advertising cheeked good man and a treasured bottle refreshing drink.

In 1936, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the corporation «Coca-Cola» created several posters, which portrayed how the female image

And it is not casual, because it is women more often used to advertise (which, of course, quite obyasnimo).

Men began to appear on posters closer to the forties.

At the same time, the corporation «Coca-Cola» extended beyond not only with regards to advertising sites, but also its size. In 1939 came the first video

Naturally, after the cola advertising on TV, the extent of its popularity already had an intercontinental character, and the number of bottles sold per day in the millions. Advertising 50s actually built on how the popular Coca-cola

In the 60s it became popular slogan "coca is doing better," and everyone and everywhere - in love, at work and in sports

And indeed, the world at your feet, if the stake in the hands - Song of the Australian group The New Seekers «Buy the world of coke» unobtrusively it tells

In the 70-80-xx print advertising Coca-Cola is sometimes a social character

sometimes populist

In 1987, appears on the screen infomercial featuring Pierce Brosnan. Without image Bond, of course, has not done

Since the beginning of the 90s comes the new ideals and new idols. Emancipation and sexuality present throughout. Advertising Coke is not an exception.

To participate in the trailers are invited popular among young sex symbols

Kylie Minogue

Matt Le Blanc

But the values ​​of family marketers «Coca-Cola» and do not forget (that is to use them for their own purposes)

In the mid-90s, launched a campaign «Always Coca-Cola», in which was set a touching movie about a teddy bear polar

And, of course, one of the most loved by millions of Christmas advertising with gleaming trucks and slogan "Festival comes to us»

For advertising products early XXI century characterized by stylish, humor and fabulous.

Not without celebrities - then a couple Courteney Cox-Arquette David

Next video, the campaign «Coca-Cola - Live football!", Is recognized as one of the most ridiculous video advertising in 2008

In 2009, there was a fabulous and colorful spot called «Coca Cola Heist» (Theft Coke)

By Christmas of 2011 added to your favorite trucks moving new advertising campaign «Open Happiness»

This video was very warmly received by the audience, which is not about trying to create a decent previous years the Christmas story.

And the year 2012 Coca-Cola lovers and connoisseurs of promotional products of the label are greeted with an animated action-movie «Dragon»

Finally confess Coke I do not like (like it did not happen), but advertising of the drink look always with great pleasure. This promotional product is definitely worth the attention of the consumer.


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