The recipe for Coca-Cola is no longer a mystery (5 photos)

Now we know what makes a "Coke" so special. It does not add to the natural coca leaf, as previously thought. The secret ingredient turned out to be ... the worms! About a year ago, the Foundation of St. Nicholas in Turkey filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola, requiring it to reveal the formula produced carbonated beverage to indicate the ingredients on the label.

Then the fund manager Muammer Karabulut said: "On the basis of the existing in our country the law on consumers of any food manufacturer must inform the customer about the substances contained in them." "For the health of our children, we want to know which substances are used for the production of the drink, and whether they are harmful.

Secret formula drinks that world famous company faithfully kept since 1886, disclosed the secret recipe pharmacist from Atlanta, John Pemberton, according to the source, include: "sugar, phosphoric acid, caffeine, caramel, carbon dioxide and the extract is" Coca-Cola " . But what is this strange extract? According to the results of the study it was found that it is a natural dye "carmine" or supplement "cochineal" extracted from koshenilnyh scale insects. In the food industry, it is also known as carminic acid, which is assigned the international code E-120.

This is truly a strange taste! As told in the Moscow Institute of Nutrition, cochineal (fr. Cochenille, from the Spanish. Cochinilla), the common name of several species of insects from different families at the detachment coccid females which are used to produce red paint - carmine. That is the color of the label "Coca." The most valued Mexican cochineal (Dactylopius cacti), who lives on the aerial parts koshenilnogo cactus. Her homeland - Mexico. The recipe for a truly old. Back in the 20's of last century with the development of synthetic dyes, this culture has declined sharply, but natural carmine still used in some industries (food, perfume, etc.), As well as for dyeing microscopic preparations.


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