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In the traditional review of the rollers 15 months presented a video to show the reader and Editorial most luchshimi.Coca-Cola and John Lewis opened the Christmas season by launching a fabulous videos of love and magic. Car brands Skoda, Subaru and Land Rover are experimenting with hand-made advertising. And Indonesian creatives urge to limit the number of hours the child spent watching television.

Skoda Fabia showed its bad side agency Fallon shot for Skoda Fabia vRS movie about the aggressive nature of the car.

Spot «Made of meaner stuff» is a continuation and a new kind of reading clips «Cake», shot Fallon for Skoda in 2007. In the original spot Brigade confectioners under the motto «Made of Lovely Stuff» and under the calming song Julie Andrews «Favourite Things» created from a sponge bricks, glazes and creams model Fabia in full size.

The powerful Skoda Fabia vRS is not as "sweet" as its predecessor. The new model is distinguished by power and aggressive temper, which was demonstrated creators. The original soundtrack was treated in the style of heavy metal. Place pastry and sweets took brutal guys cyborg and poisonous snakes.

PlayStation has turned man into a baby Argentine agency Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi removed for the Sony PlayStation 3 video about overage baby.

Children - are natural, sincere and straightforward in nature. They cry when they are sad, laugh, have fun, and when they do not cease to be surprised the new. As people age, shackled by the conventions and social prejudices become more moderate and rational, since guided not by feelings and emotions, and mind and regulations.

Playstation is designed to help adults return to the world of childhood, giving them a sense of lost with the age of the game, as a way of knowledge of the world.

The campaign creatives come up with a strange character named Victor who is a man with the head of the baby. He lives in a world of adults, but it behaves and reacts to everything that happens quite childish.

Speed ​​Subaru used for shooting cartoon Agency DDB Canada Subaru car used in advertising as a flip book.

Creators decided not to simply remove movie about the power of the car Subaru WRX STi, and the strength and speed of the car to create the advertisement. Thus was born the idea to make a car with the help of animation, using a Subaru in as a kind of flip book (flip book) - tools for creating animation image composed of individual frames printed on sheets of paper.

For Subaru consolidated camcorder animation effect created when moving the vehicle along the walls, on which were pasted picture. So it was shot short fiction cartoon about how Subaru was able to escape from the persecution of the spacecraft.

Sports brand turned people into punk Agency Schjarven Oslo shot for sports brand XXL drayvovy movie about punk.

The basic idea is to spot that sport arouses in people, not only the energy and physical strength, but also the risk of hunger, the spirit of hooliganism and the desire to fool around plenty.

In the video «Punks» ordinary people turn into athletes punks suiting dangerous stunts in front of bewildered people around them.

Slogan: Let sport reveal the punk in you / Let sport open to you punk. Spot took director Mathis Fürst and Henrik Sander Productions of One Big Happy. The advertisement sounds composition of Norwegian kings of hard rock from «Gluecifer».

Coca Cola has changed the Christmas eternal roller McCann Erickson Madrid Designed for the global Coca Cola Christmas campaign, the core of which is the new minute spot «Snow Globe» («Snow Globe").

The premiere will take place in the US video on November 21 and then another in almost 90 countries. In most of these countries are also scheduled rotation familiar spot worldwide «Holidays Are Coming» («The holiday comes to us"). The spirit of the festival Coca Cola will spread the story of how Santa Claus, a sip of Coke and the magical snow globe joined together close to each other schaslivo people for the celebration of Christmas. Santa Claus, Christmas characters long brand advertising, just slightly corrected their ways.

The John Lewis Christmas advertisement hid all the presents London Agency Adam & Eve lifted a heartwarming Christmas spot for a network of shopping centers John Lewis.

One of the largest UK network riteylingovyh known in the advertising industry about the shadow Christmas campaign from the agency Lowe London and Cannes roller «Always A Woman», launched a New Year campaign.

This year the focus of the advertising placed on the pleasure of giving gifts, but not receive them. The video showcased exciting moments when the right gift already bought, it remains only beautiful and lovingly packed and, most importantly, safely hide that loved one did not find it before time.

Slogan: For those who care about showing they care / For those who are concerned about how to show their concern.

In advertising, VW recently danced the tango world's best dancers Argentine tango starring in the advertising agency VW Polo by DDB London.

On a new roll for Volkswagen worked director Jonathan Glazer, who shot "Surfers" for Guinness, «Odyssey" for Levi's, «Priests" for Stella Artois and many other masterpieces of advertising.

This time he has captured the passionate and beautiful dance Argentine tango star Gasper Godoy (Gasper Godoy) and Manuela Rossi (Manuella Rossi). Under composition Roc C «Do not Stop» couple dancing "Last Tango in Compton» («Last Tango in Compton»).

Slogan: Frantic. Beautiful. Polo / Tough. Beautiful. Polo

Pepsi and Cola War continued in the supermarket agency TBWA / Chiat / Day lifted the continuation of the story about the war drivers Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Following the updated version of the classic 1995 movie "Lunch," in which representatives konkuriruyuschiyh brands fought over cans Pepsi, creators filmed video «Display King» with rapper Snoop Dogg.

At this time the drivers are already familiar Pepsi and Coca-Cola faced a supermarket, placing the goods on the shelves.

In the battle for the best figure of the boxes, it would seem, has already begun to win Coca-Cola. But here on the side of Pepsi he made hip-hop star Snoop Dog.

Clooney and Malkovich starring in a new advertising Nespresso famous Hollywood actor John Malkovich and George Clooney starred in the continuation of the campaign «Nespresso-what else» / ​​«Unless Nespresso - what?".

In the new video Clooney once again showed that the part with a drink admirer Nespresso can only fear of death.

According to the story spot Clooney gets into a cab driven by it expects John Malkovich, who plays the role of God in the campaign.

The bank told the touching story of a young businessman ASB Bank and the agency Droga5 launched in New Zealand, a global campaign «Creating future» / «Creating the Future."

One of the first projects of the campaign became a contest among children and adolescents aged 7 to 14 years is the most ambitious idea of ​​making money.

On TV Contest announces an amazing video of a boy, a farmer, who dreamed of Nintendo and he was able to earn on it.

Advertising Land Rover spent 1.5 tons of plasticine British agency RKCR / Y & R has launched an advertising campaign for the Land Rover Freelander 2. In the production of a TV commercial took one and a half tons of clay.

No fundamentally new Unlike other SUVs, in addition to design and highly efficient diesel engine in the Freelander 2 is not, and therefore had to build a campaign on a standard sentence audience - ideal for all roads and areas. To somehow distinguish the message from a number of such agency RKCR / Y & R invented roller blind from clay and contact Productions Hornet Inc.

Production of video, which is collected separately for the team of sculptors took 5 months it took one and a half tons of clay. The only part that was not made from clay, had a mini-model of Land Rover with spinning wheels, opening doors and glowing lights.

Hoover LG saved toys from dust agency Young & Rubicam New York and the studio Psyop removed puppet movie for vacuum cleaners LG.

Roller «Something lurking» / «Something creeps" promotes the model LG Kompressor dust compression technology and demonstrates how children's toys desperately fleeing from an unseen enemy-dust.

Slogan: Cleans and compresses things that are lurking / cleans and compresses dust invisible to the eye.

Man and beer in their natural habitat agency Publicis Mojo launched for Australian beer Speight's Summit campaign «Man Like Natural» / «The man loves natural".

This man is very simple in its essence. He lives natural instincts and loves all as close to nature.

"A man loves freedom, the man likes to force a man loves splendor man loves courage, a man loves a fight, man loves fellow man loves meat, a natural man loves a man loves Summit».

Belgian radio improves sex Mortierbrigade Belgian agency launched a radio Studio Brussels bold TV campaign "Life is music" / »Life - music & quot ;.

The idea of ​​the campaign is the insight that music can transform our lives beyond recognition by setting the right mood and surroundings.

Rollers campaign boldly and humorous show what music can turn lovemaking and driving.

Unicef ​​launched against television advertising agency LOWE Jakarta and Unicef ​​launched a social campaign in Indonesia to limit the number of hours the child spent watching television.

Sociologists estimate that on average children in Indonesia is carried out in front of TV at 5:00 every day, twice the recommended time, doctors and psychologists.

TV campaign launched by Unicef ​​aims to demonstrate that, in addition to TV There are many interesting and more useful lessons for the child, such as a game with peers, learning music or chat with parents.

Slogan: Let's see what you can switch if off the TV.

See below the most interesting work in the outdoor and ambient advertising.

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