Tropical storm on the East Coast (22 photos)

Already fading tropical storm Ida hit the East Coast of the United States on Friday, flooding coastal areas and coastal erosion of New Jersey and New York, having previously North and South Carolina and Virginia. Team 173-meter barge carrying the containers with chemicals, tried to align the ship that night on Thursday washed ashore in Virginia, after it broke away from the tug to transport it from Puerto Rico to New Jersey. In some parts of West Virginia, where the river in South Boston Danville exceeded its level of 2, 13 meters, still sounding warnings about possible flooding. Roanoke River exceeded flood level 1, 22 meters in Randolph, and on Friday morning in Bruknile - 90 cm. The company «Dominion Power» reports that more than 155 000 customers were without power Friday morning in Virginia and parts of North Carolina.

1. People look at the barge, which took off from the tug and washed ashore near Sendbridzh city Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday, Nov. 13 during a tropical storm Ida. (AP / Steve Helber)

2. A resident of Norfolk, Virginia, on a flooded street on November 13. The region already hit fading tropical storm Ida. (AP / Steve Helber)

3. Derrick Roymel waiting in the car on the hill until the water is gone from the street Shore Drive in the morning on November 13 in the city of Virginia Beach, Virginia. (The Virginian-Pilot / Vicki Cronis-Nohe)

4. Two residents of the town of Oak Orchard, Delaware, swim through flooded streets on November 13. (News Journal / Gary Emeigh)

5. Work apart the rubble in the flooded streets in Norfolk, Virginia, November 13. Through the city hurricane Ida. (AP / Steve Helber)

6. Lisa Kendrick walks their dogs Hyde (left) and Locke on the partially flooded street after Hurricane Ida in Norfolk, Virginia, November 12. (AP / Steve Helber)

7. Leading Weather Forecast Jim Cantore photographs house which has fallen into the ocean in South Nags Head, North Carolina, November 12. (The Virginian-Pilot / Steve Earley)

13. Terrace beach house in the sea foam on the waterfront in Nags Head, North Carolina, November 12. (The Virginian-Pilot / Steve Earley)

9. Dr. G. Richard Marx goes to his house to the back yard, flooded tropical storm Ida, in Norfolk, Virginia, November 12. (AP / Steve Helber)

10. Working on a bulldozer trying to strengthen Beach blurred morning tide in South Nags Head, North Carolina, November 12. (The Virginian-Pilot / Steve Earley)

11. Michael Graham from Savannah, Georgia, looking at the blurred morning tide Beach in South Nags Head, North Carolina, November 12. (The Virginian-Pilot / Steve Earley)

12. Ted Agogliya of emergency services, which is based in Knoxville, Tennessee, evacuating families from Baker Spartan Village on November 12 as a few hours here is expected to flood. CNN channel called Agogliya one of the 10 characters of the year. (The Virginian-Pilot / Stephen M. Katz)

13. Nelson Firth looks at the road in front of his home on November 12 in Pokusone, Virginia. Incessant rains have eroded much of the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Long Island, as a result received flood warnings and were flooded streets, and several drivers had to hastily evacuated from the road in some remote areas of Virginia. (The Daily Press / Adrin Snider)

14. The car on a flooded street in Norfolk, Virginia, November 12. (The Virginian-Pilot / Hyunsoo Leo Kim)

15. George Trice fourth (left) and his father George Trice third sail through a flooded street Church Street canoeing in Pokusone, Virginia, November 12. (The Daily Press / Adrin Snider)

16. Firefighters evacuate residents of Portsmouth on boats from flooded areas on November 12. In this area, hurricane Ida. (AP / Steve Helber)

17. Canopy amphitheater is seen above the water in Montgomery, Alabama, November 12. (Montgomery Advertiser / Amanda Sowards)

18. Infinity Times (right), her sister Impress (center) and his brother Deandre (left) trying to go to the playground flooded area in Calvert affected by Hurricane Ida Norfolk, Virginia, November 12. (AP / Steve Helber)

19. Larry Hall looks from the steps of his house, like a river overflows its banks Roanoke in Elliston, Virginia, November 12. Hall refused to evacuate, because the last time in his absence after the flood his home ransacked. (The Roanoke Times / Justin Cook)

20. 16-year-old Tyler Simpkins (left) and his father Russell Simpkins looks like a river flows over Rigg hydroelectric dam in Franklin County on November 12. The Department of Parks and Recreation Franklin County plans to make the area a place of light water. (The Roanoke Times / Eric Brady)

21. Rosemary Mayer tries to resist strong wind, collecting trolleys in Norfolk on November 11th. On this day, the governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency, as the heavy rains hit the state after the passage of Hurricane Ida. The authorities of North Carolina at this time preparing for another day of incessant rain. (The Virginian-Pilot / Ross Taylor)


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