New Zealand in photos

Deserted beaches, rocky fjords, snow-capped peaks and amazing creatures of the distant and alluring country.

1. Sunset on the beach

The end of the day, captured on the West coast near Auckland, where stretches a strip of the picturesque beaches.

2. Night in Whananaki

Stunning night timelapse taken at the beach, camping in the town Whananaki on the East coast of Northland.

3. Milford Sound on a Sunny day

The most famous of the many fiords of Fiordland, where the Tasman sea cuts into the deep Bay remaining on the site of the former glaciers of the South island.

4. The glow worm caves Waitomo

Millions of green lights on the cave walls come from a special species of fireflies that can be found only in New Zealand. Are these fabulous caves in the North island.

5. Lake Wanaka

The spring bloom on the shore of lake Wanaka in Otago on the South island.

6. West coast: the view from the top

View of one of the most beautiful regions of the South island, which stretches along the snowy mountain range of the Southern Alps.

7. Glacial route of the Rob Roy

Half-day walk along the national Park of mount Aspiring, which offers stunning views of glaciers and powerful waterfalls.

8. Beach Ngarunui

The main beach is a relaxed surf town of Raglan, located about 50 kilometres from Hamilton in the Waikato region.

9. Downtown Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand. There are about 1.4 million people – about a third of the population

10. Elliott Bay

A small Bay in Northland is a great quiet place to surf, almost completely escaped civilization.

11. Coast Of Auckland

Top view of the powerful waves of the West coast of Auckland.

12. Sperm whale

The small town of Kaikoura is considered one of the best places in the world to observe sperm whales. These legendary marine mammals are able to reach a length of as much as 20 meters!

13. Beach Wharariki

One of the deserted beaches, typical for Cape Farewell at the Northern end of South island.

14. MT Taranaki; the view from the foot

This volcano with a height of 2.5 km – one of the most recognizable peaks of New Zealand.

15. MT Taranaki; the view from the top

The views from the top of Taranaki at dawn. Here you can see the rock formation Shark teeth and great mountain Ruapehu, is shrouded in clouds.

16. Kea

The world's only mountain parrot is endemic to New Zealand. These birds live in the mountains and the beech forests of South island.

17. Waterfall Milford Sound

Waterfall, also known as the "Lady Bowen," is only continuing with a waterfall pouring off the cliffs of the fjord Milford Sound. After the rains, however, are formed of hundreds of temporary waterfalls.

18. Moeraki Boulders

These famous stones a perfect circle, located on the beach koekohe in the region of Otago – an unusual result of erosion of sedimentary rocks. Ancient legends explain their origin more poetic: according to Maori legends, the boulders are the remains of the mythical ship.

19. New Zealand sheep

Portrait of the most famous inhabitants of New Zealand, near the Bay of Macari.

20. The cherry blossoms

Unlike the Northern hemisphere, in New Zealand of cherry blossom can be found in September. The annual festival dedicated to flowering, held in Nelson, in Tasman Bay.

21. Piha

Another great view of the beaches North of Auckland.

22. Gurnard

Gurnard, or "Kumu-Kumu" — bright fish that you can often meet in the waters around New Zealand.

23. Fox Glacier

One of the largest glaciers in the country, stretching almost 15 kilometers, is located in the National Park of tai, Poutine in the region of Westland.

24. Pass through the Tongariro national Park

The volcano Tongariro has a height of 2 kilometers is one of the largest active volcanoes of the North island. The 20-km trail that crosses the volcano, considered one of the most scenic day Hiking trails in the country.

25. "The champagne pool"

Near Rotorua on the North island are lands with high geothermal activity. Here you can see a number of geysers, boiling mud baths and hot springs like the bubbling "champagne Pool", shown in the photo above.

26. The Remarkables Mountains

The name of the mountain chain of the Remarkables is translated as "Wonderful" — no wonder why!

27. Sky Tower

Skyscraper sky tower in Auckland, rising to 300 meters – one of the tallest buildings in the southern hemisphere.

28. The Pohutu Geyser

In the valley of Whakarewarewa on the North island there are 7 active geysers. The largest of them – Pohutu – spewing hot streams of water to a height of 30 meters 20 times a day.

29. Lake Pukaki and mount cook

The photo shows the glacial waters of lake Pukaki, turning blue in the background the highest peak of the country – mount cook.

30. Waterfalls Milford Sound

The cliffs of the fjord after the rains.

31. Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe – part of the Tongariro volcanic complex is widely known by moviegoers around the world: she played the role of mount doom in the film-epopee "the Lord of the Rings".


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