Interesting facts about New Zealand

Maori — Eastern Polynesian settlers who arrived on these lands in the period from 800 to 1300. According to popular legend, the Maori cook Islands.

New Zealand became the first country in the world, where he introduced universal suffrage. This happened in 1893. Since men and women were free to vote in all levels of electoral processes, is an interesting fact.

New Zealand was first discovered in the distant 1642, Dutch sailor Abel Tasman. When the crew of his ship had already landed on the shore, local tribes (Maori) attacked and managed to kill several team members. After that, only in 1769 here managed to get the English captain James cook, which included the country in the British dominions, is an interesting fact.

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch of New Zealand. Her responsibilities include ratification approved by Parliament laws.

Interesting fact: New Zealand is one of only three countries in the world with two official national anthems. The first is "God save the Queen" (British national anthem), and the second — "God defend New Zealand". Also two hymns used in Denmark and Canada.

New Zealand is the first country in the world where 3 senior government positions occupied by women — an interesting fact!

Wellington is the capital and second largest city in New Zealand. The city has excellent tourist infrastructure and unusual sights. Also, Wellington is the southernmost capital of the world, which causes him even more interest to tourists.

Interesting fact: the tourist industry is more than 10% of the economy of New Zealand.

In the country there is no nuclear power plant, as the authorities have declared nuclear-free status.

New Zealand can boast of the highest quality agricultural products in the world, is an interesting fact.

4.5 million people there are 2.5 million cars.

The world's first bungee jump took place in Queenstown (New Zealand) in 1988.

Interesting fact: five of the most popular sports in New Zealand: Rugby, Golf, netball (women's sport derived from basketball), football and cricket.

The smallest species of Dolphin "Dolphin Hector" found only off the coast of New Zealand.

All films of the trilogy "the Lord of the rings" was filmed in New Zealand, is an interesting fact.

About 56% of the population are adherents of Christianity, 35% atheist, the rest 11% are of various religious groups and beliefs.

Interesting fact: about 70% of the population of New Zealand are of European origin, more than 14% indigenous Maori, 16% Asian and Polynesian peoples.

The average age is 36 years.

Waikato is the longest river in New Zealand (425 km).

Average life expectancy for men is 76 years and for women 81.

Interesting fact: New Zealand — the birthplace of the flightless Kiwi bird.

The name of the country means "Land of the long white cloud".

An outstanding physicist of the twentieth century Ernest Rutherford was born in New Zealand.

The inhabitants of the Kingdom are the first to see the sunrise in fact.

Mount cook — the highest point of New Zealand. Its height is 3754 m.

Countries are allowed to drive at the age of 15.

New Zealand second in the world production of wool. On average, each inhabitant of 8 sheep, is an interesting fact.

According to unofficial statistics, one in five deaths is caused by tobacco Smoking.

New Zealand boasts of the most liberal media in the world.

The area of the country comparable with the United Kingdom or Japan, and is 268 680 km2.

Interesting fact: every year in New Zealand recorded more than 400 earthquakes!

The majority of financial transactions made by plastic cards. Even taxis can be paid in cash.

In 40% of families have only 1 child.

New Zealand is the most peaceful and safe country in the world, is an interesting fact.

More than 10% of the energy obtained geothermal means heat from the volcanic and 55% from hydroelectric power.


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