Clear Lake

depth visibility through distilled water is about 80 meters. The depth of visibility of the lake, located on the South Island of New Zealand is 76 meters. For the first time it has recently opened a wonder of nature was photographed Tim Klaus supported by the Department of Conservation of New Zelandii.

The most transparent lake in the world, located at the top of the South Island of New Zealand.

Evidence-based reports show that visibility through the water of the lake is up to 76 meters - compared to the visibility of distilled water, which is in the range of 70-80 meters.

The lake is in a conservation area with limited access. Enter the water of the lake, not to mention the diving is prohibited.

Through exclusive arrangements Claus Tiemann with the Department of Conservation in New Zealand, the photographer was allowed to make the first dive in the lake.

The lake is sacred to local Maori tribes, which was also carried out on the harmonization of the dive photographer. It was also obtained special permission for landing a helicopter on the lake, which is delivered in a clear sunny day is specially prepared equipment.

Blue Lake is situated at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level, the water in it comes from another lake located above it.

Lake Superior is above the tree line, so its waters are not contaminated even foliage.



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