Crater Lake National Park

Crater - the name of the incredibly beautiful lake, which from the first seconds of his surprise guest clear, amazingly clear water. Sometimes Crater Lake looks brilliant blue, and sometimes ominously dark, but always, as if it did not look, of course, fascinates the visitor's own uniqueness and beauty.

We all know that on Earth there are so many places that will amaze with its beauty, but Crater Lake, which, incidentally, is located in southern Oregon (North America) is incredibly picturesque and delightfully! I must say that it is a volcanic lake miracle that has its own history. This picturesque blue and deepest lake in the truest sense sometimes breathtaking!

Interesting, but Crater partially fills the caldera, whose depth is 1 220 m, the latter was formed 7,700 years ago, was completely destroyed by a volcano called "Mazama».

In 1902, or rather, the 22 th of May in an area where there is a lake Crater National Park was established America. It is noteworthy that this lake is a key attraction of this park is it attracts hundreds of tourists.

Crater Lake is the deepest United States, the second deepest in North America and the seventh in depth on the Planet. So, its maximum depth is 594 m. As for the overall size of the lake, they are 8 km by 9, 6 km, medium depth value is 350 m. Water Crater are above sea level, so that the edge of the caldera is located at 2130- 2440 meters.

Speaking about this miracle not to mention John Wesley Hillman - the first European American, who saw this beautiful lake. Seeing in June 1853, the beauty of this, John Wesley Hillman called it a "deep blue lake." After that, this lake three more were assigned a variety of names - "Majestic Lake", "Blue Lake" and "Crater Lake».

In the vicinity of Crater more than one hundred years lived a tribe of "Klamaz" that it was possible to witness the collapse of the "Mountain Mazama" as well as the formation of the lake. The above tribe considered it a sacred lake, and the legend of these people telling us about some battle that tochilos between god of the underworld "Lleo" and God "Skell." During this confrontation was destroyed by Mount Mazama, and then formed a sacred lake. People tribe Klamaz, Crater Lake was used as a source of visions. In accordance with the approval of the captivity, many people have seen credible vision that displays either the past or the future. Those who are able to see the vision of this or that, given the status of spiritual enlightenment.

Let it be known that in 2005, the Mint of the United States issued a coin, which depicts Crater Lake. By the way, numerous studies indicate that in Crater Lake National Park is observed hydrothermal activity, and that all of us says, almost spontaneously, yes, and, indeed, at any time Mount Mazama can wake up again and that will work in these areas in this time, no one knows ... But this ominous prediction is not deterred the crowds, and all because the beauty of the lake literally obscures consciousness of anyone who starts to get acquainted with him. Lake water, and all that is in the immediate vicinity, in the synthesis create such landscapes that seeing this beauty once, then throughout the course of life all the time you want to see it all again.


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