Vasco da Gama Bridge

In this article we re-tell is not about a natural wonder, but about the miracle created by human hands. Will focus on the wonderful bridge, which carries the title of the longest bridge in Europe. As for its name, it is no less majestic, in particular it sounds like "Vasco da Gama bridge." Just imagine the bridge, the length of which exceeds the mark of 17 kilometers (more precisely, the 17 km 200 m) ...

To be fair the Chinese bridge called "Hangzhou", the length of the last record is 36 kilometers! But, first, it is not the subject of this article, and, secondly, the Vasco da Gama bridge looks more organic and more beautiful.

The longest bridge in Europe is located in Portugal, in particular in Lisbon. He attracted the attention not only for its long, but the fact that it runs through a pure river "Tejo", as well as the fact that its architects in the course of their work thinking about the practical side as well as the aesthetic.

The main objective of this majestic bridge was to reduce car traffic in the 25 de Abril Bridge. By the way, with regard to the name of the 17-kilometer miracle, it was awarded not just ... The thing is that this bridge was opened on 29 March 1998, the day of the 500th anniversary of the opening of the path of Vasco da Gama from Europe to India.


It is worth noting that in order for this project to be brought to life before this deadline, builders and designers were forced to work hard. Interesting, but the longest bridge in Europe was built for only 1, 5 years. I should add that prior to the construction of this bridge was preceded by 1, 5 years of hard training. In total, during the construction of the bridge Vasco da Gama involved 3,300 highly skilled workers!

With the construction of this miracle took into account all sorts of stuff. Such scrupulousness resulted in that the bridge is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 250 km / h, as well as the devastating earthquake. By the way, in the construction of this bridge even take into account the spherical shape of the planet, if this factor in the calculations was not included, then the difference in height between the northern and southern extremities of the bridge would reach the level of 80 centimeters!

Since this is Europe, it was taken into account in the design of this bridge even influence the surrounding environment. So, in order to reduce interference in the environment of the river "Tejo", Vasco da Gama was built on the most remote distance from the second bank. Moreover, at night, lighting the bridge is organized in such a way that the light of a powerful lamp was fixed so that it does not enter the river.

On the bridge Vasco da Gama made a 6-lane driving, but if necessary, for example, during peak hours, you can connect another 2 unloading band.

When weather conditions are favorable, this bridge is allowed to travel at a speed of 120 km / h (sometimes -100 km / h), and when the weather worsens, the vehicle speed must be reduced to the level of 90 km / h.

It is noteworthy that the tolls on the bridge Vasco da Gama withdrawn board, but only in the case of traffic on the northern direction (to Lisbon), but still ... As for the cost of such a journey, the passenger car it is 2, 25 euros, and for trucks - 10, 1 euro.

Vasco da Gama Bridge - a very beautiful piece of engineering, being in one piece, which does not end in sight other. Describe the feelings and associations that arise in the form of man-made miracle possible. Definitely, the longest bridge in Europe - a unique, beautiful and extremely exciting miracle man-made origin!


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