The Dead Sea - a unique gift of nature

In this article, we will focus on the Dead Sea. And to begin our story with the costs that this undrained hypersaline lake which is in the top sheet of the most unique places on the planet. Our editorial staff for their readers prepared 10 amazing facts, telling us about the Dead Sea.

The first interesting fact about the Dead Sea, for his depth, so that the latter reaches 377 meters. That allows you to wear this title salt lake deepest in the world. By the way gipersolevoe lake - the mass of water, which has no outlet to the sea and contains the highest concentration of any salt or other mineral salts.

The second fact, reports that the surface of the water and the shore of the Dead Sea is located at around 423 meters below sea level, and this in turn makes this place is the lowest portion of the land on the planet.

Also interesting is that the water is at 8, 6 times saltier than ocean water. This level of salinity of the water in the Dead Sea makes unsuitable for the existence of living beings, therefore it is called "dead." However, it should be noted that microfungi and bacteria are present in the lake.

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest in the world (the salinity of -33, 7%). But we note that, for example, frozen lakes in the valleys of Antarctica McMurdo and Lake Assal (Djibouti) may have higher levels of salinity.

The Dead Sea is one of the most important centers of health research. The thing is that there are several reasons, for example, the mineral content of water is unique, because of the large depth at this point in the solar ultraviolet radiation is less, in an atmosphere of practically no pollen and other allergens. All this and more has a positive impact on health.

Incredibly high concentration of salt in the Dead Sea enables a person to naturally float on the water surface.

With regard to the length of the Dead Sea, it is 67 km long - 18 km (the maximum point). The main tributary of the lake is the river Jordan.

The peculiarity of the Dead Sea is also a fact that there itself forms a natural asphalt, which is represented by small pieces of the substantia nigra. As part of the numerous excavations here were found many artifacts, until the skulls, which date from the Neolithic period. By the way, during the Egyptian mummification was used bitumen, which was brought from the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea appears even in the Bible, it is this body of water is a haven for a certain King David. Moreover, this body of water is the first resort of the planet and supplier of a huge variety of products, from balms, which were intended for Egyptian mummification, up to all kinds of fertilizers.

One last interesting fact, which tells about the Dead Sea, tells you about the lowest road on the Planet - Highway 90, the last stretches along the coast of Israel and the West Bank at around 393 meters below sea level.

In conclusion, we note that in addition to interesting facts, the Dead Sea is famous for its beauty here is very picturesque.


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