Jet ski rentals (Part 2)

The first part.

Hi, Yapi and YaPochki! a delay, but still sit for the second part of my story about the earnings season, namely, jet ski rentals.

The end I'll let you know. At this time will be not only the photos, and video.

I'll start with perhaps the story of Batman ...

Came to this attraction in the middle of the season, somewhere in July. Packed with straight arms in a case he was harmless small size. If the banana can be inflated foot pump for inflating 1500-2300, then there blew a vacuum cleaner.

In general, all tires: bananas, buns, etc. inflated at the beginning of the season to the end is stored in this state.

If necessary, if the poison somewhere valve pumped foot pump. The pump is constantly in the trunk of a water motorcycle.

Before it roll people on Batman, you must first learn how to do it. So testing began.

Of motorcycles at anchor while standing: GTX-155 "Gray" and GTI-130 "Yellow┬╗.

From interested - CEO distributors in the city, visiting the area to the sea to your employee. The first pulled the rubber "Yellow", of course in the ignition key was racing. Gene. Director refused to raise wages, for which he paid

in the photo - so stored tires

The first launches have shown that flying Batman is very dependent on weather conditions. Especially the wind direction and strength.

keep getting harder

fifth photo, turn to the right

6 photos, nezhdanchik left

Here we see Batman windage

This is Andrew. Healthy guy who presses 105 kg from the chest, his hands now very tired. Hardly can resist, but you can ... Girls on the Batman we were not allowed ...

I'll tell you about the weather.

Features of weather on the Azov Sea:

1) If the wind is East Sea begins storm on 3, 6 or 9 days. Multiplicity of three; the storm is considered long. Very interesting point, as soon begins to blow East, wave on the coast of different heights. If you stand facing the sea, the left will spit Siltings right Fedotov Spit. Spit shields estuary, Fedotov Spit out to sea. East will blow wave with Siltings towards Fedotova Spit, respectively, when the tide in the North-Eastern part of the beach is increased, the crew on mobile warned about it, that would be time to go back to the point of basing located in the center. In our case, this is where about 15 km. In normal weather motorcycle with rubber on the transfer rate (5200-5500 rev / min) overcomes this distance in 6-8 minutes. Return against the headwind and backward wave is much more difficult, time is 15 to 20 minutes.

2) When the south wind, it is typically strong and short. Here the situation is reversed, we now have a little wave, and in the center it has more to interspersing more. Therefore it is very important not to provtykal moment in time and "roll up shop." Because we return to the area where the waves are big.

3) western and northern wind is onshore. In pure NW at sea - calm. If at this point from the earth will not bring the storm clouds, cold exhaust and cities, and the sun will shine - it will be the best conditions for jet ski rentals.

This day is called the "mattress". Wave swells from the coast and farther into the sea, the wind is stronger and the wave above. On the coast it is not there and is not visible, but when you start to go into the sea, internally convinced of this.

Guys, do you know why mattress day? )) Yes, everything is simple, all your rubber: rubber ring, balls, luxury mattresses single and four local just begins to bear in the sea.

Because sail in rubber larger than that of your head sticking out of the water, it kills faster than even if you're behind it will float. Greedy suicide, even while on the mattress and unable prigresti to the shore, until recently did not jump into the water and swim to shore. Their property price in 20 liters of 95 octane gasoline more expensive than their lives.

Shore is generally any day if the wind blows just a little bit at sea. And it's clean and pure North West.

By law, a finding in the sea belongs to the finder and is not taxed. If this is certainly not inconsistent with other legislation. These days on motorcycles only manages to catch the rubber into the sea.

In the photo: a large yellow frame - Fedotov Spit, small - Spit Peresyp

Approaches us and says the girl, the guys I'm here already running five minutes to you. Mattress claimed, will be able to catch up with him? I answer her with a stopwatch: 25 USD / minute. She agreed, and pointed to the sea where it is. The wind was southwest, more with the West. Therefore, the wave of the sea went from right to left. The wind carried the rubber in the sea - to the left and forward. He took off his motorcycle anchor, villages, wound up. While driving away idle afloat start the stopwatch and the sports vtopil small spring full throttle. With the habit, because of the lack of rubber behind his back and a second passenger, motorcycle like a feather in the 7100 rev / min flew over the mattress. Wave in the sea more and more, because blown from the shore, there is a peak of the wave, and there is also a hole between the waves. It turns out differences in the sea between the highest and lowest point 2-2, 5-3 meters. I then rush to rescue mattress motorcycle flies on the wave, flies and the next at 90 degrees crashes into another wave. Visually, what would you have been clear, I saw the footage from the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" when the ship sank under the water, and the camera stood beside the captain and the water was on him. Physically, I felt a blow in the face of basketball. I was afraid to lose consciousness and fall off the bike. Motorcycle be stalled, as I'd taken off with the key. I would have drowned. On my lifejacket. But in question, I caught up to swim bike that will carry into the sea? 5 seconds after sitting idle, I decided to go further. I drove up to the rubber, which the wind tossed on the water, went to the lead and tried to grab the mattress is not successful. Another attempt, and I keep it. Killed the engine. Stop the stopwatch: 1 minute 09 seconds. Further operation on blowing rubber. Unscrew the valve, threw it in bardachek, put a mattress on the seat and sat on it. Waiting until the air is released. Neatly folded it beneath them. Started the engine, start the stopwatch. Went back. Now against the waves and the wind. All of these jumps on a motorbike through the waves are not very useful for engineering, water hammer occurs on the bottom of the engine sags and then lining under it is established that would not rattled and worked quietly. The more difficult to swim against the waves, as spray from the wind hit you in the eye and face. Wave is best to go around. In words may not be clear, but the trajectory of the zigzag. Steering wheel to the left - ran on a wave wheel to the right - pulled off the waves, etc. If the wind blows in the back, it is convenient to go to the top of the wave. By the way very cool feeling when the left and right of the hole, and you're on top of shorter when I arrived, a stopwatch was 6 minutes 02 seconds. Return trip required 5 times more time! For the money the rescue operation cost 150 hryvnia. Agreed for 130 UAH, the girl ran away, but never returned. Double mattress - Our. The cost price of a trip for gasoline is difficult to determine, because speed was not uniform, but in the range of from 20 to 30 USD is 2-3 liters of A-95.

History of another mattress. Wind North-West, ie blowing directly from the coast. Stand on the remote, because the client took the bike for 6 minutes in advance to warn her that would be far drove away that there was a very neat, due to onshore wind, it can not catch up with the bike, if they fall. Please go directly to him, seized, and only then relax. If you do not have time to have to call the competitors to the nearest beach.

Help each other for free, as well as saving people. No one is immune.

Noticed that on the horizon jumping rubber. Button on the timer shows: 2 minutes 10 seconds, we understand that for 4 minutes when the bike is free for the mattress will go to expensive and dangerous because of the distance from the coast and high waves. The horn decided ahead of time. The girl arrived yet, skated only 3 minutes and already going slazit. I'm saying, your time is not over, now we will take part in the rescue operation, pull out her key to 6500 rev / min and insert sport. And gases. Calm on overclocked very quickly, the wind is not felt since blowing in the back. The farther into the sea, the bike begins to smell telepat. Throttle, immediately felt a flurry of offshore wind in the back, repeat all manipulations to capture and deflation of the mattress. Sat on him and went to the beach. There is already the wind can blow away just at high speed, so I increased it only closer to the beach. As a result, 4-bed mattress ours, the client has driven more and Sports mode. Everybody is happy except the man whom I had noticed from the sea, quickly walking along the beach to our fairway. 100 UAH, he refused to redeem your mattress, having heard about the find in the sea, swearing went back.

This mattress has been caught from the shore at a distance of about 1 km.

Now he's mine. I'll give prospective clients.

Generally, the work rolled depends on the weather. Every day we look on the internet forecast for the week. When the 14 days are working seven days a week, to be honest, we pray, that would be in the forecast was east 4-6 m / s, at the time of the storm you can go home to his girlfriend. Even at night, eh ... but at 4 am calling the guard and asked, "Jen, what about the sea?" And he'll "That calms down! The morning will be calm. " And you know what to 9 need to be in the sea, and before him 200 km. Called the morning taxi going home to take a hot bath again with fresh (!) Water, a cup of coffee with her mother, change bed linen and hit the road.

At this time, the forecast for the week onshore wind, calm. In the sea on the horizon, one can see 3 of the ship. Because we work in an information vacuum, do not watch TV, do not use the Internet (mobile only), then that Tymoshenko was arrested and under investigation, former Interior Minister Lutsenko for two months and he beat investigators also detained that Bin Laden was killed, and the US the brink of default and the dollar weakens, it's all we know, or at home in September, or accidentally on the radio in the car when we go to the gas station to fill the evening cans.

Therefore, the first thought of the ships that the US Navy has occupied our country! I was put forward proposals call all distributors and all 44 motorcycles to attack them first. Stoned, so to speak. Someone said it was the fishermen. Sailing to check! Visually to the ship no more than 2 km. But when we moved on a motorcycle 2, 5 km distance to the ship has not changed. He has been on the horizon, and stayed. Maybe we were wrong again in the distance, but in the eye they fished, 5-7 km from the coast.

In the photo, unfortunately not photographed the ships, so look at the bike. This GTI-155, we simply "green┬╗

Unfortunately the video cut out and asked me to publish a separate post. I will publish it after the first closing comment.

It shows that when Batman is no mass, then he soars upward. Therefore, all the transitions between the beaches, on the way home from the point to the main place of work (15 km) of the weight I was

This ride has a very large sail, even when the wind is at anchor it displaces.

Photo: digression

Anchor - is the usual bag of sand tied 5 mm synthetic rope.

When the crew arrives to the beach, the first thing to do is anchor for motorcycle and rubber. While Distributors keeps it all hands, assistant working on the anchor. Good helper now beginning to work in the future, he may ask the kid on the next litter scoop or help collect a bag of sand.

In the photo: rubber anchored

Here is the anchor. True these sandbags we obkladyvali children's pool.

The painting on the beach, one adult tutor and 7 children small hands, shovels and buckets filled with sand bag. Consider that the child is already assembled banana This is that at low speed and without coups in the sea. It remains to negotiate with parents who pay, or even better go with children.

Photo: continue to ship sand bags

Storm anchor - 4 of this bag on a long rope. When a wave passes a motorcycle, it raises it, and if the rope is too short, it drags up the bags, thereby severing them from the bottom. Therefore, in the storm anchor, rope length 4 in conjunction - 6 meters. This length allows for a long stay in one place for a motorcycle. Over time, the bags have to drag up again in the sea ... with your hands or a motorcycle.

On a motorcycle, there are two loops for which you can attach a carabiner: it behind the stern, and in front of the keel. When the bike is at anchor, he always clings to the front loop that would look at the nose wave.

In the photo: a heavy burden distributors water bike

Sea begins to storm into the water carriage, motorcycle anchor. Now it is clear that he is looking at the nose wave

But if you have a client, the experience enough to ride in this weather. The sea is not yet excited. Motorcycle departs from the shore

One of the most memorable days at sea was when we drove Batman 15 km from the base. Put it on the storm anchor. And after dinner, then south as dumb darkened. The clouds, the sun hid itself, the wind began to rise. A gust of wind and Batman takes off at the same time pulling up sandbags. Thanks guys who swam beside him that detained him. When we realized that we can not cope with it, we decided to run a ride home. I sat on it, hitched bun and banana to the motorcycle and drove off. Motorcycle by gas at all, rubber up with me, a gust of wind from the back, but slightly to the right, roll left, falling with Batman.

Tire touches the water, braking commences by force of inertia, I continue to fall forward, then accelerates motorcycle - ride again rises and falls again. Shout to the driver, let's slow! They arrived as turtles, on the way I see the car vendor is responsible for cell already call from the base experience, warned that soon will be. We drove about 20 minutes Weather deteriorated finally started to rain. Beach extinct. Approaching the point home, I turned to the sea. Oh my God! Darkness was approaching - a black wall of hail and rain, wind and waves. And no one will meet !!! Distributors on mobile phones, the engine drowned. During those 30 seconds we drifted 300 meters. And then blow! Wind of 15-20 m / s, hail to the head, 25 meters can not hear anything. Trying to hear the man screaming on a motorcycle, and hear "Ay tank UAA ex Oooo Y, Batman!". Show on the ears that can not hear anything. And this sail continues to pull us !!! Then our guys arrived, grabbed all the rubber for the halyard. Uncoupled banana, suffered his four ate holding. At this point, I unscrewed the valve with Batman and we blew it, or can not cope! For the first time, I felt that this element and as a man helpless before the forces of nature.

Pizdyuley snapped off from the head, for undue risk. Appliances more expensive than the 200-500 USD, we could make. Because in a huge wave still had the bike on a gun carriage roll out of the water ...

Since Batman worked alone on the beach basing point and only during good weather. Where at any time it can be recorded in a safe place and blow away.

In addition to extreme stories I also remember the good people. We have consolidated acquaintance with this girl in a bun at speeds greater than 60 km / h. After the conversation, became friends. Nastya, you're a good friend. I've already 9 months did not see, but I hope you are fine!

I remember how we arrived in the morning at the beach, and you stand so beautiful, and in the hands of two cakes with cherry ...

I guess for now. For bananas and buns will be another post.

With love and expectation of the new summer season, our team

And your humble servant. End of part 2



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