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Hi, YaPovtsy! In the dead of the month of February, all probably will not wait for warming when the summer ray of sunshine will warm our bodies, leaving a golden tan. Will begin the holiday season and a great number of people moved to the south, on the coast of the warm sea. I would like to tell you about my seasonal work, namely, jet ski rentals.

Photos will be different, the ones made on professional equipment, others amateur camera, and some mobile phones. The exact number I do not specify, because I do not know how many will. A selection does not break, the end I will report.

In general it is very difficult to make quality photo galleries, working day begins with 6: 30-7: 00 and ends after 21:00 or even 24:00. This is related to maintenance of equipment, the purchase of gasoline at the pump and delivery. The time needed for that would go to sleep after all this, about 6 seconds, some days 8. That is, if you want to sleep is enough to close your eyes. The work force is draining all the stocks.

Basically your memories I write looking at pictures


So there you go! Water business it is divided into two flags: those who go under the white and those who go under the black. By just not officially official. Both those local officials to crumble, so all the work and we feed the one "trough."

Feeder - a beach. And it is divided into zones. By law, water transport has to move off from the shore in a special place - the channel (fenced area with a rope with floats, which can not swim). The distance between the fairway on the regulations of 300 meters. Accordingly issued the fairway in the local administration, you get 600 meters of the Beach (300 meters in both directions). In the territory of the competitors are constantly arguing with a tape no runs, conventional distance from the hills to the kiosk with a beer or those umbrellas as sun beds.

When the crew pulled into someone else's territory, you kindly take an interest your colleagues, "you whose?", To which you are responsible, such as "generals". Then the guys say that it is their beach and it is not necessary here to work. And sometimes runs up from the shore hairy big guy and says "the boys, I know that you are the generals ... sho ..., he's told you to swim here? ... So you have 2 minutes, what would sebatsya or get pussy." Well, basically everyone knows each other, or in a way that's familiar.

Everything is decided between the owners of the business, we hired workers. And if you have a head on your shoulders, you expose yourself are not going as well perevedesh arrow to the head. No one will touch you.

I have already mentioned the word "crew". Now more detail ...

The crew consists of two people.


The first is the distributors, one who sits at the water bike and ride people. Person financially responsible for jetski and "rubber", criminal and administrative - for the safety of people. Also he is box office. At the end of the day Distributors accountable for the money, Hours, and the number of gasoline. I said that there are "white" and "black" crews.

But mostly people sitting behind the wheel of an adequate, attentive, which has not been systematically tupit not steal cash. This is where the owner can be trusted technique worth more than 12,000 dollars. Distributors should not drink with all the lights out strictly, fatigue - a decrease in concentration. It is unacceptable!

And immediately noticed a jet ski in season two is their price. Why is that? Yes, because it makes money and it is a failure downtime, loss of profits, respectively. The golden rule of hire "two motorcycles in one campaign not to give" smart people have long realized that it is dangerous for equipment, and for drivers. People start vyebyvatsya water that will necessarily lead to a crash impact. So when asked, the only thing I can suggest is to leave a deposit of 60,000 dollars (two time cost of two motorcycles). After explaining people understand and agree to ride in one.


The second person in the crew is the assistant. On his shoulders rests a lot more work ... Suits vests to people them properly laid out for drying when dry at night, in the morning, check to maintain the integrity of locks, sew up, sewn, return them to the bike to the beach, carry away, the trailer rope (the rope between a motorcycle and " rubber "), plant the right people in the banana instruct TB.

A small digression: it is very important that the rope was constantly strapped to a motorcycle or the tires or when he falls into the water, it instantly zamylivaet sand, even at small excitement of water under the nose will not find !!! More precisely underfoot. For this Assistant liability. The fine 200 UAH.

When there is no tether, nothing to drag the rubber! And this loss of profit.

What does it mean to decompose properly vests? When we work in the sea, they are arranged on the inside of the banana up, the sun dries it (that would be the part which relates to your body was dry) at each other in the direction of the wind, from the largest to the smallest size. Is that a gust of wind would not dumped into the water jackets. Squander vest assistant, paid its price.

Why rush vests? This is a little bit further, look at the pictures as people ride ...

But the main task of the assistant, from the fact that it makes a valuable employee and raises its interest rate by leaps and bounds, is the ability to find customers. Uboltat, dilute, to persuade.

Assistant who works as a worker is not valued. And if you know how to talk to people, and it will earn much more.

But the work is shared, and therefore no one Philo.


This carriage. Trailer for a water motorcycle. He brought it to the resort town, it descends it into the water and pulled out of the water. Wheels lowered. This makes it easier to roll on the sand


A small digression: girls like cars, jet skis but they love even more. Hundreds of beautiful asses sitting on this bike .... Many things I have seen boys and girls ... eh))

Take a young girl on the horizon, is to go far into the sea and drown it in the engine half an hour. On the horizon, no one will disturb your intima. Sounds very fucking, but in practice a constant rocking on the waves, when stripped to wait until obsohnesh since salt water and wind = cold, all wrinkled, a little fun. Units engaged in this at sea on jet skis, little cause for pride)) Girls topless ride free of charge. Such a law.

Let's go back to the beach, where he works Diluting: Controversial beach where there are two crew. Distributors along the beach pulling a jet ski with the tires, the assistant goes in parallel to the beach and offers. Normal say "do not want to will roll on a water bike?" - "Do not want to" get back. Good Diluting already say "Let's go ride a jet ski!" With a smile, sitting on a bed in the campaign. He starts talking, he manipulates the situation and zassal? That Syava not ochkuy not the first time doing so, you will be a girl to ride a jet ski, and you are a young man, so we go on together, and this is your husband? Husband, you pay for a wife? The wife in the family home? I also ((And like a fantasy with a sense of humor and language as pomelo = money.

When bad mate has already passed the beach and no one was able to attract a good going for it "raises" money.

But I'm on the fucking would give if approached me so! Some say. For the season, thousands of people pass through this "pressure" and no one has dissolved hands. In any case, an apology and a smile soften the situation, even if the client has got fucked on his head. You can write ten pages, how to breed on the beach for the money, and it is done very nicely, not too dumb Distributors driver.

He, too, on a percentage, it also communicates with people on the beach, with one condition - his eyes constantly on the jet ski, eyes assistant - to distributors.

Still do not want to disclose all their aces, this summer you'll be riding in my carriage, be sure that the money you leave I will bring you pleasure.

Who manages to convince? The girl who got into an accident on a normal bike, her fear of water and motorcycles in general, greedy people, poor people, people who have the sad experience of the previous skating, mainly because of the morons distributors. People are drowning and choking, they also persuade. Question time and how much it is worth spending and is it worth?

Do not try to persuade hardworking seniors, mostly, there are exceptions, and the doctors who treat trauma resulting water attractions ... their children, if mom and dad next. The driver with the experience ennadtsat years too specific fruit, it is not rushing sea transport. The driver of the bus, which carries people to the resort and in between flights came a breath of sea air.

Immunity to divorce and former employees have rental watercraft. They know the kitchen inside, that is worth paying for and what not. I know later parted the curtain.


Jet Ski. For rental offer basically three local Scorers, 130 or 155 horsepower, four-stroke engine capacity of 2 liters, with a throttle fuel supply system or electronic, depending on the year of manufacture and model. The tank capacity of 65 liters of petrol fill 95, 100 hours every change synthetic oil. In fact, the volume of the tank 60 liters, 5 liters is the eyeballs, including gafru at which fuel is filled without air bubbles in the tank. Tachometer 8000 rev / min, the new bike gives 7520 rev / min, for the fifth year rolled at constant MOT, repairs, expensive maintenance - 7200 rev / min.


Motorcycle GTI-155 for 7 seconds from zero to 100 km / h. This is his chapel, the speed record 102 km / h at calm (!), A tachometer on the 7520 rev / min, the fuel consumption by 30 liters / hour. At the max speed of the motorcycle can go no more than 3-4 minutes, the engine overheats, the generator coil punched. Cooling water, a heat exchange plate located at the bottom. This vulnerability motorcycle. On the rocks can break through this plate.

In 6500 rev / min, you can safely ride, this is a very high speed.

Motorcycle start up only when the key is inserted. Papua dresses mother of the mother is the float of a certain color. Then a spring, which is attached to the vest rifle.

Why to the vest, but not at hand? So securely with hand, there are cases when the flies. If you suddenly falls from the bike into the sea on the spread, the key is pulled free from the ignition and the engine stalls, the motorcycle stopped near you.

The key, all of which float to the rifle - Keychain. The chip in contact which is worn on the pope.

There are three types of keys: training, restriction 5200-5500 rev / min; the transportation, the limitation of 6500 rev / min, and a sports key, without any restrictions.

Jet ski at low speed at the beginning of the path the water pushes it feels great resistance. At 5100 r / min jet ski starts to rise above the water and glide, it is called to enter the glider. That's according to this principle and programmed key, learning that the speed of the motorcycle was not very large, went to the glider, here and learn to ride.

Basically two key crew - training and shipping. An experienced crew is sport key. When you pass the wheel, probably in the ignition key shipping. This is bad?

No! In 6500 rev / min, calm - blows his eyes shed tears. Against the motion wind blows fuck. Against the waves get a hammer, and a wave in the face. Fucking hurts !!! These revolutions enough that to tear off the motorcycle from the water on a wave.

Incidentally motorcycle mass of 350 kg + weight of 65 liters of gasoline + weight + driver mass of water which enters the water cannon + resistance of this water (the bike slides). Total floor disperse tons of water for 7 seconds to 100 km / h, it turns really such a big fuel consumption.

On the fingers bike works like this: you give gas, fuel is supplied, for example at the rated speed - 400 m / min, passed through the shaft turns the propeller. The screw is installed in the sleeve, in a simple pipe. Here the gap between the pipe and the screw = 0, 5 mm. Here the gap is very small and it is very important. See why. The screw is rotated, water inlet from the bottom, it is next to a stove cooling water is drawn into the sleeve and through the water jet shoots from behind. (Jet diameter of 100 mm = 10 cm.) By a powerful jet of a motorcycle is in motion. Out planing and slides in the water leaving only the cooling plate and intake hole.


It is not always a plastic cup of beer, which is thrown into the sea will be held in the clearance 0, 5 mm, as well as seaweed, if the rope wound on the screw, it is generally fucking comrades. With an increase in the gap, the engine speed is rabid, thrust weakens. Water is drawn from a depth of screw 1 m, therefore depart shoal always idle and allow gas at depth. Because the sand is lifted from the bottom of the falls and wipes sleeve. Abrasive material no matter how how. And if the bottom is rocky, the pebbles it's even worse than the rope wound on the screw. Fucking screw if the stone falls into water cannon.

The fact that the bike 3-seater, it does not mean that they will go to ride mom, dad and mother-in-law at the same time. A maximum of two people. There are exceptions, everything depends on the eye of distributors. For example mom, dad and the little baby. With it the speed Dad would not disperse and do the same maneuvers. But what we fear? The fact that the bike falls over, when three adult men overturning moment more and the engine power is simply not enough, what would come out of the bank.

When kata two men. One is sitting in front, the other behind. Front sitting upright, he can see everything. I look and look out to the left, I had the steering wheel. Comrade rear looks right. Together with his head to the side, he priklanyaet body and already felt like a motorcycle going planing slides sideways, it is necessary me more to look out on the left, that would balance the system. That's what three guys got heavy ... one turn of the head and heels already.


When a customer sits behind the wheel. He hears something like this:

"When I (Distributors) managing motorcycle, waste idling (1600 rev / min if I'm not mistaken, I forgot, winter, summer has long been) heard a short beep gave gas, if you give the gas to tone your time runs out, and the money stays with me. Here shallow water cannon falls in the sand, our equipment deteriorates. Gas after the beep. Do you understand? .... The water area of ​​the flight, on the sides of 200 meters into the sea 500 meters. On the sides do not swim much, can be lost. By the shore at a speed not swim up close.

Next, the driver displayed landmarks ashore, red roof, a banana on the beach, what would it have been easier to find a way back. Waste and swims at 90 degrees to the shore, strictly the fairway.

If you feel that the bike starts to roll, the steering wheel in the direction of the roll, the gas in the ground. What bank do you know? Usually not. Since man is sitting on a motorcycle, and you're waist-deep in water, do tilt the motorcycle to his side, and unfold in the side wheel. Usually, it is clear. Explains that the motorcycle when the gas comes out of the bank and float stably. (That's roll, I do not pictured.)


In this case, the gas can not be reset. If all else fails, jump. The fact that you fell into the water, do not worry, the bike stalled, and it is not upside down. Climb in the water over the stern. The man knows what is the back of the bike, there is a special pen, for which the client already was taken, when he sat down on the seat. After a stern climb - bike stable. You insert the key, press the start button. Come on. As long beeps back to shore. »

In the photo: the main thing is not to throw gas Photo of fresh water when the motorcycle after the season to clean the salt water.


This way the Dnieper River


We have distributors remote control when you press the start button on it, the display is counting the time of the engine. There is a button stop - stop the engine when the motorcycle trying to steal. Yes, but no one you 15,000 bucks will not trust)))) buttons short and long signal.

The speaker is very loud beeps, you will hear.

The cost of jet ski rentals in 2011 was worth 20 to 35 UAH per minute.

For 150 UAH you ride 6 minutes - 25 UAH / min

200 USD - 10 minutes, 20 UAH / min.

500 USD - 25 minutes, 20 UAH / min - a lower threshold

30-35 UAH is the price of conventional key (6500 rev / min) on the central beach, where from morning to evening bike does not stop, as well as have to fill the tank again + 20-30 liters. This is called "dry tank" and is considered to be bitching.

Digression: the way the photo on a motorcycle for free. Gasoline is not spent, then do not mind.

Spit flooded. Storm. We are not working. Well done guys, annealed, we wanted to attach a banana, but they had already left)))


They returned at night. It rarely


Tan has not yet been tears. Three months merciless ultraviolet radiation, very harmful.

Underwater communications catches, but can not hear anything!

To be honest, all of the above, I wrote at a time and was tired. If the theme is interesting,

I would write:

1) About the bun or the puck. I'll tell you the criteria for class skiing. When the ride is dangerous, and when even the Distributors to kill you if you want to sport mode can not do about speed from 0 to 120 km / hour (!!)

2) About the banana. Children, rollover, and Extreme.



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