Legendary Soviet motorcycles

I would like to start with those who are of age or older. I think the majority of bikers when it may as a child, try these motorcycles, learned to ride on them, know where to get into if you do not start or stalled.
In general, in spite of all the disadvantages of domestic motoproma, think of them still have good memories ... 1) Good old (probably FAQ:
Minsk motorcycle-bicycle factory was founded in 1945 on
based on exported equipment factories DKW defeated Germany. Starting with the bike in the 1951 Minsk residents put on the conveyor first motorcycle. Since then, little has changed. Well, except that there was a 250 cc motor.Pervym Belarusian "bike" was the Minsk M1A, which had a lot of "family" is not only in the USSR but also abroad. "Ancestor" motorcycle was developed in 1939 by the Germans. DKW RT125 was so successful that under different names analogues of this motorcycle manufactured in 7 countries, including the United States, England and Japan.
well-known) MINSK.

On the eve of the October festival staff Minsk motorcycle and bicycle
the plant produced the first commercial batch of new road motorcycles "Minsk" under the designation MMVZ-3.111, as from the first day of this year (1974) started their serial production.
In developing the new model before designers were challenged to create a modern image of the bike, more reliable and durable than its predecessor - the M-106.
I think that the motor-fans will appreciate the external forms. We will only say that they are selected as a result of the great work that has been carried out by designers of the plant in conjunction with specialists VNIIMotoproma, after careful study of modern domestic and best foreign samples. To the bike looked elegant, the artists offer combined color in two colors - black and cherry. Despite significant differences "Minsk" on the M-106, was able to provide a broad interchangeability of components and parts, reaching a percentage of the value of 83, 7.

2) Sunrise 3M (2M).

Motorcycle Sunrise - a representative of the classical two-road all-terrain vehicles of the Soviet era! The design is very simple and completely repairable motorcycle that guarantees simplicity and reliability of the machine in any situation.
Motorcycle Sunrise produced Plant. Degtyaryova (DMRs) and is an example of the further development of the model of "K-175" ("Kovrovets"), which produces up to 1965 since 1957.
Sure, like any technology, motorcycle Sunrise has a number of pluses and minuses. The most compelling argument in favor of the sunrise, perhaps, is its relatively low price and opportunity to repair almost "on the fly". The prevalence of a motorcycle across the country and a developed network of suppliers of spare parts for domestic motorcycle will ensure that before the owner Dawn never will be a question about the search and replacement of defective parts.
By the way, breaking Dawn do not happen too often and in most cases because of negligence or neglect of the owner. Therefore, in order not to die somewhere in the middle "pea" field, the motorcycle should be thrifty attitude and constant monitoring.
All Sunrises prefer to "feast" Seventy-six gasoline (and now 80th) and, of course, a good portion of the oil. When properly configured, the carburetor and ignition Sunrise bike turns very economical.
And now the main ... On the "Ponte". If you are looking for a motorcycle to show off in front of friends or ride «c breeze" in the evening all the envy of the town with a pretty blonde in the back seat, the bike Sunrise obviously not for you. Motorcycle unremarkable, and make something interesting out of it only by a true master. So if you have hands grow from the right place and can firmly hold the tool - safely buy Sunrise - if not, leave it to professionals!
When driving on the highway, you have to be very careful - light weight and constant characteristic vibration can play a cruel joke at speeds above 90 km / h.
You should not indulge in wishful thinking: if a lifetime dream to buy an expensive American cruiser - eventually you will be sure to buy it. But before that, a good idea would be a good practice to "not killed" Voskhod. Motorcycle Sunrise is perfect for developing driving skills, training, and will train you to the vibrant life of a full-fledged motorcycle!
Motorcycle Sunrise 2 has replaced the first model. Motorcycle though was a bit more powerful, but virtually no different from its predecessor. The changes affected only the appearance. Sunrise acquired 2 new headlights and blinkers round shape taillight. It was improved contactless electronic ignition system and added new light-signaling devices. Small changes Rising 2 touched adding capacity (at 0, 5 hp) and torque (Nm 1) compared with the old model, which in fact remains invisible, but still a nice addition.
Upgraded motorcycle Voskhod 2 became faster and could develop a speed of 95 km / h, however, a couple of kilos gained weight.
In place of the second rise at 1977 Sunrise came modernized 2M. Motorcycle engine will retain the same volume, but became more powerful (13 hp) and "torque" (16 Nm at 5600 r / min).
This was achieved by improving the configuration of channels in the cylinder housing and a new head (compression ratio increased to 9, 2). Now the new Sunrise 2M could easily "eat" high-octane gasoline 93rd, along with the usual A-76.
The changes affected the motorcycle suspension: front fork has been modified, upgraded shock absorbers and increased the diameter of the pipe. The fork was 160 mm. Sunrise 2M become faster at 10 km / h (max. Speed ​​of 105 km / h) and heavier (121 kg).
Following 2M was a new motorcycle - Sunrise 3 model, of course, it is much better than the previous generations. At Sunrise 3 has been put large fuel tank, mounted rear shock with increased energy intensity. Shock absorbers are located at an angle of 12 °, which allowed to increase the speed up to 105 mm. Installed a new intake system.
Sunrise 3 has been equipped with a new upgraded braking system, which has increased the diameter of the brake drums up to 160 mm (to 125 mm). Motorcycle supplied with new wheels with abrasion-resistant tires and a 7-volt generator.
The driver's seat was more comfortable. The maximum speed of Sunrise 3 remained as the previous version - 105 km / h, and the weight increased to 125 kg.
In 1984 he published the Sunrise 3M. The bike has been very reliable and high quality made, was produced until 1992. 3M received 12-volt equipment, reflecting the new taillight and headlight format FG-137b with "European" light diffuser, and the edges of the cylinder were larger, which increased surface cooling of the engine.
The instrument panel is harmoniously blended into the design and placed on the headlamp. On the present: the speedometer, ignition, indicators, direction indicators, high and low beam.
Motorcycle Sunrise ZM received a special indicator of wear pads in the brakes. The front shock absorbers were fitted with new rubber bellows. Also, Sunrise became the owner of the new ZM shaped flap of the front wheel.
On the bike was established modernized system Kick with folding pedal, added mirrors and folding footrests driver. The maximum speed of 105 km / h, and the total weight - 122 kg.
In 1989 there was another modification - Sunrise 3M-01. The appearance of this motorcycle also remained virtually unchanged. Serious completions undergone only engine with lamellar valve.
The motor has one outlet port and a cylinder with a five-channel blowing. Through established Flap valve inlet, managed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 4, 2 liters per hundred kilometers. Capacity of the power unit increased to 14 hp, and peak torque - 17 Nm at 5500 r / min.
Motorcycle Sunrise 3M-01 has a muffler, steering wheel is wider and more comfortable. Following the model 3M-01, followed by production of motorcycles under the brand name "Owl».

3) IL planet (Jupiter) 5.

Motorcycles IZ produced since 1929 by the "Izhmash-Moto" in the city of Izhevsk. Motorcycle Planet IL-5 is produced since 1987. By its appearance and all the characteristics Planet IL-5 significantly surpasses all his predecessors. Motorcycle found stylish, more modern look: all appliances are now Iz 5oboznacheniya planet, at a certain definite malfunction indicator lamp lights up. All guards and the tank of the new Planet IL-5 look just perfect. Saddle now looks much prettier than in previous models, and has become much easier.
The power produced by the motor Planet IL-5, up 22 horsepower. And high-torque in such a class simply has no equal: Planet IL-5 will slowly puff at idle, but will be selected on any mountain. It is a great advantage Planet IL-5 - is a single-cylinder engine, while the two-cylinder engines are always capricious, or they refuse often one of the cylinders. Planet IL-5 has a relatively good performance in terms of efficiency: fuel consumption per 100 km at a speed of 90km / h and not more than 5 liters. As for the maximum speed of Planet IL-5, it reaches 120 km / h. The motorcycle can be used as single, and also with sidecar. Rear suspension Planet IL-5 adjustable depending on the characteristics of the road and the load on the motorcycle.
With all its qualities Planet IL-5 has a wide range of owners and fans, both in the city and outside the city.

The history of the brand motorcycles IMZ (Ural) began in 1940. The basis was taken Motorcycle "BMW R71» which was ordered to carefully copy. For this purpose, 5 motorcycles were purchased to preserve secrecy in Sweden - and play. For motorcycle manufacturer, has received index M-72, in 1941, took just three plants - in Moscow, Leningrad and Kharkov. The factory assembled for the Russian Army motorcycle "Ural", which established an anti-missile system "Konkurs-M." But the war has forced the evacuation of equipment of these plants is far to the east, in the Urals city of Irbit, which in the short term was to develop the production of these bikes. Yet the needs of the Red Army in motortechnique during the Great Patriotic War was satisfied mainly by lendlizovskih deliveries from the USA and the UK. In particular, the motorcycle Harley-Davidson WLA already exported US until 1945.
However, after the beginning of the Great Patriotic work on the deployment of the production motorcycle M-72 went harder. But the German offensive was swift: October 20, 1941, Moscow was declared a state of siege, and the next day, 21 October, the Council for evacuation in SNK decided to transfer the Moscow Motor Plant and related motorcycle production workshops ZIS and Kim to the Urals in Irbit city. Sent to the far Urals town specialists from Kharkov, Taganrog and Leningrad. The first train arrived in Irbit 17 November 1941
Located plant, which since that time has become Irbit Motorcycle (IMZ), on the territory of the former brewery.
Despite all the difficulties February 25, 1942 was released the first batch of M-72 motorcycles of engines brought from Moscow.

M-61, M-63, M-66

Motorcycle with an index of M-61, the small party is going in 1957, it filled the entire assembly line in 1960 and built until 1963. He was the first who received the name of "Ural". Since 1961, parallel to the intended model M-62 with a new camshaft and a mechanism for automatic ignition timing. Engine power increased to 28 hp Upgraded transmission - a gear coupling instead of switching cam - was unified with motorcycles Kiev Motor Plant (KMZ). In addition, the suspension travel has been increased and changed the shape of the front fork covers.
In 1955, together with the US began to develop original microcar wagon-called "Squirrel": the engine was borrowed from a motorcycle, but was forced cooling. In 1959, the plant designers have developed a cross-country vehicle "Spark».
From 1965 to 1971 they were utilized and went into a series of M-63 motorcycles, patrol, "Cross-650" and "Arrow", is on par with the best world standards. The climax of the IMZ in the pre-perestroika period was November 22, 1985, the day when the assembly line went 2000000 motorcycle.
The next in a series of mass-produced motorcycle Irbit models became M-63, which appeared in 1963 and completely replaced the previous machine from 1965, which was given the name "Ural-2". For this bike developed a new frame with the pendulum rear suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers received. Changed and the shape of the fuel tank at the same time increased its capacity. New form also received the exhaust system. This machine proved to be long-lived, are issued before 1980.
Introduced in 1971, the motorcycle M-66 "Ural-3" was the son of further evolutionary design changes Irbit motorcycles. Externally, the machine has not changed much, except that catch the eye direction indicators. Engine power increased to 32 hp, the first time in the engine lubrication system was introduced flow oil filter with replaceable element. This machine was built before 1975, but based on its motor by 1973 was ready to significantly redesigned chassis with a combined driver and passenger seats. Debutant received the name "Ural" M-67. Among other innovations of this machine should be noted the 12-volt electrical two-lobe and the front brake. In 1976 he was replaced by a more modern version - "Ural" M 67-36, received a 36-hp engine constant working volume - 650 cm3.

5) JAWA 350 (250).

In 1973, experts of the national enterprise "Java" developed a new model of motorcycle - 634, it is available only with an engine capacity of 350 cubic meters. cm.
Hitherto existing structure of the power unit motorcycles JAVA has been so successful that in the new motorcycle events. 634 it has been preserved. Two cylinders arranged in a row transversely to the axis of the motorcycle, tilted forward 25 °. Location crank mechanism, gearbox and motor forward gear in the crankcase generally remained the same as in the previous models. However, to improve the reliability and extend the life of their little changed. At the junction of the piston pin and connecting rod instead of the bronze bush in the top head of a rod used a needle bearing with needles INA, secured against axial displacement. At the bottom head of a rod installed INA bearings with cage, fixed in the axial direction of the steel hardened washers. The average crankshaft bearing can be re-lubricated with plastic lubricant.
Structural changes and improvements can be considered the use of a double bush chain in front of a chain transmission (instead of the former simple). Dual chain has a longer life is not extended, and does not cause shocks transmitted to the pair of gears of a transmission. Gear couplings to the transmission gears have been introduced already in the motorcycle models 623 and 633 and mod. 362 "Kalifornian IV».
The most characteristic feature of the new model motorcycle 634/4 is a completely new frame with a swinging fork, using which was changed the location of other nodes and chassis parts.
Since time immemorial, motorcycles "Java" plant with a common lever start and gear shift. But now the cold engine is started after several scroll and warm - after one press of the pedal.
Semi-grip "Java" turned off when moving the shift lever. For those who use the clutch lever, it calls for immediate release lever as soon as the appropriate gear.
Accustomed to this somewhat peculiar driving, easy to get used to the change of gear. This machine would be nice to have five gears, as it does not have a sufficiently wide range of desired speed. To achieve good acceleration during acceleration is necessary to use a higher speed. Best engine torque is between 3000 and 5250 rev / min. However, up to a speed of 90 km / h bike accelerates on a par with the average car.
Maximum speed of the motorcycle on the passport - about 120 km / h, but it is well run-bike is not difficult to develop a speed of 130 km / h. The machine is best behaved at a speed of 110-115 km / h, even during movement vibrates slightly and felt the vibrations on the footrests. Fuel consumption of about 16 liters per 1 km, so that with respect to the volume of the tank (17 liters), "Java" has sufficient power reserve.
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