Soviet motorcycles (11 photos)

Many of today's students and had never heard of these iron horses, roam far and wide open spaces of the land. Today, I suggest you remember the most popular brand of motorcycles in the USSR.

Start, perhaps, worth a brief digression into the history of the Soviet motostroyeniya.

At the end of 1920, a prototype bikes "IL" in the 30 small-scale production begins, and only in the late 40's - early 50's really unfolds large-scale production.

In the 60s produced the first motorcycle "IZH Jupiter" (twin engine) and "IZ Planeta" (single-cylinder engine). On Degtyarev Plant produces 175-cc "Kovrovets", later turned into "Sunrise».

In the USSR begin deliveries of motorcycles «Jawa», which are considered the best, available in the USSR.

In this purely historical digression is likely to finish above listed motorcycles interest to collectors and in good condition, they are quite expensive.

1. It would be unfair not to tell a moped "Karpaty»

It is produced at the Lviv Motor Plant, and has a 50-cc engine, and as a result, it is possible to go without a driving license cat. A low-powered engine, the dynamics and the maximum speed is far behind the modern scooters, but great for kids and learning the technical side. Analogs - "Verkhovyna" and "Delta".

2. Minsk

The engine provides a small amount of a low maximum speed, the motorcycle is lightweight, so is excellent for learning to ride. Find in good condition rather easily.

3. Sunrise

A bit heavier and more powerful than the previous version.

4. Iz planet Jupiter 4-5

They differ motors (single and double cylinder, respectively). Vypuskalist to the 90s, as a consequence can be found in good condition. Recent models are equipped with a water cooling system and alloy wheels. Pretty active debate "Planet Jupiter or" study in detail the pros and cons can be in the Motorcycles forum.

5. Ural, Dnepr

Heavy motorcycle with a four-stroke engine, the first to take the motorcycle is not recommended. Ural trucks and now continue to produce new, depending on the model is 250-300 TR

6. Jawa

There are several versions, which are available at the moment. It can be divided into motorcycles with 6 and 12 volt electrical equipment. 6B variants have less powerful engines and a weak generator, but subjectively motorcycles equipped 6B equipment, beautiful (see photo). Are motorcycles of the same class as the "Jupiter", but pleasant to use. S / h if necessary, it is difficult to find.

From myself I want to note that I have been and "Iz" and "Sunrise" from "Minsk" to have a variety of mopeds "Delta", "Karpaty" and others. But the first and most favorite for me to always be a bicycle with a motor "Gazul." He appeared at me quite early, in the class of 3-4 ohms.

Such as in the photo:

It was with this Seats. Inside her makeshift box under Tools) Great tool certainly not supposed to, but for a couple of candles and place Svechnikov most it!

Equipped agrigat this, so that's motor, mainly D5 or D6. With his mending cope even schoolchildren) The fuel use gasoline grades A-66, A-72 and A-76. I remember that even necessarily need to be able to prepare a proper fuel mixture of gasoline and engine oil. All insturktsii, otherwise go ;-)

Ideal vehicle for timber and bumpy terrain. Fishing there to neighboring villages on diskach ...)


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