Motorcycle Manufacturing Plant named after VA Degtyaryova

Gone are the wonderful times when siede motorcycles produced its own design. Now there's just glue sticker "ZiD" to "Chinese" and sell. It all started like this:
The prototype was first Kovrov motorcycle DKW RT 125 - a prototype motorcycle K-125 (photo gallery will be a lot like finish MESSAGE)

And here is the K-125 (1946-1951gg.) - single-cylinder motorcycle had two-stroke engine with a two-channel loop scavenging. Cast iron cylinder head and light-alloy were attached to the cast in aluminum crankcase with long pins. Capacity 123, 7 cc (cylinder diameter 52 mm stroke - 58 mm). 4 Maximum engine power 25 hp when 4800ob / min., maximum torque of 0, 7 kgf-m. The three-stage transmission is in the same block with the engine. The rear wheel was firmly established in the welded tubular frame and front fork suspended in the parallelogram. Maximum speed: 70 km / h. Weight: 75 kg.

Next was the K-55 Motorcycle K-55 is a further step in the modernization of the motorcycle K-125M. Compared to the K-125M engine motorcycle K-55 in the crank chamber in place of the connector housing halves to increase the pressure inserted horseshoe ring.

In addition, the carburetor K-30 replaced the carburetor K-55 and entered the rear suspension pendulum (motorcycles K-125 and K-125M - rigid)

K-58 (1957-1960gg.) - Differs from the K-55 fuel tank and a new form of increased capacity, forced to 5 hp engine and electrical system of alternating current without a battery. Apply lamp with built speedometer, a fuel tank is installed higher capacity This model is the latest in a series of descendants of the DKW RT 125. Dry weight - 92 kg, the maximum speed - 75 km / h.

Series K-175 ("Kovrovets") was produced from 1957 to 1965. Motorcycles series "K-175" had a short stroke single-cylinder two-stroke engine working volume of 173 cc 7. Motorcycles have a nose over the back of the jacket and closed the carburetor, 16-inch wheels (tires 3, 25-16), a fully enclosed chain and two-seat pillow type. On the part of the motorcycle series "K-175" installed semi-automatic cutoffs of coupling.

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From the model of "K-55" motorcycle he borrowed a three-stage gearbox, suspension and electrical system DC battery. Cast iron cylinder engine, glushitelel one. Engine power - 8 hp at 5200ob / min. Maximum speed: 80 km / h. Weight: 105 kg.




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Subsequent upgrading series "Kovrovets" were renamed "Sunrise".

Motorcycle Sunrise - a representative of the classical two-road all-terrain vehicles of the Soviet era! The design is very simple and completely repairable motorcycle that guarantees simplicity and reliability of the machine in any situation. Motorcycle Sunrise produced Plant. Degtyaryova (DMRs) and is an example of the further development of the model of "K-175" ("Kovrovets"), which produces up to 1965 since 1957.

Motorcycle Sunrise 2 has replaced the first model. Motorcycle though was a bit more powerful, but virtually no different from its predecessor. The changes affected only the appearance. Sunrise acquired 2 new headlights and blinkers round shape taillight. It was improved contactless electronic ignition system and added new light-signaling devices. Small changes Rising 2 touched adding capacity (at 0, 5 hp) and torque (Nm 1) compared with the old model, which in fact remains invisible, but still a nice addition.

Upgraded motorcycle Voskhod 2 became faster and could develop a speed of 95 km / h, however, a couple of kilos gained weight.

In place of the second rise at 1977 Sunrise came modernized 2M. Motorcycle engine will retain the same volume, but became more powerful (13 hp) and "torque" (16 Nm at 5600 r / min).

This was achieved by improving the configuration of channels in the cylinder housing and a new head (compression ratio increased to 9, 2). Now the new Sunrise 2M could easily "eat" high-octane gasoline 93rd, along with the usual A-76. The changes affected the motorcycle suspension: front fork has been modified, upgraded shock absorbers and increased the diameter of the pipe. The fork was 160 mm. Sunrise 2M become faster at 10 km / h (max. Speed ​​of 105 km / h) and heavier (121 kg).

Following 2M was a new motorcycle - Sunrise 3 model, of course, it is much better than the previous generations. At Sunrise 3 has been put large fuel tank, mounted rear shock with increased energy intensity. Shock absorbers are located at an angle of 12 °, which allowed to increase the speed up to 105 mm. Installed a new intake system.

Sunrise 3 has been equipped with a new upgraded braking system, which has increased the diameter of the brake drums up to 160 mm (to 125 mm). Motorcycle supplied with new wheels with abrasion-resistant tires and a 7-volt generator. The driver's seat was more comfortable. The maximum speed of Sunrise 3 remained as the previous version - 105 km / h, and the weight increased to 125 kg.

In 1984 he published the Sunrise 3M. The bike has been very reliable and high quality made, was produced until 1992. 3M received 12-volt equipment, reflecting the new taillight and headlight format FG-137b with "European" light diffuser, and the edges of the cylinder were larger, which increased surface cooling of the engine.
The instrument panel is harmoniously blended into the design and placed on the headlamp. On the present: the speedometer, ignition, indicators, direction indicators, high and low beam.

Motorcycle Sunrise ZM received a special indicator of wear pads in the brakes. The front shock absorbers were fitted with new rubber bellows. Also, Sunrise became the owner of the new ZM shaped flap of the front wheel. On the bike was established modernized system Kick with folding pedal, added mirrors and folding footrests driver. The maximum speed of 105 km / h, and overall weight - 122 kg.

In 1989 there was another modification - Sunrise 3M-01. The appearance of this motorcycle also remained virtually unchanged. Serious completions undergone only engine with lamellar valve.

The motor has one outlet port and a cylinder with a five-channel blowing. Through established Flap valve inlet, managed to reduce fuel consumption by up to 4, 2 liters per hundred kilometers. Capacity of the power unit increased to 14 hp, and peak torque - 17 Nm at 5500 r / min.

Motorcycle Sunrise 3M-01 has a muffler, steering wheel is wider and more comfortable. Following the model 3M-01, followed by production of motorcycles under the brand name "Owl".

Owl 175 Kostruktivnye features Contactless ignition podressorny wheel, improved smoothness, due to changes in the structure of the pendulum and change the position of the rear shock absorbers. (the same sunrise designers worked only a little)

ZiD Courier otdtchalsya Owls from the presence of the front disc brake (power-operated) engine of 200 cubic cm, the presence of the central rear shock absorber and silencer.

ZiD Farmer
There is nothing special to say, and so everything is clear. The features, the existence of the principle of forced cooling of the engine.

Zid Dandy Motorcycle not recycled into production because of the high prices. The design postorayus Italians

Mokiki pilot. Mobed was equipped with a 50 cc engine with five petal trehstapenchatoy valve and gearbox, rear center amortizatorm. (A very successful model thanks to him, the plant is not bent in the crazy 90s)

trehkolёsny option

Zid asset. Different from the pilot only in appearance.

Kovrovets HQ.
175 cubes 16-28 hp
Produces 1970-1979

Kovrovets HQ
175 cubes 20-35 hp, max 170 km-h.
Manufactures 1979-1987.

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that's it, Cator products currently produces ZiD (including motorcycles) can be viewed here



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