Blood and Iron: as forged Soviet victory in the war

War - it is horror and death, human stuffing, roasted in a skillet history. However, life is so ironic is arranged, what war is one of the most powerful engines for mankind. In ancient times, she opened horizons, contributed to the creation of new trade routes and the interpenetration of cultures. In the XX century it as it may sound cynical, became the most powerful driver of the development of science and economy.

Everything for the front, everything for victory!

Major wars in our history was the Second mirovaya.Dlya to survive for so long confrontation took exert every effort not only at the front, but also in the rear. In the shortest time period in the Soviet Union was a modern defense industry, which has provided an army of advanced weapons at the time. In honor of the holiday on May 9 want to remember the legendary plants that have made a significant contribution to the greatest victory in the history. All of these companies operate today, the combined corporation Rostec, and continue to play a significant role in the economy and to ensure the defense of our country.

Raw -the first step in the chain of production of weapons. Without high-quality steel or aircraft or tank is not gather. One of the most important companies in the development and production of steel alloys was Salda Metallurgical Production Association. But it its current name. Initially, the plant was running at Moscow and called him by number - «№95». The opening took place July 1, 1933.

Panorama Factory №95. Setun, 1933

Here before the war under the leadership of chief metallurgist plant S. M.Voronova developed a new high-strength alloys - M-95, which was used in the manufacture of load-bearing elements bomber ANT-40. In 1935, production was started forging alloys AK5 and AK6, used to make parts for aircraft dvigateley.V 1941 the plant was evacuated to the Urals, the city Upper Salda. There he teamed up with the plant №519 Commissariat and non-ferrous metallurgy in 1942 production reached pre-war level, and in 1943 the design capacity was exceeded 6 times. This allowed the company to fully meet the needs of our military aviation. Of course, the production of the plant is used not only there. Shipbuilding and tank-building, production of ammunition and weapons - all this not without metal smelted in Upper Salda.

Aluminium alloys

AM-42 engine for IL-8. Parts for aircraft engines made of alloys produced in Upper Salda

In 1945, in honor of the Victory factory team was awarded the highest award of the time - the Order of Lenin. Since the mid-1950s, the plant specializes in the production of titanium. Now VSMPO - part of the titanium corporation "VSMPO", which is included in Rostec. This is one of the largest companies in the world producing titanium.


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