45 reasons why women are better motorcycle

- If you have cursed your bike, you do not have to apologize before you can ride it again.
 - If your bike does not look the best way, you can paint it or put all sorts of bells and whistles.
 - If your motorcycle starts to come unscrewed, you can tighten the screws.
 - If your motorcycle is too tight, you can loosen the suspension springs.
 - If your motorcycle is too soft, you can put the other shock absorbers.
 - If your bike is too much noise, you can buy a silencer.
 - If your Motorcycle smokes, you can remove it.
 - There is nothing wrong if you get attached to your bike.
 - Motorcycles are always tempted to go.
 - Motorcycles do not care about that, how many other bikes you went.
 - Motorcycles do not care about how many other Motorcycles you have.
 - Motorcycle do not care how late you are home.
 - Motorcycles do not get pregnant.
 - Motorcycles do not have parents.
 - Motorcycles are not oskorblinyut you if you are a bad driver.
 - Motorcycles do not mind if you look at other bikes or, if you buy magazines about motorcycles.
 - Motorcycles do not whine unless something is really out of order.
 - Motorcycles are kept longer.
 - During the trip, you and your bike to arrive at one and the same time at the destination.
 - You can push your bike to make it.
 - You can ride a bike as long as you want, and if anything does not natret.
 - You can ride a motorcycle at any time of the month.
 - You can use your bike together with your friends.
 - You can not catch the disease from a motorcycle that you do not know very well.
 - You should not be jealous of the guy who rolled on your motorcycle.
 - You do not have to convince your bike that you - a motorcyclist and that you think that everything is the same motorcycle.
 - You do not have to take a shower before you go on your motorcycle.
 - You have to buy a new chain or belt for your bike only when the old reality is worn out.
 - Your Motorcycle never wants to spend the night with other bikes.
 - Your parents do not support the relationship with your old bike after you get rid of it.
 - Your bike does not care about what you wear when you are going somewhere.
 - Sores that you get from motorcycles are without painful injections of penicillin.
 - Nobody has a problem with the storage of motorcycle parts in his garage.
 - Dismantling of the motorcycle - a pleasure rather than a need.
 - Motorcycles are always sound good.
 - No one will blame you if you change the bike every month.
 - Your motorcycle never you will not change, even if he has to pay some attention.
 - Before you go, you can safely eat garlic, onions, drink beer, and so on ...


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