M1NSK X200: the worse the road - a better route

In 2010, for no apparent reason suddenly wanted to buy a motorcycle. He dreamed of a rapid wind "Japanese", then to 250 km / h on the rear wheel, but, thanks to fate and chance, it happened anyway. I wanted a sports and bought enduro, but not a full-blooded Japanese, and the Belarusian-Chinese. This miracle of technology proved M1NSK X200 motorcycle manufacturing company "Minsk-Moto". At the time of the acquisition was neither any skills riding a motorcycle or ideas about how all the same should be for the enduro bikes, but had a great desire to conquer the road. So as we now and new, but also because of the lack of a sum sufficient to buy a Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki, was bought my first new bike for 1800 y. e.

Bribery of service and (as I thought and how wrong I was) the continued availability of spare parts. Important role played by the fact that the bike is fit to drive on public roads. Two weeks of standby credit, and the bike is in my garage.

Appearance hit: brilliant orange plastic (proved to be very tenacious), black frame, high seating, modern design, chrome rims, Enduro tires - all this stirs the blood and called into battle.

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But there was 1,000 boring and not very kilometers of running, which quickly ran out and gave me adjust to the bike, get to know him. What besides modern design could give me my new friend? Here are its characteristics:

Calling their average does not turn the language. Although the single-cylinder engine volume 200 cc. See, the bike in their characteristics inferior to any of the 125-ke KTM Yamaha dealer or even 20-year-old Cagiva. The engine is very noisy, but very frugal in terms of service, work on single disgusting (the merit of the carburetor).

Fuel consumption per 100 km - only 3 liters in the tank capacity of 11 liters with a reserve. Buck A-92 a little bit is not enough for the trip from Borisov Bobruisk and back. Perhaps the most attentive of you have noticed the inconsistency: the technical data tank volume - 8 ± 0, 5 liters, and I write 11, but 11 - this is the real volume of the fuel tank. For three years away never did overhaul, only adjustment valves.

After each trip is such a picture:

travel (both before and back) is not always cope with the lack of roads. Perhaps only because of deep revision can be done more or less acceptable job, but I need it?

Individual words requires swingarm, play at fixing the shock absorber to the suspension already from the factory. Work the clutch and gearshift raises no objections and during the lifetime has not given opportunities to question its reliability.

Some criticism of the trade network "Motovelo" and the company "Minsk-Moto": Parts are sorely lacking! Manual motorcycle - not worthy of the name. But for me, it's the little things, because, firstly, the Chinese-made motorcycle and many parts of the scooters are suitable; Secondly, like the hands grow whence it is necessary, in connection with which a lot of trouble easily overcome; Third, I have friends who will always help you to understand and be able to help, if he has stalled or broke a wheel.

And to finish with a minus, not even talking about the quality of the metal: it is soft in some places (driver's side steps, leather) lacks stiffness, strongly exposed to corrosion. In 2013, the manufacturer has promised to finalize the motorcycle and remove defects. Well, time will tell.

the positive opinion of the motorcycle. So, why do not I put into it Gatovo Belarusian-Chinese creation? It's simple: in spite of its shortcomings, it is a very reliable motorcycle. In a joint "prohvatit" on the road, I get off on their own (which is 80 km from Minsk). I go in the same place and everything, and just as all fall drive through fords puddles and enjoy the pleasures of the other trips on the road (free kebabs and sausages), and then return home on their own. All this speaks for the fact that the bike is not the timid. And runs more than 12 000 km of mainly off-road proof.

You see the hill? If you want to call it? Not even a question! With its weight of 130 kg and 110 kg of my timid, he instantly takes you there. From there - even faster ...

Wade? The bike is not prepared, how is it possible? Can! A couple of seconds, and you're on the other side!

Impassable mud? Stuck? Nothing - will burn a few hundred calories is going to get out of the mud! So go!


Forest path, a good landscape - perfect! Let us, enjoy the beauty!

If you want adrenaline, can trample on the forest road dust. It's very fun, relatively safe for myself and generally safe for others. Off the beaten track density of people per square kilometer is equal to one. And this unit - you.

Speaking of speed. Cruising is 80 km / h on a standard star, the maximum - 110 km / h. Standard tire well behaved in a light off-road, heavy-duty need a different set of tires. How many drops fell on his frame ... The plastic steering wheel - all it took for him by, and he always gives me home, sometimes not without incident. Once the faulty light bulb head light night in Berezino made my journey from Bobruisk Borisov is now a dangerous adventure. Overnight it was not possible due to lack of tents, as well as, apparently, the brain. I just wanted to get home - no matter what.

A quarter of an hour the way, and I at the site of the battle with the army of Napoleon! It is interesting to travel without a specific route and direction. Calls in the forest, ride in Barysau district, you are far away from the start, and it appears in Logoisk district. I do not know where to come? Do not worry - the language and to Kiev, and the navigator will help him on the phone.

Always try to choose a route to the destination through the forest. For example, from my village to the Zhodino can be reached through the Borisov testing ground, where there are such giants as polurazobrannom tank IS-3, as well as barbed wire, watchtowers and dirt!

Many adventures had the frame of my two-wheeled friend, and all the misery he coped perfectly well. Passing through the city, I always catch the views of interested passers-by. People come to be interested. And how many new interesting acquaintances! In the world of enduro each biker - a separate story, each in different ways came to this kind of outdoor activities. And anyone can tell a lot of funny stories around the campfire. At the joint "pokatuhah" anyone no matter what your bike, how much it costs. The important thing - to get the most out of the ride, enjoy the scenery, a little "conquer" and overcome themselves, their fears.

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That such is my bike, technically imperfect, but opens the door to a world of adventure with the proud name of enduro! For us, the worse the road - the better route and M1NSK X200 will ride you through this route.

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