10 great routes for traveling by bike

For cyclists, even the most textbook space opened from an unexpected quarter. Besides travelling by bike is easier than it seems. You do not need to be an athlete to travel on the European tracks or the Golden ring cities. But if a little practice, and the Himalayas become the shoulder.

Offer 10 Cycling routes — from simple to advanced.


To reconcile active vacations with beach

Liguria, Italy

Season: March—June and September—October

Difficulty: 1/5

Official website bikeways: Pista ciclabile della Riviera Ligure


The Italian Riviera is beckoning turquoise sea, quaint old towns and the air filled with the scent of cypresses. It is well to wander through the winding streets, bask on the beach, and then dinner pasta with pesto Genovese. Not enough adventure? Then hire a bike and objetivity local bikeways. To wipe the records do not have: on the coast of the Ligurian sea is full of routes with which to handle even a child.

A good place to start — San Lorenzo al Mare, which stretches to the bike path of Ospedaletti. Meet tunnels — do not be surprised: earlier here there was a railway, which is laid smooth asphalt. 24 km you can get through in one day, and if you get tired, stop in any town along the way. Just really try not to miss San Remo. Find out where the house of Alfred Nobel where in Italy the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and in honor of an Empress named quay. And if you come in March, then gets straight to the festival of colors — you can consider it a reward for Cycling trips.


To go on a Ecotour old cities

The Golden ring of Russia

Season: may—September

Difficulty: 1/5


Riding through the cities of the Golden ring, I see not only the walls of the Kremlin, but the dense forests that surround them. Meander quiet trails and suddenly, like magic, pulled out on the Sunny meadow. Hear the birds singing and the chirping of crickets. Absorb the scent of blooming flowers and ripe Antonov apples, and enjoy as finely in tune with nature, ancient Russian city.

Cycling routes of the Golden ring — is complete. Want for the weekend, with a stop in a cozy house with a bathhouse, I want to — in two or three weeks with tents. Important nuance: in Russia outside the two capitals on the bike path had not heard, so driving it is better to choose major roads and minor, so as not to jostle among the machines. Part of the way can and does drive through the idyllic trails through fields and woods. Experienced cyclists sit above the map and you come up with the route. The newcomers often join companies with a ready-made route. To find such on the forums like Velomania. Another option is an organized tour, which recruited participants from different countries. You will have a great chance not only to ride in beautiful places, but also to improve English among the museums with boots and enamel.


Visit medieval castles and taste wine

Loire Valley, France

Season: April—October

Difficulty: 1/5

Official website of the route: Loire à Vélo


Rural road with pastoral views of vineyards, charming towns and villages, fabulous kitchen that is a Cycling journey through the valley of the longest French river. The entire route along the Loire — 800 km. you Can select any piece and to visit at least a couple of days to ride between a couple cities and see the famous castles of the Loire, surrounded by manicured gardens.

Climbs all the way almost there, so ride through the Loire valley will be able to even family with kids. Bicycles you can bring your own, but even better to rent in one of the paragraphs Detours de Loire. To return them can be another city where we will end the tour. Do not put in the bag too many things: first, it will be difficult, and secondly, will not fit goat cheese and Anjou, pink wine, that you can still buy on the road.


Play diggers

The trail of the Hiawatha, USA

Season: mid may—end of September

Difficulty: 1/5

Official website: Route of the Hiawatha


On the border of the U.S. States of Idaho and Montana lies the mountain Bitterroot, part of the famous Rocky mountains. Earlier here there was a railroad, and now in its place is a 24 — mile bike trail of the Hiawatha. The road through the pine forest on the slopes of the mountains would be a good in itself. But the trail of the Hiawatha, as befits a mountain railway, runs on a dizzying high bridges and dark tunnels Pratamnak. The longest tunnel of St. Paul, he's a taffeta — checks on cyclists strength within 2.7 km Sounds daunting, but with the road up to even six year old children.

Usually start at the highest point in East portal. Rentals here give not only bikes, but also helmets with flashlights, without which the tunnel can not do. In tunnels it is nice to shout and hear the echo, just try not to frighten fellow cyclists. The descent to the bottom takes about two hours, if not to hurry. Back to the car Park at the start can be reached by Shuttle bus.


To find trolls in the Norwegian mountains

The Flåm Valley, Norway

Season: mid July—mid September

Difficulty: 2/5

Official site: Cycling routes in Norway


The road Here used working when in the beginning of XX century was built the railway line from Oslo to Bergen. The technical way would be unnecessary if in a fabulous place not reached by cyclists. Now 82-kilometer flåm valley's most popular Cycling route in Norway. Mountains in snow hats, green forests, clear rivers, lakes and waterfalls — from the beauty of the North is breathtaking.

Theoretically, the entire route you can get through the day, but it is better to prolong the pleasure at least two to three days. Rallarvegen starts from the station Haugastol at the height of thousand meters, another rises 343 meters to the lake, and then rushes down to the fjord. In places the path is so steep, that I want to pass it on foot, even if moving in the right direction — downwards. In July and August on the road are still snow fields, but to overcome them more fun than difficult. Bike hire at stations Haugastol, Finse and Myrdal, and return at the end of the route — Flam.


Compare the deep lake with his little sister

Baikal, Russia and lake Khovsgol, Mongolia

Season: July—September

Difficulty: 3/5


A classic Cycling holiday on lake Baikal — Olkhon island with its secluded coves, rocky promontories, and in places where there are still shamans for rites. On the Olkhon island crossing by ferry and then you can stay in Khuzhir to explore the area or to travel in any direction, sleeping in a tent. Bikes to bring optional: in Khuzhir can be rented.

Another option is to cover two famous lakes: lake Baikal and its "little sister" — Hovsgol in Mongolia. To start the 240-mile journey in the village of Kultuk, on the shore of lake Baikal — at the same time try smoked omul at the local market. To the Mongolian border is a good asphalt road. First, small cars, and soon they disappear altogether, leaving you alone with the beauty of the Tunkinskaya valley, surrounded on all sides by mountains. You can spend the night in a tent or in the villages along the way. After the Mongolian border, the road deteriorates, but Hovsgol is worth it. Program-minimum — to get to the lake and relax on the camp site. A well-prepared venture 175-mile adventure along the Eastern shore, earning the divine species and toned body.


To get into the story of the "Thousand and one nights"

Through the Atlas mountains to the Sahara, Morocco

Season: March—may, September—November

Difficulty: 4/5


Get out of Marrakech easy: the maze of the Medina delay no worse than quicksand. But if you make an effort, it appears that the city is no less exotic and even more beautiful. A popular route starts from Marrakech, climb into the Atlas mountains, and then rolls down to the dunes of the Sahara, where enthusiasts can take on the camels. In the path of endless switchbacks through the fantastic mountains, oases and Berber villages and mud-brick fortress of the Kasbah and gallons of sweet mint tea.

Clothing is best to choose the lightweight but long sleeve, not to burn on the Moroccan sun. For self-check-in should take the tent, which looks especially impressive next to the cacti. On tours more often stay in hotels. After the Cycling trip, let yourself relax in the Hammam and had a good bargain in the bustling bazaars.


To Conquer The Pamir

The Pamir highway, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

Season: July—September

Difficulty: 5/5


From antiquity through the Pamirs was the caravan trail — it was one of the most difficult stages on the way from Europe to Asia. In the XIX century for influence in remote mountain district fought Russia and Britain vied sending geographers and part-time scouts. Then, during the Great game in the Pamirs appeared first wheeled road which was completed already in the Soviet Union. Now the Pamir highway stretches 730 km from Osh in Kyrgyzstan to Khorog in Tajikistan.

The landscapes along the Pamir highway are reminiscent of Tibet: Alpine steppe without a single tree, with alien shapes of distant peaks and rare squat houses. The bad news is on the way, have to climb several passes above 4 thousand meters. Good: the road is mostly asphalt, but with the mountain passes open space great view. Take rest for a day or two on a blue Karakul lake, or on the blue Yashilkul, which is at the side of the road. To see how live local, feel free to ask for a visit or stay overnight in a "hostie", which in the Pamirs is complete.


Cross Country snow

Lhasa, China — Kathmandu, Nepal

Season: April—June, late August—mid October

Difficulty: 5/5


Mystical road from Lhasa to Kathmandu relaxed literally flying under the clouds. 800-kilometer highway of Friendship rises to three pass above 5 thousand meters, opening unbearably beautiful views of Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and other high peaks. Then the road suddenly "falls" from a high, empty and desolate Tibetan plateau to the Chinese-Nepalese border at a height of less than 2 thousand feet: here, everything is covered with subtropical forest. The remaining 115 km from Kathmandu do not get tired amazed how Nepal is different from China — including quality roads.

In Lhasa should stay: first, to adapt to the altitude, and secondly, to feel the atmosphere of one of the most impressive cities in the world. Join the crowd of Tibetan pilgrims, fingering a rosary and repeating a mantra, and round and round go around the Potala and Jokanga two main shrines of Lhasa. Program bike parts will help the travel Agency in Tibet is still not allowed. It also organizes Tibetan pass, English - or Russian-speaking guides, car maintenance and everything else you need to travel in the land of snows.


Get to know other India

Manali — Leh, India

Season: July—September

Difficulty: 5/5


In the North of India among the formidable Himalayas sneaks one of the most impressive roads in the world from Manali to Leh. It was built by the Indian army to control "difficult" boundaries with China and Pakistan. Strategic road "running" 4 to 5 months of the year, the rest of the time passes clogged with snow. Most of the Manali to Leh ride on SUVs. The Braves overcome 479 kilometers on motorcycles. Upper class — all the way on the bike: such a feat to be proud of.


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The first pass is on the way — Rattan (3 978 metres) — was chosen by the Indian tourists taking pictures on the snowfields and ride horses in a funny rolling coats. On Rattan go to a few, therefore on the other three passes with a height of 4892 to 5325 has a chance to be alone. Don't miss pointers, which put the road from BRO: ‘Peep, peep! Don't sleep' ("beep beep! Don't sleep!"), 'Be gentle on my curves' ("Be gentle with my curves") and the other in the same style. If the climbs will be difficult, encouraging himself with the fact that you will find Leh is an ancient trade center of Tibetan-Buddhist culture, lively and atmospheric, like a real Tibet.published


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