Two wheels and a seat frame

Bike - an excellent means of transportation. By itself, it has a simple design, but people around the world create their own models of bicycles to get from point A to point B, and to transport goods. Collected here are photos of bikes from all over the world - from the house of the British Prime Minister in London to the streets of Havana and Burundi.

Burundian in Bujumbura on May 15, 2010 clings to the back seat of a motorcycle, not to make an effort for the trip up the hill. Hundreds of Burundians to make a living in transportation of goods and people in the capital, Bujumbura Burundi from the surrounding hills. "Cyclists carry their load tens of kilometers in the hope to sell in the city market. Cyclists make a good day 3000 - 5000 Burundian francs (less than 2-4 dollars). About 70% of the population lives below the poverty line (1, 25 dollars a day), 90% depend on agriculture and only 2% have access to electricity. (AFP PHOTO / ROBERTO SCHMIDT)

Cyclist riding on California Street parade "Bicycle Labor Day" on May 13 in San Francisco. Thousands of cyclists took part in the 16th annual parade, which promotes exercise and help reduce environmental pollution. (Photo by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

An elderly Afghan man repairing a bicycle wheel schoolboy in the old district of Kabul on May 18th. (AFP PHOTO / Mauricio LIMA)


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