Conquerors of the other planets (25 photos)

This year, the world's attention has been drawn to Mars, where the Americans were taken and where they successfully used their Planetary Spirit and Opportunity.
Our share, as is often the case in recent years, it remains only to share the joy of the Americans and console ourselves that we once were able to run the machines on other planets.

(One of the shops VNIITM)

The main developer of the chassis for planetary rovers (wheels, engines, drive, suspension, steering them) in the Soviet Union was (and remains so far in Russian) Leningrad VNIITransmash (VNIITM). This institution developed mainly chassis for tanks, so that was accumulated extensive experience in the field of transport-road, because the common property in the tank and planetary rovers - movement on unprepared terrain.

(STR-1 robot for cleaning the roof of Chernobyl radioactive waste)

It was created and tested a lot of variety of devices - Lunokhod 1 and 2 (1970), walking planetary rovers sent to Mars in 1971, jumping to Phobos (1988), a robot for cleaning the roof of the destroyed Chernobyl Unit (1986), planetary rovers for a failed expedition Mars-96, several planetary rovers in cooperation with foreign organizations (in recent years), etc.


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