Yacht - Parade President Rosii VV Putin (24 photos)

Yacht multimillionaire Steve Forbes stands at 190th place in the ranking of the yacht. No there and yachts President Bush - while he rides cruises on yachts belonging to a family of Greek billionaire Janis Lacis ... Tony Blair enjoys a yacht owned by British musician and actor Cliff Richard ... A Spanish King Juan Carlos because of economic difficulties in the country sold his yacht ... From the leaders of the "Big Eight" only Silvio Berlusconi has four motor yachts ... But he openly declare them and even showed journalists. After all, before he became prime minister of Italy, everyone knew him as the richest in the country ... It is quite another media tycoon in Russia ... The ship "Russia" - the most modest of the presidential sudov.On was launched after reconstruction in St. Petersburg in 2003.

On the ship, which was built in 1973 at the personal request of the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, in 90 years sailed Boris Yeltsin, and in 2000 he had inherited the current president ...

According to the factory workers, the money for the reconstruction of the ship did not regret ...

On the boat is equipped with modern equipment, greatly improved its road performance ...

And if the latter is in fact could not be verified, the interior decoration makes an extremely good impression ...

In addition to the ship "Russia" is now in the fleet also includes motor yacht "Pallada" and boat "Petrel", the descent of which the water was timed to coincide with the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

The head of our country and there were quite numerous executive yacht. However, in the personal property of any one of them is ...

Money Swiss construction firm "Mabetex" in 1997 at the shipyard in the English town of Northamptonshire gift Yeltsin were built two yachts worth nearly half a million dollars - a 13-meter "Phantom» (Fantom) and 9-meter "Targa» (Targa). One of them was in residence "Shuyskaya Chupa" in Karelia, and the other - in Sochi.

Yacht "Caucasus" and "Crimea" long 45 meters were built in 1980 by order of Brezhnev, outside alike as two peas. One was in Pitsunda, the other - in Yalta ...

They were divided into two decks: the lower - for the team, with progress on the upper deck there is not. Upper - for the head of state. It consists of a nasal salon, salon-porch, hall with stairs semidigger, meeting rooms and two cabins cabinets. Brezhnev on them was never used them Gorbachev. After the collapse of the USSR yacht "Crimea" departed Ukraine, and "Caucasus" the most representative vessel and the Russian president was moved to Sochi.

Under Putin, in 2001 the "Caucasus" was sent for repair. He is said to cost the least $ 1 million. As a result of reconstruction in the "Caucasus", new Japanese air conditioners, home theater, ceilings from the French mirror coating, white leather sofas and armchairs, furniture made of precious wood, panel trim on the walls of mahogany and suede.

Customer reconstruction "Caucasus", according to the newspaper, speaking not President Administration, as it should be, and the Federal Border Service, on the balance of which is registered ship. However, a similar story with the presidential VIP-boat "Petrel", worth $ 3 million - now the boat is somehow on the balance of the Leningrad Naval Base Navy ...

In 2003, the president appeared yacht "Pallada", the price of which is $ 4 million.

In most advertising leaflets, as well as during presentations of the plant and its foreign partners prefer to call this yacht De Groot 105 - on behalf of the Dutch designer who developed the style and appearance of the interior of the yacht, and the overall length of the vessel in the English feet.

Lounges and seating two upper decks are also protected from prying eyes. Huge windows are covered with special darkening spraying, in sharp contrast with the snow-white surface of the open decks. All this is in harmony with the deep dark blue of the steel hull.

Modern satellite navigation system produced by the famous Japanese corporation Furuno and a cruising range of 2,500 nautical miles allow this boat to make long sea crossings, such as Moscow - Amsterdam, without entering a port, and special vibration and noise protection devices do a similar trip comfortable.

The yacht is equipped with a sauna, home theater and allows the host to invite on board up to 8 guests. On the bow of the ship, in the open deck, guests can take a seat on offer soft semicircular disc-shaped sofa with a table. Behind the sofa through the dark window, you can see the already mentioned canvas with the frigate "Pallada" in the dining room and a huge oval table.

Peter the Great - the basis of the design of this yacht. Fabrics with his image are huge - certainly in the wall.

Peter literally everywhere: in the living room built the city on the Neva River, in the master stateroom on the headboard - still young - makes recording even in the bathroom - not just a canvas with the image of Amsterdam, namely this, as seen by Peter.

Former Chief of Protocol of President of the Russian Federation, and an adviser to Putin on individual assignments Vladimir Shevchenko admitted that "Pallas" was built by order of the Administrative Department of the President and said that "the ship is intended for official protocol events." Boat Maintenance of such a class is usually a year at least 10 percent of the price of the yacht.

Another yacht Putin is "Petrel". If necessary, it can turn into a high-speed mini-warship of speeds up to 22 knots. Its cost - $ 3 million. The President was on board a few hours - while taking a parade in honor of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

In addition, there is still an ocean yacht "luxury" "Olympia" ... This is the royal ship class is worth about $ 50 million, and was purchased for the first person in the country by people from the immediate vicinity of Roman Abramovich ...

We can only guess why the Russian president as a yacht?


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