Yacht design SUV Range Rover Superyacht

The British company Land Rover has decided to give its premium model Range Rover more marine species. To do this, Land Rover, along with Edmiston Yacht manufacturer announced a competition to design an exclusive SUV Superyacht Range Rover Design Competition. The competition was attended by seven professional yacht designers.

One of the projects submitted - a concept convertible Range Rover, which has developed a yacht arhiterktor Terence Disdale (Terence Disdale).

All seven of the car design projects Range Rover with elements of yacht design, will be presented on September 24-27 at the exclusive exhibition of yachts in Monaco - Monaco Yacht Show (Port Hercules).

Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to choose and order them vending project. Waiting period of exclusive Range Rover - from three to six months and cost $ 300 thousand to 1, $ 2 million, depending on the model chosen.

And we, meanwhile, offer a look at the first images of design projects Range Rover Superyacht.

Designer Andrew Winch (Andrew Winch) turned the Range Rover in the luxury-van with a trailer and gave him the name Range Rover Crew-Shuttle.

Salon Yacht Rover with sea emphasis, the project designer Tim Heywood (Tim Heywood).

Appearance Yacht Rover, the concept of Tim Heywood.

Company Bannenberg, engaged in the design of yachts, sheathed body of the car Range Rover teak wood.

Development Land Tender Redman Whiteley Dixon designer (Redman Whiteley Dixon).

View of the British yacht manufacturer Edmiston at how should look Range Rover Superyacht.

It should be noted that the Land Rover - not the only company experimenting with the ship and yacht design.

Düsseldorf was the largest European exhibition Caravan Salon, which were presented cars for travel and leisure, such as the concept of the van Volkswagen, called Volkswagen Caddy Topos Sail.

The car is built on the Volkswagen California and its roof is turned into a wooden deck to relax, which can get on, up the stairs built into the back door of the van.

Also we would like to draw attention to the concept of Fiat Portofino - original beach car, based at the Fiat Fiorino.

Fiat Portofino lost not only the roof, but the door - they were replaced by hemp ropes as pleasure crafts. Sea theme continues in the cabin Portofino: the floor is made of wood, like the deck of a yacht, and the steering wheel and seat upholstered in fabric made of plant fibers with water-repellent.

In Fiat reported that Portofino - just a showpiece, but now is working on a version with removable fabric roof. That it may be serial.


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