Cars on the streets of London

On the streets of London's many interesting machines. Some of them ternovskiy collected in a separate post in the history of ru_auto models.
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It - Austin. "Carmaker Austin, who later became the largest in the UK and is extremely well-known all over the world, was founded in 1906 by Herbert Austin.»




"In 1959, the model was released Mini, but it's the name of the car designed by Alec Issigonis, was not once - initially it appeared on the market as the legendary Austin Seven. The innovation was placing the engine and gearbox, front cross, which created quite a compact car with a 4-seater body. The basis for the design of a new light car served as a model of Morris Minor-1000 engine capacity of which amounted to 0, 95 liters. But the volume of the motor for the Mini was reduced to 0, 85 liters, and its capacity is about 32 hp Car Mini, released in 1959, could reach speeds of up to 115 km / h. »

Now a lot of London pumped Mini:


"The location of the engine and gearbox, made in the same block, the car Austin Mini was recognized as revolutionary in the automotive industry. Furthermore, two-volume body (when the rack is part of the body, not a separate structural solution) of the model at that time was also unusual. An effective solution is to place a small wheel and clearly at the corners of the body, giving greater stability. »

Well, new, of course, do not look typically:

Last squeak:


"In 1984 he was created a seemingly powerful group Austin-Rover, but in 1988 the company bought the British Aerospace Corporation and the motor vehicle until 1989, engaged in production yet and car Austin-Rover. Soon, however, the brand of the machines was named Rover. So until now produced quite popular car Rover Mini, inherited a legacy of concern of Austin. »

Read more about Austin can be here -

Too frequent machine:

One of the most fun - baby Figaro:



"One of the machines so-called" holiday "series (pike-car) on the basis of the vehicle Nissan March, which was produced in the era of economic recovery. The Figaro models and still is a popular and consistently listed on the market, due to the fact that at its creation was definitely stylish. Almost all of its parts are made of a special project, in particular, the front panel of the cabin. In silhouette of the car more closely resembles a 2-door coupe, the rear window and the roof retracts into the rear trunk, so this gig - no ordinary, we can say «full open top». The roof is partially made of white leather, acrylic coated film. The machine provided 4 seats, while the rear seats are better suited for luggage. Therefore, the layout of places better expressed by the formula 2x2. The engine was as in the basic model, that is, four-cylinder "turbo". Transmission is only a 3-speed automatic. This combination provides a very brisk pace car ride. The series was limited, only 20 thousand units in the whole country. »

Chevrolet Camaro - the iconic American cars manufactured GM's Chevrolet division of the model from 1967 to 2002.

"September 29, 1966 (1967 model year) saw the first Chevrolet Camaro. It was a serious and quite a competitive response to General Motors in the Mustang, which for two years has successfully produced Ford.
The word «Camaro» interpretation of French slang «comrade» - friend, comrade. This origin of the name of the legendary cars revealed at once. In 1967, the question of the origin of the word «Camaro» Chevrolet managers replied, "is the name of a small, evil animal that eats Mustangs».
Specifically, this is similar to the second generation car in 1972.

"The tightening of safety standards in 1972 has led to the fact that 1100 vehicles were rejected as they did not meet federal bumper standards. Although the 174-day strike at a factory in Ohio, declining sales volumes and certain other factors, which created a bleak picture, Camaro remained in the ranks. »

And this seems to be the first generation machine (and here and there, said one of the readers!). It - Plymouth Barracuda!

Well, it's MG Rover. Such different models of old is also very much on the streets of London.

«MG Rover was the last British company producing production cars. The company was founded when BMW sold plants for the production of vehicles and engines of the original Rover Group company Phoenix Consortium in 2000.
In 2005, MG Rover came under the control of her company bought the Nanjing Automobile Group [1]. Nanjing restored edition sports car brand MG in 2007. Rover, the rights to which belong to BMW, were sold to Ford, which bought the company earlier at BMW Land Rover. Do not exercise the right to the brand with the company Rover Jaguar Land Rover were sold to Tata Motors Ford'om company in 2008. »

Jaguar XJS V12, produced from 1975 to 1996:


MG Midget 1500 produced s1974 to 1980:


«Mazda RX-7 - a sports car, manufactured by the Japanese automaker Mazda from 1978 to 2003. The original RX-7 was equipped with dual rotary-piston engine and sports a mid-front, rear-wheel drive layout. RX-7 replaces the RX-3 (both in Japan were sold under the brand name Savanna), replaced all the other rotary cars Mazda except Cosmo. »

Interestingly, the body of her left untouched since the release of the factory?

«Porsche 911 (pronounced" nine-eleven "it. Neunelfer, Eng. Nine eleven) - a sports car produced by Porsche (Stuttgart, Germany).
In the international vote the car of the century, 911 ranked fifth after the Ford Model T (1 place), Mini (2nd place), Citroën DS (3rd place) and the Volkswagen Beetle (4th place).

"911" - the most successful serial implementation of the scheme with a rear-mounted boxer engine, air-cooled (now - water), the first example of which was designed by Ferdinand Porsche the "Volkswagen Beetle", compared with the original 25 horsepower (DIN PS) which turbocharged racing versions of "Porsche" had ten or even tradtsat times more power. »
Such cars in London, just darkness. 911 Turbo.

"In October 1974, at the Paris Motor Show presented model of the Porsche 911 Turbo. In the role of the main driving forces established three-liter 6-cylinder engine with a turbocharger and easy. With this car had a dizzying specifications: 260 horsepower at 5500 rpm. / Min, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 6 seconds, top speed of 250 km / h. The engine is paired with a 4-speed transmission. »

And here it is, I do not know. No one is aware of? Ridiculously skuchkovalis lights:

«William Morris, sold in Oxford, bicycles and cars, in 1913, decided to build his own car. Model name of the Oxford and had been collected from the units acquired at different firms.
The next significant event in the history of the company occurred in 1952. Then, as a result of the merger of «Morris» and «Austin» was created Concern BMC. And then, in 1959, a model Mini Minor, became famous company. »

"The history of the concern« Volkswagen »(VW) started in the autumn of 1933 in one of the halls of the hotel" Kaiserhof "(it. Kaiserhof) in Berlin. The interlocutors were three: Adolf Hitler, Jacob Verlin, a representative of «Daimler-Benz», and Ferdinand Porsche. Hitler put forward the demand: to create for the German people a strong and reliable car, costing no more than 1000 Reichsmarks. Also, the car has to be collected and the new to celebrate the new Germany, plant. On a piece of paper he promptly inserted sketch, he outlined the main points of the program and asked to name the designer, who will be responsible for the execution of the government order. Jacob Verlin nominated Ferdinand Porsche. Future car and called - «Volks-Wagen» («people's car»). »

Volkswagen Transporter, without a doubt, a cult car. They are still a lot of Europe, and also in London:


Someone made me a lawn in the cabin:

But back to our time. Parking in London:

The police cars are very noticeable coloring and Freaky, piercing siren:

In general, in London on the second day cease to be surprised at the homes parked cars:

Luxury here even more:

Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 S Roadster. 518 000 Euros in Europe.

"722 S has been presented at the Paris Motor Show 2008. 5 5 liter engine boosted to 650 hp, has a torque of 820 Nm, allowing the car to reach "hundreds" after 3, 7 seconds, and the second "hundred" 10, 6 seconds. The maximum speed is 335 km / h. Also the car was underestimated by 10 mm suspension, additional carbon aerodynamic elements of the body, powerful brakes and alloy 19-inch wheels.

Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 S has been released in a limited edition of 150 cars. »

A good number of cut off:

«Nissan GT-R - a sports car manufactured by Nissan Motor. Presented as a production model at the Tokyo Motor Show October 24, 2007, sales will start in the beginning of 2008, first in Japan, then the United States and then in Europe. The index model - R35. Unlike his predecessors, produced only for JDM and limited edition comes in England will have the option of both right-hand and left-hand drive. »
The former model Nissan Skyline.

And this is something that is rarely seen on our roads. Roadsters BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products):


"In the late fifties, the inventor of the snowmobile by Joseph Armand Bombardier, fulfilled his childhood dream: he founded in 1942, the company L'Auto-Neige Bombardier (today - the corporation Bombardier Inc.) began mass production of snowmobiles. Dzh.-A. Bombardier started looking for a suitable engine for its machines Ski-Doo, and in 1962, he opted for engines ROTAX. After eight years of successful collaboration, a Canadian corporation incorporated company ROTAX in its structure. The company later became known as BRP-ROTAX GmbH & Co. KG. »

And that any other roadster (I thought), but it turned out to be a scooter Piaggio MP3 (thought one of the readers), but in the end it - Gilera Fuoco 500:



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