A delicious coffee for IT / carob machines from the lever to the PID

In recent years, more and more electronics used in various household appliances. Not escaped this fate, and such a device as a coffee-espresso machine. There are all the new ideas of use and management of different coffee makers, aimed at facilitating labor barista.
If you're tired of coffee "one-click" of the machine and would like to learn a little more about the possible alternatives to the request to grant a cat.

Why, in fact, an espresso? Despite the fact that caffeine has on me rather weak effect, I did not want to get an extra dose of caffeine. Espresso extraction process is limited (on average) 25 seconds just after the given time interval from the start leached coffee caffeine and bitter substances. Infographics below shows that the content is caffeine in a cup of espresso in times less than, say, a cup of strong black tea. So I can safely treat yourself to a couple of "double espresso" a day without fear of caffeine overdose. The theme of "usefulness" of coffee, we are not going to touch this individual studies. Definitely know that you should not drink coffee buckets and "fasting," is the most destructive combination.

Espresso h4> So. The classic definition of "espresso" reads: Espresso (ital. Espresso) - the drink of coffee prepared by passing hot (90 ┬░ C) and under pressure of 9 bar of water through the filter with ground coffee. It would seem that everything is simple, however, for example, most machines do not create pressure by fine grinding when the tablet itself from the coffee has a resistance to the flow of water, but due to jet / valve located behind the tablet. At the same time, this jet also coffee foams. Therefore, we will not be considered automatic and fully / partially manual carob coffee maker.

We define one more thing: the primary conditions for a good espresso - at least two (without them it is simply impossible)

  • freshly roasted coffee, no more than 2-3 weeks (in rare cases, depending on the mix - a little older)
  • A good coffee grinder, grinding provides uniform (freshly ground coffee "lives", according to the environment up to 3-4 minutes). For example, Mazzer Mini E. If you are interested in this article, the grinder will be discussed in the next post.

    All carob coffee maker combines, oddly enough, the fact that they have a "horn" (hello, cap) or portafilter, they come in three types: a bottomless with an ode to watering for one cup or two Lake (spouts) 2 cups . The portafilter is inserted "basket" with a tablet of coffee, baskets themselves are for different amounts of coffee: 7 (single), 12, 14 (double), 15, 16, 18 or 21 grams (triple). Portafilter with a basket inserted into the "group" of the machine. This "general" have coffee machines ends. Conventionally, we divide domestic / prosyumerskie coffee machines into several groups

    The types of coffee machines h4>

    1. Manual / levernye. Divided by the type of drive of the lever.
    2. Odnoboylernye coffee machine
    3. Odnoboylernye coffeemakers with heat exchanger
    4. Dvuhboylernye coffeemakers.
       The main problem with which manufacturers are struggling coffee machines - thermal stability. Actually, the more expensive coffee, the greater the thermal stability at the Strait it can provide, and this directly affects the taste of the coffee, as the temperature is lowered coffee will become more acidic, and at higher - "burn" and it will appear bitterness. In more modern coffee makers added electronics to control the temperature.

      The second challenge had coffee makers - creating steam for making milk beverages. In the case of a boiler (except some levernyh) process espresso and steam for frothing the milk is separated in time, since the water must be heated to about 120 degrees. The more steam boiler - the stronger the couples and the greater the amount of milk may beat in one go.

      Let's try to understand the different types of coffee machines device.

      1. Levernye coffeemakers. H4> The classic representative of a fully mechanical carob coffee machines can be considered levernuyu La Pavoni Europiccola / Professional, which appeared back in 1961, that is it - the same age group of eminent E61. By buying it, in part, I was subjected to natural curiosity, in part - a long-standing desire to indulge in "chrome miracle" and to some extent - a great article about it on the Prokofiev . Let me borrow a few sentences from this article. From electronics in the coffee machine, in addition to the toggle switch and the heating element is perhaps that the pressure switch. The principle of it is quite simple: in the boiler the coffee machine is a water temperature of about 120 degrees when lifting the lever up lifted Lever piston opens the slot and the water rushes from the boiler into the group, mixed with air and cooling water from the group immediately gets on the tablet of coffee, providing the so-called "natural prewetting." The problem with the thermal stability of the Strait is not worth it, because at the time of the Straits of water has practically no effect on its temperature. The La Pavoni man plays the role of pumps, pumping pressure piston that presses the hot water, causing it to pass through the compacted coffee in the portafilter. This effectively means that their pressure on the lever (lever. Eng. - Lever Lever), the user can adjust the Straits and the water pressure in the coffee, thereby forming the taste a cup of coffee. That is why I believe this coffee machine an excellent tool for exploring the world of espresso because it allows you to completely "from and to" control the process of preparing a beverage. Less of it - almost every cup will be "unique" and the process will become in pursuit of the perfect cup. Repeatability - the most difficult on this coffee maker, but many connoisseurs keep her at home as a weekend car. Plus, it will give a lot of pleasant and cheerful minutes while exploring the world of coffee. After all, if the grind is too fine, then push the water piston through the tablet will be very difficult, and the weight of the coffee machine is small, because in my case could often observe the image in the form of jumping around the kitchen kofelyubitelya desperately pressing on Lever and says: "Well, kitty, well, even a modicum ". However, if in such a case and managed to get some black oily substance on the output, then drink it, I have not risked (bitterness rare). If done correctly, the output will be fragrant and delicious espresso, which will get not so simple and on more expensive machines. At Pavoni beautiful maintainability, I went through the machine completely independently, replacing all the gaskets after purchase options BU, decalcified it and get rid of clicks when warming up. Moreover, I even liked messing around with it, there is this special kind of fun when you prepare yourself coffee machine, moved his hands.

      Here's a photo directly levernoy my machine: i>


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