Reasons to quit drinking coffee

Reasons to quit drinking coffee

Each of us probably heard that coffee is not very useful drink, but about what kind of impact on the human body has its excessive use, many of us can only guess. In this issue, we offer ten specific and compelling reasons to stop drinking coffee as soon as possible.
You can imagine life without coffee? Can you do without it in the morning? We all know about the invigorating properties of this beverage, but did you know that coffee can have a negative impact on your health? Well, let's find out exactly how he "spoils our lives." We bring you the 10 reasons to stop drinking coffee as soon as possible. Hopefully this article will convince you to find a healthy alternative to coffee "cheerfulness».

Coffee may cause fertility problems
If you want to have children, it is better to eliminate caffeine from your diet - it's a well known fact. But do you know why? And the thing hormones. Coffee consumption provokes increased allocation of adrenal cortisol, a stress hormone. And elevated levels can cause hormonal imbalance, which develops as a result of a lack of progesterone, the main corpus luteum hormone that promotes the possibility of pregnancy and thereafter maintain it. If a woman drinks during pregnancy is not less than 4 cups of coffee per day, the risk of miscarriage is about 33%. Particularly strong coffee harm to pregnancy of 20 weeks.

Poor absorption of vitamins and minerals
Caffeine (more than 3 cups of coffee a day or permanent pills with caffeine) - "kills" vitamins B, PP, reduces the amount of iron in the body, potassium, zinc, calcium. A one cup of 150 ml inhibits calcium absorption by as much as 3:00. Moreover, caffeine calcium leaches out of the body, and as a result of abuse coffee bones become fragile.

Caffeine causes obesity
We have already mentioned that caffeine increases the production of cortisol and affects the adrenal glands. But maybe you did not know that the adrenal glands are working together with the thyroid gland, which takes care of metabolism. So malfunction of the thyroid gland may slow metabolism, thus resulting in weight gain. If you want to lose a couple of pounds or maintain a healthy body weight, but you can not, you may want to give up coffee?

Many people use caffeine to stay awake at night, but if you had difficulty falling asleep, do not lean on the coffee, and it is better not to drink it. Even if you can sleep at night, you should not drink more than three cups of coffee a day, otherwise you will sleep poorly, because under the influence of caffeine, even in a dream your nervous system will be overexcited.

Problems with immunity
Caffeine - not the best friend of our immune system, again, because of the thyroid gland. Limited capacity of the thyroid gland leads to a weakening of immunity, causing diseases. If you feel susceptibility to various diseases, should stay away from coffee, at least until you feel better.

Problems with neurotransmitters, biologically active chemicals through which the transmission of electrical impulses from the nerve cell
One of the most compelling reasons to quit coffee lies in the fact that it affects the neurotransmitters in your body, and they are necessary for happiness hormone, also known as serotonin. Although many people believe that coffee makes people happier, in fact just the opposite, so if you are depressed or experiencing not the best time in your life, do not drink coffee.

Caffeine is bad for the overall level of energy
Avid fans of the drink coffee in the end stops to help. He just "does not work". This is a very bad sign, because the thyroid gland ceases to react due to the fact that coffee has constantly put pressure on her and "wears" her. Coffee causes the body to produce adrenaline, and if you drink it all the time, then you need each time more and more caffeine to the body responds to it with equal efficiency.

Caffeine harms the liver
Coffee is not absorbed in the best way. Your liver is working for the production of enzymes that break down coffee and metabolize it. Therefore, when the enzymes needed for other hazardous chemicals, the liver may suddenly "lazy." Many people drink coffee all the time, "lazy" liver.

In the coffee is full of pesticides
Today the plant, giving the coffee beans, sprayed with pesticides than ever. It is unlikely that on the shelves of your supermarket has organic coffee is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers. Studies have found more than a thousand chemicals in coffee, so that if it is not force you to give up coffee, it's probably nothing will make.


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