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Planning the upcoming holiday and can not choose between the beach and the rest in a big city? Perhaps we can help you. Many interesting towns are on the warm coast, and how you can sunbathe, and to consider the sights.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1. In Dubai, you can find everything you need for a complete beach holiday. The small city-state is a highly tourist center that attracts tourists shops-class, comfortable accommodation, best food and excellent facilities for sports. In Dubai, most of the local beaches owned by hotels, but you can soak up the clean sand and the public for free on Jumeirah Beach and Palm Beach.

Sydney, Australia

2. Sydney Bondi is one of the greatest beaches in the world if only for the reason that here, if you're lucky, you can swim in blown ashore by winds of sea foam. This beach is located almost in the center of the city and, among other things, distinguishes itself with its waves, which are suitable for surfing. But do not be fooled into thinking that this is the only beach in Sydney - there are also crowded Coogee, Bronte and Cronulla. Sydney's northern beaches can be explored, day trips: they form a contiguous stretch of more than twenty beaches, ending only in Palm Beach.

Valencia, Spain

beaches03 City with great beaches

3. Valencia is located along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, and offers a rich choice for beach lovers. Towel on the bed can be a wide Playa de la Malvarrosa or nearby Playa de las Arenas. Beaches located near the chic restaurants and bars, so all the entertainment is concentrated in one place.

Tel Aviv, Israel

4. Tel Aviv - Jerusalem is the opposite. The modern Sin City on the sea and the ancient Holy City on a hill. When the weather is warm, in Tel Aviv, crowds of people go to the beach. You will find here people of all ages, absorbing the rays of the Mediterranean involved in kitesurfing and kicking small rubber balls during a friendly match in matkot (local variation of badminton). The beaches are safe and clean, fresh water showers and locker rooms are scattered across the coastline. People beaches filled most of the day, especially on Saturdays, when crowds of tourists come here in the morning to take the place better.

Barcelona, ​​Spain

5. Barcelona is the most cosmopolitan city in Spain and one of the busiest ports in the Mediterranean. Restaurants, bars and clubs are always packed to capacity, at any time of the year. The line of the popular beaches of Barcelona stretches to the north-east of the marina Port Olimpic. The southernmost beach, the Playa de la Nova Icaria, is the busiest. Behind him, across the highway Avinguda del Litoral, located Plaça del Campions. Barcelona's beaches are mostly artificial, but that does not stop the seven million tourists who come here every year.

Cape Town, South Africa

6. Beautiful, fun, athletic, sociable - if Cape Town were registered in Facebook, this is what he wrote in the "About Me," and this would be true. City under the mesas famous as an excellent beach resort. Among scattered along the coastline of the beaches you can find a place to stay for any occasion and for any company. For fun with friends and drinking cocktails can go to Camps Bay, while a family vacation in full swing on the eastern beaches, and located in the same Fish Hoek Beach is used for rugby in the sand.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Be careful: the power of seduction of the Rio is that, leaving from here, you can fall into the deepest saudade (Portuguese word for the indescribable longing). The beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema - the most famous and popular tourist destination, but a visit to the peninsula of Buzios, and his familiarity with the hardworking fishermen let you feel the taste of traditional Brazilian beach life.

Tangier, Morocco

8. Until recently, the city of Tangier was unremarkable, which is not really complain Beach lovers. But after the arrival of a new mayor and city beach shines even the taxi drivers here are more polite. When Tanger changed, travelers discovered many wonderful places for surfing, sunbathing and relaxing with family. Here you can stroll along the picturesque waterfront, watch the local kids play beach football, or take a ride on a camel.

Brighton, England

9. Brighton - the most popular and rapidly developing beach resort of England. Within an hour's drive from London is a thriving city with this rebellious, vibrant student life and active movement and New Age hippies. The local beach consists of pebbles rather than sand, but that does not stop thousands of tourists to rest here. Whether fire or midday midnight party - English Brighton Beach is not empty ever.



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