Jumping from the sky

Flying among the clouds under the canopy - a long-standing dream of mine, but "feet do not reach, does not reach the hands»))
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1. A member of the parachute team "Golden Knights" salutes during the final jump at an airshow McDonald's over the beaches of Fort Lauderdale (UPI Photo / Marino-Cantrell)

2. The members of the parachute team "Golden Knights" jump from a plane over the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at an air show «McDonald's Air and Sea Show» (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell)

3. Two members of the parachute team of the US Military Academy "Black Knights" jumping out of a helicopter over the Genezeo «Chinook Ch-47" at an altitude of 3810 meters during a workout (UPI / Steven Petibon / US Army)

4. The United States Air Force Senior Airman Cory Boatright recorded on camera landing troops of the 82nd Airborne Division that jump out of the plane «C-17 Golbemaster III» during a training landing at Fort Brag, North Carolina. (UPI Photo / Rasheen A. Douglas / US Air Force)

5. A member of the US Navy Parachute Team against the blue sky over Colorado on Invesco Field during the show in Denver. (UPI Photo / Gary C. Caskey)

6. Branch of the Navy Parachute Team "Frog Jumping" conducted training on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale on the eve of the air show «McDonald's Air and Sea Show» (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell)

7. A jumper with altitude parachute skydiving preparing to land on the ground at the opening of the air show «RODEO 2009» July 19, 2009 in Washington. RODEO - international competition and combat skills of air operations, designed to develop and improve techniques and various operations with international partners aimed at improving the mobile operations. (UPI / Michelle Larche / DOD)

8. US soldier jumps from a plane «C-130E Hercules» over southern Germany, April 30th, 2009 during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of activity of the group of combat readiness. (UPI Photo / Grovert Fuentes-Contreras / USAF)

9. Two members of the 782nd unit security land on the ground during a training session July 9, 2008 at an undisclosed location in southern Germany. (UPI Photo / Kenny Holston / U.S. Air Force)

10. Chief Petty Officer Justin Gaun of the assault detachment of the US Navy Parachute flying over Chicago during a training jump at the 51st annual Chicago Air Show August 14, 2009. (UPI / J.C. Ledbetter / U.S. Navy)

11. Soldiers assault group "Golden Knights" salutes, jumping out of an airplane over the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the demonstration performances «McDonald's» May 7, 2006. (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell

12. Troop «Army Rangers» jumping with a parachute from an airplane «C-17 Globemaster III» during the show «Ranger Rendezvous 2009" at Fort Benning, Georgia, 3 August 2009. More than 1,000 Marines from around the country took part in the mass tactical jump. (UPI / Jason Epley / U.S. Air Force)

13. Senior skydiver and adventurous 65-year-old Howard Burling from Bristol, Connecticut, hanging from the biplane September 24, 1999. ((PRNewsFoto) cc / ho UPI)

14. Soldiers of the Australian Army reconnaissance platoon of the Third Battalion carried out a test jump over the Rocky Camp, Australia, June 17, 2007. Australian and American service train twice a year and carry out military operations aimed at improving combat readiness. (UPI Photo / Sandra M. Palumbo / U.S. Navy)

15. A member of the landing of US troops colored smoke colored the sky above downtown Los Angeles during the show "2005 X Games» August 6, 2005. A team of 15 people called "Jumping Frog" is made up of members of the crew of combat boats and US Navy SEALs. (UPI Photo / Petty Officer 2nd Class Jayme Pastoric / US Navy)

16. US Marines from the group "Golden Knights" practiced on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale 4 May 2007 before the Air Show "in 2007 McDonald's Air and Sea Show». (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell)

17. Parachute Team "Golden Knights" jumps out of the F-27 landing on the beaches of Fort Lauderdale May 2, 2003. (jg / Marino / Cantrell / UPI)

18. Fort Bragg Soldiers jump out of a C-130 aircraft during the operation «Toy Drop» («Toy") in the landing Cicely December 6, 2009. During the operation «Toy Drop» delivered thousands of toys to children Fayettevillya area by air every year since 1998. This operation was organized by a group for cooperation with the Civil Affairs in cooperation with other teams from the base Fort Brag. (UPI / Felix R. Fimbres / U.S. Army)

19. Paratroopers from the team "Frog Jumping" to train Fort Lauderdale on May 4, 2007. (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell)

20. One member of the team, "Golden Knights" parachute jump at sunset over Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, May 5th. This team participated in the air show «McDonald's Air and Sea Show»

21. Two members of the parachute team "Golden Knights" parachute opens during a training session on the eve of the 11th annual show «McDonalds Air Sea Show» on Fort Lauderdale

22. "Golden Knights" to train in the sky over Fort Lauderdale, Florida. (UPI Photo / Joe Marino-Bill Cantrell)

23. Ukrainian secret service officers work out parachuting into the sea

24. "Golden Knights" landed on the beach in Fort Lauderdale



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