The richest football clubs of the world

International auditor and consultancy Deloitte has published annual financial report, known as Deloitte's Football Money League, which contains the ranking of the richest football clubs in the world of the season 2008/2009.

Financial Deloitte survey takes into account income from football business, which includes the sale of tickets for events, sponsorship contracts, sale of goods with symbols of the club's income from television broadcasts, rental of stadiums and corporate proposals. It is important to note that the cost of clubs to buy players from other teams, players and salaries tax analysts are taken into consideration.

All 20 clubs in the list - in the top five leagues in Europe, two from Germany, four from Italy, two - from Spain and France.

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On the tenth place is the football club "Milan» (AC Milan), Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (Silvio Berlusconi). The annual income of "Milan" totaled 196, 5 million euros.

In ninth place - Italian football club "Inter Milan» (Inter Milan), whose annual income amounted to 196, 5 million euros.

Eighth place went to another Italian club "Juventus» (Juventus FC). Revenue at the end of 2008/2009 season is 203, 2 million euros.

In seventh place is an English football club "Liverpool» (Liverpool FC), whose annual income amounted to 217 million euros.

In sixth place - the football club, Roman Abramovich "Chelsea» (Chelsea FC). Its revenues for the last season was 242, 3 million euros.

In fifth place - an English football club "Arsenal» (Arsenal FC), whose annual income amounted to 263 million euros.

German football club, "Bayern Munich» (FC Bayern Munich) took fourth place in the rankings. Its annual income was 289, 5 million euros.

In third place - English football club "Manchester United» (Manchester United FC), whose revenue for the season 2008/2009 is 327 million euros. It is worth noting that five years ago, "Manchester United" for eight years, held the first position in the ranking.

Catalan football club "Barcelona» (FC Barcelona) is in second place in the ranking of "the richest clubs in the world." At the end of the 2008/2009 season of the club's revenue amounted to 365.9 million euros.

He topped the list of the richest football clubs in the world Madrid "Real» (Real Madrid CF), with an annual budget of 401, 4 million euros.

"Real Madrid," the fifth consecutive year, tops the list of the consulting company Deloitte.

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