Guardian angels do not rest with the invention of bungee

Currently in Calgary is expected to:
1) the arrival of the royal couple,
2) the annual Stampede and Rodeo.
We'll start with an extreme rodeo or the race on bulls.

It's a race and surfing on bulls Marandi, an activity that will cause much soiled with dust and dirt. Fascinating splashing in the clay, which occurs in the Indian village Patanamtitta during the annual festival in August Maramadi. This surfing on the bulls.

Scuba driving. Well, yes, I know it's hard, but it exists.

This is only a small part of the amazing photos from the series "Dopamine" photographer Dustin Humphrey.

Hockey and basketball on a unicycle. Teams ride a unicycle with plastic pedals in order not to spoil the coating in the hall and not to damage the lower leg.


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