The power of prayer.

Pray out loud. Angels respond to many unspoken prayer or persistent heart desires. It is not necessary to say to get their attention, especially in places where it would be inconvenient, for example, a business meeting or in transport. However, you will get a more powerful response if talk to the angels aloud. The human voice has the power, the power of creative or destructive. God used this power, when he said: "Let there be light." Using the power of speech, you, too, can cause changes in their lives.
Sayings Prayer has different forms: songs and hymns; hymns and canons, - traditionally used to invoke the angels; well-known prayer of the "Our Father" and arbitrary, in which you talk about the deepest aspirations of your soul. It is possible to combine all these forms. Speak their requests and orders or decrees aloud solid strong voice. Speak them at home, in front of the altar, on the road, in the car in the mountains and especially in emergency situations. And behold, as the celestial flows poured out on you!

Use the name of God.
God is within you. And if the angels to guide you apply the energy of God that lives in you, they will be able to respond with all the power of the universe.
When God spoke to Moses from a burning, but burning bush, he revealed both his name and the true nature of man. You are the bush and the fire - your divine spark, the fire of God that He gives you as your son or daughter. This is - the power to create in the name of God and the right to command angels. Jesus used God's name when he said: "I am the resurrection and the life." Whenever you say "I am:" - you truly say: "God is in me" and thus attracts the specified quality.

Repay daily prayers.
Angels are always with us. But we do not always know how to contact them. The best way to ensure that they respond to the call - is well knurled pave the road from his heart to their hearts, talking to them every day. You do not need many services. Five minutes - a good start. Everyday Angels call helps to get almost instant answers. It usually takes 15 seconds to indicate the angels - where zapropastilas kind of thing. When you pray daily, you not only help yourself, but also to people who do not even know. Angels are looking for those who regularly cause the light of God, in order to become their partners in the work of healing the planet. And when found to direct the light through them to help those who are threatened by disease, brutal violence or natural disasters. Thus your daily prayers will bring good changes in the world.

Ask for help.
Even after you have established a connection with the angels, do not forget to ask them for help when you need it. The angels respect your free will. In very rare cases, they can intervene without your intervention. But it is much more likely to be polite waiting to be called.

Repeat this prayer many times.
Prayers and calls become more powerful when you repeat them. The reason for increasing the effectiveness of prayer by repeating is that, repeated pronunciation of you send more light energy to God and the angels. The angels can use that energy as a seed, adding more light energy that appear on your call. Now, select the number of prayers, say them every day up until the angels respond.

Please send a prayer to the right address.
If you need to fix the pipes in the house, you call a locksmith. To escape from bullies - invoke the angels of protection. If you want to build a relationship someone - call me angel of love.
Angels of various works. And they use energies of different frequencies (corresponding to different colors) in order to execute it. The idea of ​​seven archangels is not new. As well as the connection of each of them with a certain color or spiritual fire.
Even in the third century before Christ, the Jews knew of the seven archangels and the fact that they are surrounded by spiritual flames and appeared in various colors.
You can establish a closer relationship with these creatures, if they call on archangel whose angels specialize in a particular work that you would like to see accomplishments.

Be specific.
Angels accurately respond to your call, and proud of it. The more accurate the request, the better the response. As long as you live in harmony with the universal origins and give their energy to helping others, the hosts of angels will assist you in everything down to the smallest details of life. The more detail your request contains, the more you will be satisfied with the results.
Imagine what if you wish to happen.
You can increase the power of his prayer, maintaining stable mental picture of what you wish for to happen. In addition to this, visualize a radiant light that surrounds a situation or problem.

Expect surprises.
These questions arise almost everyone who has ever thought about angels. Why did they answer some prayers, and others do not? Why do some prayers for 10 years and do not get the desired, then the other gets away? Why is a fire or flood destroys some houses, while others remain intact?
No doubt, the angels hear the prayers of everyone. One reason is that the ability to respond to the prayer of the angels based on the total consequences of our actions in the past - our bad and good deeds and thoughts in this and previous lives - denoted by the word karma. Angels - this is not the jinn and not Santa Claus. They are obliged to act in accordance with the law of karma. When we pray with devotion to the angels, they sometimes can eliminate the action of KARMA, but most only have the right to soften them. Angels hear our prayer. But in order to grant the request, they must comply with three conditions.
1. They can not interfere in the plan of God for your soul (or your karma).
2. They can not harm you or anyone else.
3. Time must be set correctly.

You can plead for years winning the lottery and not win. Perhaps the angels could not respond to a request for benefit from the fact that your soul is necessary to learn the most earn a living. But note - maybe you got a great job. The angel answered, and that in a way that is best for you. Prayer always bears fruit. Learn to see them.


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