What does it take to become a conductor of energy Heart of Divine Love:

What does it take to become a conductor of energy Heart of Divine Love:
1. It is necessary to sublimate the negative emotions into love, let-go learning and humility before a higher will. Learn to distinguish reality from my thoughts and aspirations are not based on reality, but on a desire to change it. Try to see what is happening around the supreme love. Understand that there is a higher will and a higher meaning and supreme justice, which may be incomprehensible to us to measure all human standards. Everything in this world is to ensure that we develop the ability to love, and all the tests are sent to us just for this.
Eastern psychology says that our heart can sublimate the power of emotions in the energy of love.
2. Abandon selfishness and greed. True love is selfless and not selfish. If you want to be a conductor of love - to develop these qualities. We must give love unselfishly, with no expectation that it will return to us. Otherwise there can be thoughts like: "I have everything to everyone, and no one and nothing to me." This claim, and the claim will automatically block the flow of love and closed heart. If you do not expect anything in return, you will not have any complaints, accusations, insults, anger against those whom you love.
3. Give love more than getting. Then we will come back even more energy of love. The more we give, the more space is freed up for the arrival of the new energy of love, and thus, our energy level increases.
4. To receive and adopt the energy of love. Take the love that you give. Learn to accept that the universe gives you. Remember that you need to keep you going through the flow of the energy of love - and this is possible only when we give and we get in harmony - in fact, if you squander all the energy, and the new will not take, come the devastation.
5. Be love in action, helping, caring and serving. To declare publicly, "I love you all and wish you love," everyone can, but when it comes to the real work ... Therefore become the embodiment of love in action. It is not necessary to perform great feats, to go to Africa and to feed hungry children (although this is also a good idea) - you can just get a volunteer in a charity ride someone help bring heavy bags, open and hold the door, pick up on the street trash and throw in the trash - or even just a smile - sincere, from the heart. Do something good for others unselfishly.
6. Thanks! Even if you do not feel gratitude for what happens, you still try to give thanks in his mind. Thanks opens the heart and fills it with love.
7. sympathize, and do not regret.
Compassion fills the heart with love. It differs from pity - pity is shown on a solid level, and compassion in the soul. Compassion comes from the ego, and carries destructive energy. Pity compresses the heart and reveals his compassion.
For example, you can see the patient, and you feel sorry for him, because his body is suffering, but if you look on duhovnoy̆ point of view, we can understand that the disease is sent to that person for a reason. This is a lesson kotoryy̆ it must pass in order to move closer to love. His suffering is not from love of wealth. Realizing this, you will be filled with compassion, not pity.
8. Be here and now. Live in the present moment - in fact, you can feel the love just being in the present.
9. Live in the heart, not the mind, but listen to reason.
Love you can feel the heart, but the mind can not understand it. Do not confuse the different positive emotions, desire, attachment and desire with love. Action should be reasonable and not to be led by emotions.
Without love, compassion and understanding of logic is useless.
10. Be friendly - look at all as if they - your favorite family members - even if your haters and enemies appear in front of you in a different light. Sincere kindness open your heart towards others
people. They will pick up your wave of love and respond to you in return, and bring love more.
11. Love yourself, too. Accept yourself completely, with all its advantages and disadvantages, but do not use it as an excuse not to work on yourself. Think of yourself as a loving parent, who knows what is best for their beloved child, not just perform his every whim. Parents take their child for who he is and loves him unselfishly. You - a piece of the universe. Hurting yourself or someone else, you infringe upon the universe. Without taking and not loving yourself, you do not take a piece of the divine that is in you, and therefore, do not accept God. Therefore, to love God fully, it is necessary to love himself. We wish you love, not only to others but also to himself.
God gives us here and now all you need to be in peace and love - and our choice is the way to respond - to accept what is happening quietly and with love or not.


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