The power of prayer - how it works

You do not get assistance and protection from the Sky? Do you want your calls to be heard? Learn how to pray ...

Jesus said:

Pray - is sending luminous fluxes in space. If you do not receive the care and protection of Heaven, it is only because you do not send light. The sky will not do what is extinguished. You want it to shine on your calls? Light up all your lamps.

How to get in touch with God and the world of higher powers, the world Beings of Light?

As the "work" our appeals, prayers?

Let us recall one of the religious tenets, "God is everywhere and in everything." Yes it is, but many people do not believe, they say: "If he is everywhere and in everything, that is why we do not see it?" In fact, we can not see the Creator and His helpers because everywhere and in everything God prophets, saints and other members of the Supreme Powers present at the quantum, that is invisible to the human eye-level in the universe. All information of a small bear.

Each quantum of light - Representatives Forces of Light - the effectiveness, strength and integrity of existing consciousness of Light. It is because of our prayer-call, performing the role of communications and requests light quanta Higher Forces flock to our fields.

The ongoing processes mikrorazryadnye connect quantum energy of our bio-field with light quanta of higher powers, which directed our prayers. Multiple, different in strength, microdischarges release the extra energy that enriches and seals our aura.

But not indefinitely, as certain time, since the width and density of the aura are not permanent, since the energy expended on a variety of physiological processes in the human body, it thins.

Therefore, to enhance the aura, filling prayers energy, very preferably at least three times a day.

In his own AURASUDII we conducted an experiment using the canonical prayers of different religions. In the experiment, attended by believers and not believers, worshipers and people who do not know prayers. In the process of research and blabbed uttered a silent prayer and mantras (Buddhist and Hindu prayers).

The results were remarkably stable: deformed aura flattened, saturated with light, the negative effects disappeared. Work has intensified and balance the chakras.

Numerous studies and the results of the identity became proof that the prayers of different religions, spoken by any person regardless of their religious affiliation, helping to make contact and interaction with the Supreme Being, represented a quantum around us (in the form of tiny particles of energy) level: our prayer calls for the Forces of Light sound signal «SOS», as a call for help. This assistance is immediately expanding, and strengthening normaliziruya glow aura.

The research results have made it possible to conclude that prayer - not only religious, but also tonkoenergetichesky, which means the physical phenomenon, in which thanks to sophisticated biophysical processes is enhanced aura of living objects, increasing the energy of water, minerals, crystals, plants and animals.

How to pray
Prayer - the foundation of life the true believer. According to St. Filaret of Moscow, "prayer is a private conversation with God." Alexander Men said that prayer - a "flying hearts to God».

Prayer - a test of our sincerity: if we say simple words from the depths of his heart? If we can - the prayer will be heard.

Prayers are different:

prayer requests;
prayer, appeals for forgiveness and well-being;
funeral prayers;
prayer of thanks.
About thanksgiving prayer Omran Michael Aivanhov writes:

The biggest mistake people make in their ingratitude. They can only protest, demand, shout, angry. But what they did to be entitled to claim? It's nothing. That is why the sky is closed to them and leaves them entangled in difficulties.

Do you know how many billions and billions of entities, elements, particles are involved only to keep you alive? No! And you are always unhappy, outraged. Learn to be grateful! Right in the morning when you wake up, thank Heaven for what you are in good health - in fact many people do not wake up or wake up, but it can no longer move. Say, "Thank you, Lord, for having today once again you gave me life and health, so that I can fulfill Thy will." When the sky is such a rare phenomenon notices - the ability to give thanks, saying, "Thank you, Lord!" "Thank you, Lord!" - Sky hit, caught up and sends you all the blessings.

When we turn to God in prayer, it is cleansed from filth, and we are ready for the perception of celestial influences, subtle cosmic energies. This, then is the inner meaning of prayer, for prayer calls in our hearts grace.

Read seven times the canonical (main) prayer religion that you are committed, or seven canonical prayers of different religions, if we treat them with equal respect, knowing that God - alone.

Then pray that topically at a given time for you, your relatives, the people of Earth. Ask God spirituality, courage, pulse-to-work, creativity and patience. Help prayers - a reality greater than what we see with our eyes. If we are careful and patient, the results of our requests are firsthand.

Check desirable prayer ritual prayer hymns, which to some extent through the words and thoughts will understand the Higher Powers, the Forces of Light our appreciation and gratitude to Him.

The studies established that a sevenfold repetition of the canonical prayers optimally saturates the aura of a person, one or even three little prayer for full saturation of bio-field energy required for all physiological processes in the human body.

Modern scholars believe that when the prayers next to a burning candle, sound vibrations cause fluctuations in the global plasma, and she translates them into waves which ascend to God. Moreover, prayer cause the opposite effect on a person descends the grace of God - energy and information is very subtle vibrations that heal both body and soul.


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