3 Reasons Why you can never let down his hand

Why, despite the pain and the fear, you can never give up ?! You just need to always remember ...

Life periods and cycles. Black and white "striped". Single glass of wine. Evening boredom. Missed calls. Detachment from the world. The silence in the hall. All these are signs of "not happy." Stage, which is popularly called the "time to give up." Output can not see success ran away, love is not happy, people disappoint. And it seems that this is the end. Not the end of life, but the end of happiness. About the stability of time to forget and have to start all over again from the beginning. I do not like pessimists, but each of us got into a situation «SOS». Optimism is sometimes dries up and the need to draw strength from new sources, as long as they are not visible on the horizon. Sadness overcomes, but you can not fall for this insidious "woman." Sadness destroys rather than fueling.

Why, despite the pain and the fear, you can never give up ?!

You just need to always remember:

1. On realizing the real picture of the world
It's time to look at the disappointment from the inside. What is its inexplicable strength? It comes only when someone or we do not live up to our expectations. When we were let down, and we were out of the usual comfort. But in this case, as always there is a favorite "but." Disappointment opens our eyes to the real picture of the situation. It forces us to move forward, showing that our previous position, we have outgrown and it's time to move on. The pain that comes along with it, gives us sober thinking and value perception. Frustration - a boost to new beginnings, a new breath of life, the search for new purposes.

2. On the love people close to us
We can all. Nothing is impossible. All borders - only in our head. Each of us is a winner, and we were born to be happy. Our close - our mainstay. Their faith inspires and blesses us. Average sentence "I love you" works wonders. Lovers can not betray. Native people live in us and we have no right to give up. They need our successes and inner balance as well as we need their care and love. It is a vicious circle, which creates an aura around us happiness, success and love. If you think that you are alone, remember the people who always remember you and congratulate you on your birthday, I pray for your happiness before bedtime. You can not learn about their love, if you continue to blindly follow the call of their inner fears and resentments.

In a world of greater light than dark. Just remember the dark easier.

3. On the eve of tomorrow's success
You never know what will happen if you do not risknesh not try. Yes, someone had to throw you a "banana skin" under his feet, but then you stand? Or do you fall? Well, Be taken up, because many start from the bottom. He stood up, smiled and walked away. In the corner - a new twist. After the departure of loved ones come caring. After the failure of new ideas and opportunities. All someone else leaves, and its thriving. The main thing - it must be remembered that in the business and with the people you can never lose.

Triumph - a personal record of consciousness. No one can take away what already belongs to you. You can not be happy with a gold medal, if before awarding the medal you were lonely and unhappy. Medal makes us human. Success comes from within, like happiness, joy, life. You can buy many things, but not the main thing. Someone else can not take, because everything in the world is, or will be on their places. No need to look for a soul mate to gain happiness, because if you're empty inside, no one will be able to fill our lives. Energy, yes, but not a life. Let the soul, like the desert, only to absorb, and it is a road to nowhere.

Soul-searching is useful. It broadens the mind, sober thinking, reveals the truth. But permanent soul-killing self, soul and conscience. Man hardens and ceases to carry into the world of good. The goal of each - to remember their mission. I only know that people are created for love, happiness and peace. The rest comes from boredom. All diseases in the head, all the insults from the avarice of the soul, all the anxiety from the unwillingness to give.

There is a problem? - To solve them. If you can not solve? - Live on and believe that tomorrow is happiness knocks at your door. I understand that when you dropped his hands, then walked away from the target to the starting point. Life rarely gives second chance "in time", so do not ask for it, and live today the way you want, not the people around you.

Marina Poznyakova


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