The angels - the messengers of the Lord

Different cultures and religions, the mission of angels is different. But mostly, the supernatural creation act as ambassadors of the Lord.
Someone believes in them, some do not, but in any case, these angels will cause you any emotion.

1. Very often depict angels guards at the tombs of Christians. They also decorated with many monuments.

2. The concept of a guardian angel who watches over their mortal wards, there are many cultures. Many believe that each person has a guardian angel who guides him through life.

3. Usually considered an emanation of the angels of God. Supreme deity sends them to the ground to complete some action and help mortals. In some traditions, the angels have their own will, but more often they are seen as servants of God. Do angels own will or not remains a controversial issue in Christianity.

4. Although the appearance of the angels may be different in different traditions, they are likely to represent a man with wings, which are a sign of its divine origin. It is believed that the angels, who have offended the Lord, lose their wings and will be driven to the ground, or even to hell.


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