The angels - the messengers of the Lord

Different cultures and religions, the mission of angels is different. But mostly, the supernatural creation act as ambassadors of the Lord.
Someone believes in them, some do not, but in any case, these angels will cause you any emotion.

1. Very often depict angels guards at the tombs of Christians. They also decorated with many monuments.

2. The concept of a guardian angel who watches over their mortal wards, there are many cultures. Many believe that each person has a guardian angel who guides him through life.

3. Usually considered an emanation of the angels of God. Supreme deity sends them to the ground to complete some action and help mortals. In some traditions, the angels have their own will, but more often they are seen as servants of God. Do angels own will or not remains a controversial issue in Christianity.

4. Although the appearance of the angels may be different in different traditions, they are likely to represent a man with wings, which are a sign of its divine origin. It is believed that the angels, who have offended the Lord, lose their wings and will be driven to the ground, or even to hell.

5. However, as will be shown below, the tradition of the wings appeared much later - only 33 AD

6. While the etymology of the Greek word for "angel", which went all the variations is unknown, the original meaning of the word - "messenger." In the Bible, angels often appear precisely as messengers of God.

7. The English word «Angel» is derived from the German «Engel». In French it is «ange», where it has come from the Latin «angelus». The Romans introduced the word in other languages. But most Latin word was precisely from the Greek.

8. Jewish and Arab cultures and the presence of angels, there is more often used the term "Malachite", which means "to send". From him there was a man's name Malachi. There is another term - "KRUV", which is associated with children, away from him and went the word "cherub».

9. There is a hierarchy of angels, while in the Talmud, the Koran or the Bible it says nothing. Senior angels known as archangels.

10. In Christianity believe archangels Michael and Gabriel, and Raphael, and Uriel.

11. It went from the idea of ​​an angel with wings? The Bible did not say a winged angel. The earliest example of an image of an angel dates from about the year 250 BC, he found the catacombs of Saint Priscilla.

12. It was not the angel wings. And on any subject that period was not an angel with wings.

13. The first image of an angel with wings came to us from the 5th century BC They are depicted on the tomb of the Prince, and found near Istanbul in the 1930s. It is believed that this is the tomb of the time of Theodosius I (379-395 gg.). It was during this period of religious texts begin to meet the angels with wings. John Chrysostom explained the symbolism of the wings of angels. They do not show what the angel could fly, rather, that they have reached the highest spiritual status that only a man can attain. Hence the wings. Since then, the angels began to depict, mostly with wings.

14. In Hinduism also has a peculiar form of angels. Virgo - a creature of the world - living in the astral world and is considered the recently deceased people who are in a state between life and reincarnation.

15. They may not be reincarnated, and take a step up. These angels do not worship, they lead the life of mortals. In this culture it is believed that a person can have more than one guardian angel, but many, perhaps thousands.

16. The Baha'i faith angels - people who have overcome all human limitations and learn spiritual attributes of God. They are free from the passions and selfishness. In different cultures, the idea of ​​an angel are different, but they all have some common features can be traced.

17. In popular literature and film featured many angels that says that people need to believe. In one of the most popular movie "It's a Wonderful Life" with James Stewart was an angel who was sent to earth to show the main character, his life is perfect. But in the popular TV series "Highway to Heaven" Michael Langdon starred in the role of an angel who was sent to earth to do good and help people.

18. Since angels can not be contacted, but many people think differently and often pray for their guardian angels. This can be attributed to the controversial issue of free will of angels.

19. People often buy cheap fiction, books like "100 ways to draw an angel" and the like, which has no theological foundation. The Bible also mentioned weeping angels, with which they are often portrayed in the cemeteries.

20. There are also bad angels, fallen.

21. About one third of the angels, according to the Bible, rebelled against God and were ousted from the heavens.

22. The chief fallen angel, of course, the Devil, Lucifer, Satan. He has many names.

23. The Bible says a lot about angels, but little about who they really are. This is the subject of fierce debate. Is it the people who lived their lives righteously, whether angels created by God.

24. It is believed that those who did manage to get in touch with angels, in fact, obsessed with fallen angels, demons.

25. In Islam angels - is the creation of Allah created them from light itself. As in Christianity, the angels are constantly praising the supreme deity. They are doing the will of Allah, and they have wings.

26. Do you believe in angels or not, but they have been, are and will be a source of inspiration for many people. Belief in them is so strong that it neoktorye unmoved.



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