Petrov Day celebration Apostles Peter and Paul

St. Peter's Day 2016 - 12 July

Peter finished the post, we enter the holiday Apostles Peter and Paul, and the next day as Afterfeast commit Cathedral of the Holy Apostles.

Universal Church the memory of Peter and Paul's honor as well as together celebrates the memory of St. John Chrysostom, Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian. Thus, it shows that they are well pleased God, even if we peer into the life of the Apostles, we can see how they differ: simple illiterate fisherman Peter and Paul wisest, who was a very learned and knew several languages. Peter was married and Paul virgin. Peter was the disciple of the Lord approached, and when Paul had seen the Lord's life, and even the apostles had very little contact.

Paul was a fine young man, gifted, remarkably well-mannered, devout law, love the Lord, a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee, one of the favorite disciples of Gamaliel; it could be the high priest of Israel. Why did the Lord hesitated and drew him to Himself after all apostles? What allowed him to watch the clothes, when throwing stones at Stephen?

For the light that shone around him on the road to Damascus, he could enlighten the year before. Why in the Providence of God it had so arranged, unless Paul was less than other worthy to serve Christ? No, it was worth more, and he labored more than all the other apostles, but fallen man is such a property, the more it is given by God, the more he is inclined to pride.

We all have such a feature: that which is given by God, to ascribe to themselves. We somehow believe that those talents that we have, by nature, are our advantage in front of people. Most people boast mind - but can he mind me add

? Boast and education - and if parents do not bother, it would have no education was not, because it's all the work of elders. Man insanely boasts its growth - although how can it change its growth - or looks, or something else. It comes from the fact that, because of the Fall of our nature, by virtue of pride in our darkened mind.

That this terrible plague, pride, and feared the Lord, He hath Paul first be a persecutor of the Church. And then it is always stopped and humbled; remembering his youth, he said I was a monster. Lord Paul also helped by the fact that he sent him a permanent disease. Although the apostle Paul healed hundreds and thousands of people and raised the dead, but he was ill - to submit, because the disease does not give a man haughty

. And the apostle Peter was also constantly humbled by the Lord. Christ loved him very much for his dedication to the hot and always took with him: and when transfigured on Mount Tabor, and all the other especially important moments of his life. Peter felt the love and closeness of the Lord to him and often spoke very arrogant speech.

So before the Savior's death on the cross, he said: I am ready to go with you to the death. But God had foretold that he had three times that night would deny Him. Why did the Apostle Peter was popuscheno renunciation why he suddenly scared? In general, why people sometimes attends fear? Fear arises in the human soul when it departs from the spirit of God, and he is left to itself. When infused into the human spirit of God, with Him comes perfect love casts out fear.

The apostle Peter was so humble in the Lord, because the grace that he had to take - it is a huge gift, and it can only hold the greatest humility. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble only.

With this gift, do not think he is currently extremely difficult, therefore, the Lord and His disciples helped so providentially affliction they fall, to strengthen them in the main, the need of Christian virtue. Humility is the cement of the Christian virtues stones in the wall, which is formed from the fellowship of our salvation.

Even the fact that the Church doth first unlearned Peter, and then to Paul, felt God's providence - Lord Paul humble again, though he did more than Peter: more and more people turned to God more in the field of the Lord bothered
At the beginning of the earthly life of Christ the Savior we see his cradle shepherds came first, and then later scholars, the Magi. Unfortunately, the mind is often an obstacle to God. Therefore simpleton easier to behold God, and at all times in any Orthodox church has always had more people simple and scientists less.

Not so a person puffs external beauty, physical strength, beautiful voice, or anything else, as the mind. It is its main advantage over the other creatures of the visible world, so it's the most he flaunts forgetting his Creator and Giver of mind and all other talents and capabilities.

That's God's wisdom fishing builded life famous men, which we celebrate today, as well, and our life is built by the Lord. And Holy Church wisely determined that before this holiday we hold fast, because fasting is a time of prayer and humility.

Why can not we still have to acquire the grace of the Holy Spirit so that acquire the Holy Apostles? Just because we have not the depth of humility and simplicity. To accept the apostolic grace, we must humble ourselves and how they.

The adoption of grace prevents the presence of pride in all of our lives. Because of the pride we have destroyed love for one another, because of it we can not pray purely, we precipitated thoughts. It give us the Lord even for a second pure prayer - and we immediately will fall into the charm, because they are too proud

. God is not a pity to send us any gift; and we can heal the sick and raise the dead. The grace of God is the same, the same Church, the Eucharist is the same, the same Scripture, and Christ is the same - nothing of what saves us, has not changed for these two thousand years, only our pride does not allow us to accept the gifts of God. And only in the extent to which we can humble ourselves, and we have received grace.

Therefore, what happens in our lives, we must learn to begin to accept with humility, without indignation, and then maybe we will learn to accept what is coming upon us, and with joy. Because everything that happens to us and that is not caused by our sin, there is always a good God's providence. But even if we sin, his erected over some storm, the Lord of the evil that we have done, always will govern for our benefit; and many hardships in life often turn into a blessing.

In conclusion, I want to repeat some of those proverbs that today we read that in our ears again sounded the wonderful words of the Apostle Peter, and we listened as he loves his students, the children of spiritual and all those who followed the Lord, and how much he loves us.

Whenever we read the Scriptures, it is important to remember that it is drawn directly to us. The Apostle Peter did not once lived there - we celebrate it today, he is now involved in our lives, and his words are to us as well as sounded then. No wonder they entered the canon of Scripture because they are told forever.

Holy Apostle tells us: "In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, by various trials, that the proof of your faith, being more precious than perishing, even though tested by fire, to the praise and glory and honor ..." That is, be glad, even if a little bit poskorbeli and various temptations, because it is necessary for the purification of the soul.

He continued, "... the revelation of Jesus Christ Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now not seeing, but believing, you rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, finally reaching your faith, the salvation of souls»

. The Apostle Peter had seen the Lord, and we do not have, but he is happy for us that we see Him in the eyes of our faith. And as the purification of our heart, and we shall see God just as He saw Peter and Paul. We will not see the Savior in the flesh, walking here on earth. We can no longer worthy to this, because it was once and once for a few, but we can see the Lord as Paul saw, through his divine power.

"As obedient children, do not be conformed to the former lusts in your ignorance: the former, but as he who called you is holy, so be ye holy in all your conduct. For it is written, Be ye holy, for I am holy. And if you call on the Father who judges impartially according to each one's work, then spend in fear the time of your sojourning here. »

If we call God the Father, we, as His children, shall be holy. As simple: if our Lord is holy, and we must be holy. It is not enough to us to be just good people, which, thank God, is still a lot of - we must shine with holiness. Each of us was captured in this image of the heart, everyone has an idea of ​​what a holy man.

We have read the Life, and the Holy Scriptures; perhaps with the saints in my life met. So we need to try to imitate them the Life that our life was not empty. And it turns out the hypocrisy - read prayer, turn to God: "Our Father" - our Heavenly Father, and our lives that does not correspond completely. As the apple falls from the tree not far off, and we must strive to maintain hristopodrazhatelnuyu life to us to be children of God.

"Therefore, putting aside all malice and all guile and hypocrisy and envy ..." Especially envy. Our people are very prevalent this ailment: it boils all over, even our whole state has its roots envy. Jealous of each other, some ideas arise in our heads, we all want for ourselves something bigger, better, all looking for yourself. It is necessary to overcome especially, because love is just not self-seeking, and is looking for another favor. That's what we would perceive well.

Putting aside "and all evil speakings, as newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up to salvation; for you have tasted that the Lord is good. " If we have tasted that the Lord is good, you have to love these words of the Lord, they eat, they have to control your soul. What the Holy Church insists that the Scriptures we read on a daily basis?

We need to know the word of God by heart, to our mind, as St. Seraphim of Sarov said, I swam in it. The mind should be immersed in the Scriptures, so that we can constantly be guided by them in our lives. Lord of our knowledge will lead each time the needed words for the present case, the act, any difficult situation.

"Finally, be ye all of one mind." This place simply can not be read without tears, so deeply it touches the soul. We say, "with one mind we may confess," but unanimity between us, not even spent the night never

. Theophane the Recluse said the time will come to Russia when it is so much faiths, and many goals. Each afford something wisely, each itself something comes up. This, of course, from the fact that we are not educated in a Christian way, we have not brought up the Church, we are all "fallen from the moon." We were here only by the grace of God and providence, and we should strive to acquire our Orthodox faith.

Be "compassion one of another, tenderhearted, be courteous; Not rendering evil for evil or reviling for reviling. " As simple: here you cursed, and you do not say, the fool. Be patient, because what is the use for the soul.

"On the contrary, blessing, knowing that you were called to inherit a blessing." Yes, we are called upon to ensure that, when we say you are a fool - answer: yes, I'm a fool. Really, who of us can say of myself that he's smart? Is it not the greatest folly to say so myself. The vocation of a Christian is that he should be a sheep in this world to gnaw it, but not him. We can not return evil, we do not have such a right, it is not the Lord has given us.

"For he who would love life and see good days ..." And we love life and want to have everything well to families, we had a peace that did not have fights, quarrels, would like obedient children, want to have well-being, seasonable weather to make it - and pray about this all the time, because we can not just wish harm

. So, if we want those good days, then "... refrain his tongue from evil and your lips from speaking deceit; Let him eschew evil, and do good; seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers. " We should always try to get rid of slander. It is very difficult, of course.

We used to blame all around, blame, because many of us hurt and all this can not fail to see, but nevertheless it is necessary to try to humble your heart, keeping in mind that with this and started the Holy Church. The apostle Paul writes: "God revilers will not inherit the kingdom." He himself was not only abused, not just the stones were beaten and shackled him to hang, but his head chopped off in the end.

Such people as the apostles Peter and Paul, and the earth-that there were a not so much for all of our long human history. And it should be the same, such a beautiful man's head cut off. Well this is what an atrocity! And he did not swear, but bless those who cursed and who wished him harm, because people insanity is doing, they are unhappy, sick.

And if we believe, we must strive to do as the Apostle teaches. Our faith is still scarce, but we must try not to give yourself the opportunity to sin. If you reprove someone will stop you in your blasphemy, thank a man, come to your senses, not to contradict him, saying, yes, indeed, I condemn, I slander

. "Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time." Yes, if we put up, the Holy Spirit will visit us in the breath "still small," when we do not even wait for a visit of God. The Lord told us: "It's always stands out and pray." He comes into our hearts in a day when we do not know, so you have to be ready all the time. The apostle Peter concludes the first message with the words: "He will exalt you in due time" - each in its own: who will have to wait twenty years, who are five, and who, perhaps, tomorrow vouchsafed. But how do we make straight paths, the paths of the Spirit of the Lord in your heart? Only humbling.

"Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." Do not worry about anything, God will arrange everything himself. We need to try only one thing: how to please God

. "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour." Just distracted only laughed too - you see, your thoughts flew, walked away from God, I forgot, and then some stuff came up, immediately someone condemned, which are not supposed to look, and so gradually again ravaged soul. Again, we must repent, and again start all over again, because the devil right there. Therefore it is always necessary to try to mind your vperyat in prayer.

"Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren in the world." Yes, we often come to despair of the mind, inattentive prayers. Despair of our arises again by pride, we all want to be honors, once all want to achieve. Without scattering only some angels pray, and we need to humble ourselves, we humans are sinful, and we should be the prayer, even the other can not be. We must humbly offer to God what is in our power. As you can see from the life of the Apostles Peter and Paul, they too are not all immediately reached. And as long as we inherit the kingdom of heaven must go through a very long time.

"God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ Jesus, by himself suffered a while, perfect you, establish, strengthen, settle you." Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh once gave a very good way, he said, that a man should be like a rubber glove on his hand doctor. It does not prevent him from acting and is subject to the will of each finger - that's how a Christian should be in the hand of God himself to invest in the whole subdue and to provide all the works of the Lord, and to, as far as possible, by virtue of their talent, by virtue of the place, on which it is currently placed, to try to please God, and to build his own soul, and all around, to work for God's truth.

Someone will say, it's useless. Yes, the world is definitely burned, the land is gone, sure to come Antichrist. Does this mean that our work is in vain? No. How many icons chopped and burned? The astronomical number. How many churches blown up? Great amount. And in vain they were built? No, not in vain. The fact is that the salvation of the soul - it is not the result but the process. And in the process we have to be - in this river, in the course of search of salvation

. Because all of our attempts, we do, of course, naive and ridiculous. What can the glove of herself imagine, when the main character - a surgeon? We ourselves can not do anything, but we need to be servants of God, co-workers with him in this building. Then He will praise us, then our life will not zryashnoe.

This does not mean that we necessarily have to do something to make it to have lasting results. Вот Иннокентий Московский просветил всю Сибирь — и где плоды его труда? Все храмы, которые он построил, сожгли; все книги, которые он перевел на северные языки, исчезли.

Так же на Алтае Макарий Невский проповедовал, так же и Стефан Пермский во времена Сергия Радонежского переводил священные книги. Где эти труды? Можно сказать: все исчезло, пропало. Нет, не пропало, как не пропало ни одно полено, которое перекладывал из угла в угол своей кельи Серафим Саровский, чтобы нудить свою плоть.

Казалось бы, какое бессмысленное занятие — из одного угла в другой поленья перекладывать. Неужели нельзя было больницу построить или открыть какое-то заведение, много денег получить, на эти деньги напечатать Евангелий и все раздать? Зачем он занимался этим никому не нужным делом? Нет, он делал самое главное — строил свою душу.

Когда женщина драгоценным миром помазала ноги Спасителя, апостолы возмутились, а особенно Иуда: зачем же на ноги лить такое дорогое вещество, можно продать его и деньги раздать нищим, сколько людей пообедают, а тут просто взяла и на ноги полила. Вроде неразумно, нелогично, нерационально.

Так вот и в деле спасения и созидания нашей души никакой рациональности быть не может, это созидание нужно прежде всего нам. Наш Господь — Творец, и мы должны все время строить, все время созидать. Враг будет ломать, и в конце концов все равно все будет сломано, растоптано, поругано, все исчезнет.

Но если нас будет много, то время этого разрушения будет оттягиваться еще дальше, еще на сто, еще на тысячу, на две тысячи лет. Это зависит от того, сколько будет таких созидателей. Если Господь сочтет количество их достаточным, чтобы удерживать небо над землей (потому что те, кто созидают, являются столпами; их называют «столпы Церкви»), тогда Он еще продлит эти дни; если нет, если оскудеет наша вера, а с ней наша благодать, то, значит, конец будет приближаться.

Мы, такие немощные, мало знающие, малоопытные, призваны к великому делу — спасению вселенной. Хотя нас осталось очень мало во всем мире, но тем не менее Господь вверяет нам такую грандиозную задачу. И любое малое дело, сделанное для Господа со смирением, приносит великий плод.

Господу нужен каждый человек: и простой рыбак Петр, и величайший ученый и мудрец Павел. Мы можем для подражания избирать себе любого, а Церковь их прославляет и любит вместе. И очень много есть таких святых, которые при жизни испытывали даже некоторые трения друг с другом — например, Нил Сорский и Иосиф Волоцкий или Феофан Затворник и Игнатий Брянчанинов. При жизни у них были по некоторым предметам разные мнения, а Церковь их и в один день прославила, и любит их одинаково, и обоих почитает замечательными учителями церковными.

Мы такие непохожие, каждый из нас особенный, как листочки на дереве, которые все различаются. Но каждый нужен Господу, и от каждого Господь ждет, чтобы хоть две лепты были им положены в дело спасения и своей души, и своей семьи, и своего города, и своего народа, и всего человечества, и всей твари, и всей вселенной. Несмотря на нашу худость, мы являемся избранниками Божиими.

Почему можно с уверенностью это сказать? Потому что ни один из нас сам себе веру не изобрел; Господь Сам нас выбрал и Сам поставил перед Собой. Как Он начал с апостолов, так кончает нами. Раз Господь нас призвал, значит, Он считает, что мы вполне можем что-то созидать. И мы должны над этим трудиться. Кто трудиться не будет, тот будет извержен вон, и такие случаи бывают.

Сколько отпадает людей! Жалко, со скорбью это видишь, как с мясом от сердца рвется, а что делать? Ленится, не желает человек трудиться для Господа — и сразу духовно оскудевает.

Вот как печка: ее натопили — и она горячая, в доме тепло, можно до вечера не топить. И завтра утром еще будет тепло, а к вечеру уже станет прохладно, а через неделю никто и не поверит, что дом топился. Так и во всем.

Вот только день перестань молиться, не прочитай вечернее правило — утром уже совсем молиться не хочется. Один раз воскресенье пропустил, два пропустил, а потом уже: ну зачем в храм ходить, можно и дома молиться. А потом достаточно Бога и в душе иметь, а потом достаточно и не иметь, а просто думать, что все мы верующие, все мы крещеные. Но и Гитлер был крещен — и это его ни от чего не спасло.

Поэтому надо всегда тот дар, который нам Господь дал — дар веры, — обязательно возгревать. Это наш главный труд, потому что только огонь, который есть в нашем сердце, может кого-то еще зажечь. Если мы никого зажечь не можем, значит, в нас огня этого нет — надо прямо так и засвидетельствовать. А если тлеет хоть маленький уголечек, то и надо над ним трудиться, этот огонек раздувать, что-то в него подкладывать. Раздувание — это наша молитва, а подкладывание дров — наши добрые дела.

Глупо к тлеющему маленькому угольку подкладывать большое полено, поэтому не надо браться за большие дела, надо делать малые: сумочку кому-то поднести, за кого-то раз в недельку посуду помыть. И если наша жизнь будет складываться из таких мелочей, то постепенно мы очень многого сможем достичь в духовной жизни. И через мытье посуды нам Господь может скорей открыться, чем через какие-то грандиозные замыслы, которые обычно лопаются, как мыльные пузыри, потому что эти замыслы все воздушные.

Спаси всех, Господи. Аминь.

Автор: протоиерей Димитрий Смирнов


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