This exercise is an exercise for the back and stomach Katsudzo Nishi prevents almost all diseases

The sixth rule Katsudzo Health Niches: exercise for the back and stomach

This exercise is designed to teach your body consciously lead simultaneously to move the spine and abdomen.

It is necessary for a coherent and harmonious interaction of different parts of the central nervous system, as well as to harmonize and stabilize mental attitude.

This exercise consists of two parts: the eleven preparatory exercises and one of the main

. The purpose of the exercises: to set in motion the intestines, regulate blood flow in the abdominal cavity and thus avoid constipation and fecal stagnation, that is, the factors that are the cause of many diseases, including the biggest killers - cancer and heart. Even mental illness, dementia and stroke are associated with constipation - this is one of the most important discoveries Nishi


It is known that the body's health depends largely on the condition of blood: it can either feed it and destroy

. If constipation becomes full blood exchange products that are absorbed from the intestine into it and it becomes a source of autointoxication. That is why people who suffer from constipation may be the victims of almost any disease. Constantly clogged colon stool is converted into a solid stationary bag, shifting the liver, kidneys, reducing the mobility of the small intestine, causing disruptions in the urogenital system, compressing the diaphragm, which is important for normal blood flow. All this sets the stage for serious illnesses, including cancer.

After the exercises for the back and abdomen will lead to normal bowel function, you can easily give up the morning meal and periodic fasting.

Remember: most diseases is because we eat too much; and those who regularly clean the intestines, preventing stagnation of feces in it, live a long time.

What makes this exercise

has beneficial effects on health, both physical and mental;
normalizes the acid-alkaline balance in the body (due to the movement of the back and abdomen);
restores the balance of the nervous system;
It allows internal organs to "breathe", to receive adequate nutrition and process it.
Preliminary exercises

I. n .: sitting on the floor on his knees, pelvis resting on your heels or sitting "in Turkish." The spine is straight (remember the phrase "as a yardstick swallowed"), shall not deviate from an axis perpendicular to the floor. The ears are directly over your shoulders, eyes wide open, tongue raised to the sky, her lips tightly compressed, smooth breathing. The whole body is supported on legs.


From the I. n., Stretch your arms in front of chest parallel to each other and quickly look back over his left shoulder, trying to see the coccyx. Then mentally draw eyes away from the coccyx up the spine up to the cervical vertebrae, and then return the head to I. n. Then quickly look back over the right shoulder and then follow the same steps. Even if you can not see the coccyx, imagine that you can see it.


Raise your hands up parallel to each other and pull up. Quickly do the same thing as in paragraph A, looking back at the tailbone once through each shoulder.

Intermediate exercises build the vertebrae, preventing them from subluxations and their consequences in the form of internal diseases. They must be performed after each of the six pre-exercise part (p. 1-6) once in the right and left side.

1. Take a deep breath, lift your shoulders as high as possible and then lower them (10 times).

2. Tilt your head to the right (the right ear to the right shoulder), return to the IP -. Head is located directly - (10 times), then tilt it to the left (10 times)

. 3. Tilt your head first forward, then backward, as far as you can. After each return tilt head in I. p. Perform the slopes on each side 10 times.

4. Turn right and head back, then left-back, on each side 10 times.

5. Tilt your head to the right (the right ear, try to touch your right shoulder), and then slowly pull out the neck to failure and rolled his head back to the spine (head at the same time should be thrown "to failure"). Do this exercise 10 times on both sides.

6. Lift the arms up parallel to each other, and then bend them at the elbows at right angles, squeeze hands into fists, flip your head back, trying to chin, staring at the ceiling. On the count of "7" in this position allot elbows back, keeping the arms bent at the shoulders, if you would like to bring them behind him (like butterfly wings), at the same time pull the chin to the ceiling, trying to reach him. Return to AI n. Perform 10 times.

The main part of the exercise

Between the preliminary and the main part take a short break, during which try to relax. Before proceeding, check your posture - it should be a straight

. Execution: straighten the body, trim his weight on the tailbone and start to sway from side to side while moving the belly back and forth. Utter aloud during the exercise:

"I feel good, every day I will be better, better, better and better. Every cell in my body is updated; blood becomes fresh, clean and healthy; endocrine glands work perfectly; muscles, skin, blood vessels are made flexible, resilient, healthy, clean, updated; bones - sturdy joints - flexible, mobile; all organs and systems are subject to the brain; brain functions perfectly - perfectly brain controls the operation of all organs and systems: all the organs and systems work fine. I become healthier, wiser, kinder, wiser, capable of great creative works, helpful people and himself. I feel good, and every day I will be better, better, better and better. »

Follow these movements while pronouncing the formula of self-hypnosis for 10 minutes every morning and every evening.

You probably already met several times with the proposal to pronounce certain plants, but as a rule, they talked about how to do it in a state of relaxation. Indeed, the program that you ask yourself in this state, is likely to reach the subconscious. However, rhythmic movements that you will be combined with the auto-suggestion, contribute to more effective action. Reaching the subconscious rehabilitation program extended to each of your cells, which will follow it.

Why is it important to do the exercises for the back and stomach at the same time

This exercise has the effect of so-called diaphragmatic breathing - breathing the lower part of the stomach (full yogic breathing). But to carry out such a breath without exercise for the back is bad: you can develop visceroptosis - stretching the lower abdomen with complications arising from this. What kind of complications? Reducing the acidity of gastric juice, which in turn leads to narrowing of the outlet portion of the stomach and may even cause stomach cancer. Not only is exercise for the abdomen without back exercises a negative effect on the nervous system, causing anxiety and fear.

Exercise for your back if not satisfied simultaneously abdominal (from the Latin "abdomen" - stomach) movement, is also of little use. Why? Our body is exposed to various diseases by just one reason: moving away from nature in the realm of civilization, we have abandoned the natural way of life. Due to sedentary work and the lack of physical activity occur deformation of the spine, which in turn violates the metabolic processes.

Swinging side to side lead him into a healthy state. In the absence of abdominal exercises body fluids become too acidic, and it can cause a disease associated with the accumulation of acid, such as apoplexy and diabetes, and make us susceptible to colds.

Thus, back exercises and abdominal effective only if they are performed simultaneously. So we present to balance the acidity of body fluids and the nervous system. A healthy nervous system makes it possible to successfully confront any adversity. "Swaying from side to side, we stand firmly on the ground" - said in his treatise "Fukanzazengi", which is guided by the teachings of Zen.


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