Chinese IT-giant Alibaba announced the start of pre-orders for smart "Internet car"

After the immediate future of the light dawned with intelligent onboard systems automobile headlights, many companies IT segment is actively involved in the process of creating software and hardware elements of such systems and the introduction of its proposals for the future and existing concepts of the leading automotive companies.

China's largest online retailer in the field of B2B sales, IT-giant Alibaba Group did not focus on the "little things" and presented his own concept - crossover OS'Car RX5, created in conjunction with China's largest automaker SAIC Motor Corp. - First of Alibaba and SAIC joint development. The main focus of the development is done on the integration of the concept in the IoT ecosystem and use the enormous potential of Alibaba business platform capabilities, this time in the automotive sector.

Externally gasoline OS'Car RX5 (Roewe RX5) looks quite ordinary and no different from other members of this segment, in particular, Volvo XC90. But appearances, as we know, is deceptive.

The most interesting thing is implemented at the level of technical novelty of the concept. RX5 equipped with three LCD displays, providing access to operating system features and full interactive communication. Who can install the cabin for up to four additional cameras for taking photos and video.

On-board vehicle systems support voice control function. Interestingly, the proposed version of the vehicle positioning system, as explained by representatives of the company, is able to cope with their tasks without using the resources of GPS and Wi-Fi. Autopilot in RX5 not provided - rational and cautious Chinese, apparently with an eye on global statistics on the use of autonomous vehicles, until it decided to postpone the introduction of


"While other companies are limited in what they do," the Internet in the car, "our ultimate goal - to make our car part IoT ecosystem where smart devices collect and share data, useful for users. A good operating system - a second motor vehicle, and data - new fuel. I am convinced that in the future cars will have more opportunities to implement "smart" software and hardware development, "- concluded the MP. Wang Jian, head of the Technology Committee and Alibaba innovation.

One of the advantages of new products to develop, which lasted a total of about two years - on-board connection system to the Internet using OS YunOS opportunities. Recall that YunOS (AliyunOS) - AliCloud development - division of the company Alibaba Group, proven itself as a developer of applications for medical devices, smartphones, tablets, smart watches and a wide range of home appliances, including refrigerators, air conditioners and robotic vacuum cleaners, with an emphasis on the idea of ​​introduction cloud functionality in mobile devices.

The company expects that thanks to the integration into the overall network is connected cars will be able to quickly communicate useful information with each other, thus becoming part of a unified IT-ecosystem. On the other hand, using the personal identification of the owner and the possibility of on-board OS'Car RX5 system, Alibaba hopes to adapt its functions as flexibly and efficiently to the needs and preferences of each individual driver.

Using voice commands and menu-board intelligent RX5 owner of the system will be able to book a parking space, pay the gas station services, or, for example, a cup of coffee with the help of the payment system Alipay. Taking into account the preferences of its owner, on-board computer will be able to recommend a selection of music, catering establishments, to maintain optimum microclimate in the cabin, and others.

Openness OS developers RX5 other companies will create ideal conditions for the further development of the very concept of an intelligent "Internet car". According to Zhang Chunhui - President YunOS: «In the future, we envision a machine connected to the Internet on the basis of the largest open platform, capable of providing access to all kinds of services, both within itself Yunos, and within the solutions from third-party developers." "... We hope that the Internet-connected cars will become a solid foundation for the development of intelligent transport infrastructure as part of the ecosystem of smart megacities of the future».

Although RX5 can not yet be completely attributed to the number of unmanned vehicles and is equipped with 1, 2 or 5 liters, 0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, the car attracts a price, and, according to Alibaba, at 100% ready to operate within an evolving concept. Home sales will take place next month.

And, nevertheless, OS'Car RX5, at the request of the company, will be the first affordable smart vehicle integrated into the ecosystem of the IoT. In the base car price starts from 148,800 yuan ($ 22,300). Pre-order is possible by car Tmall today.

Despite the attractiveness of the proposed solutions, some do not understand why all the developers, having all the material and intellectual resources, focused on improving the performance of the petrol unit, not equipped the new environmentally friendly and promising an electric motor. This is even more strange, considering personal position Jack Ma (Ma Yuan) - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group, has consistently defended the priority of green technologies and an active fighter for the preservation of natural resources. It is hoped that in the framework of the further development of the vehicle concept as one of the elements of the ecosystem concept will be finalized in accordance with the requirements of today and the overall strategic direction of IT-giant.

Alibaba is not the only Chinese company that develops the concept of the smart car with the prospect avtopilotirovaniya. So among the innovators in the market of China IT-giant Baidu, the tester self-propelled vehicles in China and the United States. This is a Chinese IT-corporation LeEco, recently introduced LeSEE - the concept of a self-governing electric sedan, equipped with a folding steering wheel. This futuristic designs of US-Chinese startup Faraday Future, conducted with the support of the same LeEco, a young Chinese company Zhiche Auto, founded in 2014 and has already had time to demonstrate practically ready for the commercial launch of the eponymous electric crossover Zhiche Auto and others.

The idea of ​​integrating the car into a global IoT-space, successfully implemented a pioneer Jack Ma (Jack Ma) in OS'Car RX5, it has already picked up a number of leading manufacturers. So in July 2016 a memorandum of understanding was signed between the management of the Volkswagen Group and LG Electronics. According to the document the company's plan to develop a new platform for vehicles using cloud technology to enhance data sharing capabilities between vehicles.

It is planned that the system created in the future will open up access to drivers and other various functions. It will be able to manage and control various home devices - from security devices and systems that support the comfort of the room - to small household appliances, connected to a single ecosystem.

As part of the future development of the company is also planning to integrate the latest technology news, entertainment, creation and implementation of the interface for the exchange of secure notifications and reports, including in electronic assistant system, advising the driver on issues of interest in real time.


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