Cazuza, Nishi — 6 simple rules for Your health

Seven million three hundred fifty eight thousand three hundred sixty five

This is one of the most famous Japanese healers, formulated, based on personal experience, six rules for good health

Niche believed to cure the person can only be himself, if you want to. And there is irrefutable proof. In childhood Niches, the doctors put a disappointing diagnosis that he wouldn't be able to live up to 20 years. However, contrary to the findings of conventional medicine, Katsudzo Niche not only lived much longer than he predicted, but was remarkable for his good health already being in very old age.

The system of "Six rules health Niche"

Fundamental to the system of Niches is a good understanding of human physiology. The conclusions that he did, literally turned the preconceived ideas people have about what the disease is and how to achieve a cure, spending a just a few simple manipulations with her body.

Six rules of health from a Niche was widely publicized about 80 years ago. In our time, witnessed by thousands of examples around the world, when seriously ill, abramovici to these rules, were cured of their ailments, even when doctors are powerless shrug.

What you need to know before you start the exercise from the system of the Niche? As you know, most people today suffer from back problems – scoliosis and a variety of curvatures that arise due to incorrect posture. When a person slouches, his ligaments and muscles weaken and not hold the vertebrae as it should, whereby the latter is shifted against themselves. Golden rules of health, Katsudzo Niche aimed at formation of correct posture with the help of simple exercises, swimming, proper nutrition to strengthen vertebrate systems, the alternation of wakefulness and sleep in a certain mode, etc.

The first Golden rule of health – solid bed.

Man one third of his life holds in his sleep, but this time can be used not only for leisure but also for posture correction. If you sleep on a flat, firm bed, then the weight will be evenly distributed throughout the body and muscles can relax. Only on a bed is a possible fix for the spine, which is curved as in the afternoon during work. Hard bed stimulates the skin, activates the skin venous vessels, prevents the prolapse of the liver, accelerates blood circulation. All this provides sound sleep and cheerful condition after him.

In order to sleep was stronger in the evening, about an hour before bedtime, you should spend at least 20 minutes in the fresh air.

The second Golden rule of health – a hard pillow.

Speech in this case goes not so much about the traditional pillow, but about Velikobritanii lining under a head (preferably wooden). Cushion-the cushion needs to be a certain size, individually matched to each person. It should fill the cavity between the neck and shoulder area so that the third and fourth cervical vertebrae is exactly lying on a hard surface and not curved.

Of course, this kind of pillow is not used to bring a lot of inconvenience or even pain, but that's only because the people for a long time to get used to a different way of life and sleep, and right now everything seems to them uncomfortable and wild. In order to eliminate unpleasant sensations, at first solid roller can be wrapped with a soft cloth. Over time layers of material to be removed one after the other, gradually getting rid of unnecessary lining.

The third Golden rule of health – exercise "goldfish".

This exercise affects the spinal nerves, relaxes them and reduces stress, and normalizes blood circulation, positively affects heart function, stabilizes operation of the main systems of the body, including the nervous, promotes proper bowel function.

Starting position: lie on your back (on a hard flat surface – this could be the bed or the floor), put your hands behind your head, pull the legs forward, push the heels down and drag socks to face.

You must first do a good stretch. Stretch the right heel forward and hands in the opposite direction, then do the same with the left heel. Then put your hands under your head and without moving your torso off the floor (keep your heel, hip and spine was pressed to the floor), do the body wave-like motion from left to right (but not up and down – this is important!) within 1-2 minutes.

This and subsequent exercises, it is recommended to run twice a day, morning and evening.

The fourth Golden rule of health – exercise for the capillaries.

The goal of this exercise is to stimulate the capillaries in the organs, improve blood circulation throughout the body, the movement and renewal of the lymph. It is a good substitute for running, as it allows to remove stress on joints and heart, which is important for many health problems. If possible, do it in lightweight, loose clothing, then in addition to the above effects, you get increased skin respiration, which will lead to the cleansing of toxins through the skin.

Starting position: lie on your back on a firm surface, under the neck, put the cushion, which was discussed above.

Raise your legs and arms up, spread your feet parallel to the floor. In this position, make active shaking of the hands and feet for 1-3 minutes.

The fifth Golden rule of health – exercise at the closing of the palms and feet.

This exercise coordinates the functions of muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Carrying it, you are stimulating the work of the diaphragm, which improves blood circulation and reduces the load on the heart. In addition, this exercise makes actively engage the muscles of the right and left sides of our body, which, coordinating its work have a positive effect on the functioning of all internal organs. It's especially useful to carry women during pregnancy, as it promotes proper development of the fetus in the womb.

The exercise consists of two stages: the preparatory and main part.

Preparatory part

Starting position: lie on your back on a firm surface, under the neck, put roller, firmly roll the feet and the palms of the hands, spread the knees apart.

In this position, you need to perform several different movements, each should be repeated 10 times:

1. Without changing the position of the arms, legs and torso, press your fingertips to each other.

2. Begin to press your fingertips to each other and continue pressing for the whole hand.

3. Tightly squeeze the surface of the palms.

4. Closed vytaute hands behind your head and "draw a line" because of the head to the waist. The fingers should not change position, and the palm to be pressed as close to the body.

5. Expand the fingers of both hands so that they "looked" at the foot, and move them from groin to belly.

6. Make the movement similar to item 4, but only now do not let hands close to the body and keep them at a maximum distance from the body that they seemed to cut through the air.

7. Pull hands up and back. Try to stretch them as far as possible.

8. Keep my hands closed over the solar plexus and the soles of the feet move forward and back, without opening them.

9. Moving the legs as indicated in paragraph 8, add the movement with palms in a similar manner.

The main part

Starting position: after the completion of the 9 paragraph of the preparatory segment lie on your back, roll your hand over the solar plexus, connect the foot, knees spread to the sides.

Close your eyes and without moving the feet and hands, quietly lie down for 10-15 minutes.

The sixth Golden rule of health – exercise for the spine and abdomen.

Exercise for the back and belly is designed specifically for those areas of our body, in which is concentrated the basic life energy and vital organs. It is useful to restore the acid-alkaline balance in the body, contributes to the beneficial effect of mental energy. Is divided into the preparatory part to the main.

Starting position preparatory part: sit on the floor on his knees, the pelvis down on the heels (if desired, or for greater convenience, you can sit in Turkish). Don't forget to keep the back straight. The hands should lie quietly on his knees. All the elements of the exercises do 10 times on each side.

1. Warm-up:
– slowly raise and lower the shoulders;
– stretch your arms forward in front of him, then suddenly look back, as if trying to see my tail-bone after slowly slide eyes from coccyx to the neck (of course, you do not get to see the back, so do it mentally). Return your head to starting position and repeat the same manipulation with the right hand.
– follow the same steps, stretching his arms up.

2. Tilt your head to the right and to the left.

3. Tilt your head back and forth.

4. Combine paragraphs 2 and 3 (do not forget that the exercises of the preparatory period should be done 10 times in each direction).

5. Tilt your head to one shoulder then slowly roll it to another, touching the nape of the back.

6. Raise your hands to the knees, bend their elbows to a right angle and firmly press the palm of your hand, put your head, point look at the ceiling and dilute elbows to the side, trying to connect them back. At this time, the chin drag up.

The initial position of the main part the same as in the preparatory.

Relax for a while, then re-tighten the belly, straighten your back and make a pendulum swinging left and right, thus making the stomach movement back and forth. Follow these movements for 10 minutes.




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