What You might not know about caviar

The types of red caviar

The red caviar we give fish species salmon — pink, chum, sockeye, and trout, and coho salmon.

Composition and useful properties, all eggs are the same, they are different only in appearance, size and taste.

For example, red caviar fish Chinook salmon — the largest, in diameter, it reaches 7 mm, has a bright red color and bitter taste. But to appreciate the taste of these giant eggs today we are not fated — fish Chinook salmon listed in the Red book.
But you can find on sale red caviar of chum salmon, in size it is second — its diameter is 5-6 mm. the Eggs are proper spherical shape, bright amber color, which is easily visible speck-embryo. Earlier this caviar was called "Royal". However, it tastes like not much, and is often used for decorating.

Red caviar is one of the most prolific fish amongst the salmon — pink salmon, considered the most universal, it is in demand of most consumers. Its size is approximately 5 mm in diameter, the shell is not very thick, light orange color.
Red caviar salmon to taste like salmon caviar, but the size is a bit smaller — only 4 mm in diameter, and it is because of the mass destruction of this species of fish.
From the trout caviar has the smallest in diameter of 2-3 mm. the Color of shell can be yellow and bright orange. The last time this eggs EN masse. ...
There are still fish silver salmon, red caviar which is small, has a Burgundy color and slightly bitter taste.

The composition of red caviar

Red caviar is a valuable food product and has a number of useful properties. It is composed of proteins, vitamins (A, D, E), polyunsaturated fatty acids, folic acid, and iodine, phosphorus and calcium. Protein in caviar a lot — 32% and digest it much better than squirrel meat and dairy products. All of these substances are extremely useful for the human body. That's why red caviar has long been recognized in folk medicine, because medications and multivitamins.

Useful properties

Use red caviar is easily explained: because the egg is "fish egg" which is all that the inherent nature for the full development of the embryo, and in concentrated form. Eggs don't have to eat in large quantities to get the maximum benefit.
Red caviar is helpful in prevention of atherosclerosis and to increase immunity. The eating of caviar helps to build strong bones and has beneficial effects on vision. Useful properties of red caviar are to improve blood circulation, thus significantly reducing the risk of blood clots and cardiovascular disease.
The content of cholesterol some experts take the drawback, and a very good reason, in fact it is an important constituent of nervous tissue and cell membranes, and are harmful only in excess. In addition, caviar contains lecithin, which neutralizes cholesterol in place.
Caviar restores vitality of the body and is recommended for those who need to increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

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